Our Vision

…is to co-create a world where we remember that…

The evolution of our consciousness is reliant on the thriving of the natural world
The thriving of the natural world is reliant on the evolution of our consciousness. 

An invitation

Our work is deep, our work is transformative, our work is beautiful. It relies on a strong and safe container, a circle of kindred spirits, and a willingness for collaboration.

For this reason we only work with a limited number of people each year. We journey all the way with you until you are fully birthed through to the other side. We will go as far, as deep and as wide as you need to for the full shift to happen and be integrated into your life.


We are at a Threshold

At this time on Earth, we are being invited to return to our true nature.

These times offer an initiation into what it means to be human, returning into right relationship with all life as sacred. An initiation back into living from our hearts and from the deep wisdom that resides in all of us.

We cannot do this alone.

We need to both learn from a past where we lived cooperatively with nature, and work together to create a future that can heal the damage we have done to ourselves, each other and to Earth.

We do this by learning how to live from our hearts again through the inner work of healing our hurts, shifting our consciousness both individually and collectively.

We need each other

We are social creatures, no matter who we are, we evolve best when we have the support and collaboration of others who are willing to walk with us back into the natural wisdom and aliveness we know is waiting.

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“Jewels is an exceptional alchemist and can skilfully apply it to support both men and women who are willing to look within.”
Keith, workshop participant