being invited into a Rite of Passage……

What is this ‘must keep busy’?

What is this ‘waiting to go back to normal’?

What is this loneliness? 

An Initiation into what it means to be human and to come back into right relationship with all life as sacred.

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“Jewels is an exceptional alchemist and can skilfully apply it to support both men and women who are willing to look within.”
Keith, workshop participant

My vision is to co-create a world where we remember that the evolution of our consciousness is reliant on the thriving of the natural world and that the thriving of the natural world is reliant on the evolution of our consciousness.

I believe that we need to both learn from a past where we lived cooperatively with nature and work together to create a future that can heal the damage we have already done to ourselves and to our Earth. We do this through the awakening of humanity and our love for all on which we rely to thrive.

Events for Everyone

Workshops for catalysing our personal and collective Evolution.

Personally and collectively, we find ourselves at a new edge. With many of our old ways of living clearly no longer sustainable, we reach back for more ancient truths, and dive into our imagination for a better future. These workshops are for all who hear that calling to a new vision for their lives.

Events for Men

Reclaiming the true sacred masculine for the raising of consciousness.

In small groups, as men we can support each other to empower ourselves and be the change we want to see in the world. Contrary to mainstream culture, we hold space to both allow and accept authentic emotional expression, witnessed and supported by other men in the circle.

Events for Couples

Relationship workshops for heterosexual couples with love as the alchemist of transformation. Our work together is embedded in sacred practices from many traditions across the world, woven with newer philosophies.

Together these offer clear pathways to conscious relating and sacred sexuality.

Events for Women

Reclaiming the sacred feminine mysteries for the empowerment of women.

There has never been a stronger call than now for woman to rise up and reclaim what was lost so long ago, to return ourselves to our deep wisdom, power, aliveness and embodied wildness in this time of deep change.