Earthheart, in the middle of the forest, inspires Jewels’ work and supports all those who come whether for a private session, a retreat or a longer training.

Jewels talks how the personal journeys of grief and despair need to be honoured before the alchemy of personal work radiates out to co-create a better world.

Jewels speaks about the passion and inspiration that lies behind the circles she holds at EarthHeart, where the personal engages with the collective in order to move forward together in these troubled times on our beautiful planet.

Deep Adaptation – A conversation from the Earthlodge with Matthew Paignton about our deepest longing to connect and contribute to our world, and how to move through shock,  resistance and grief that these transformational times bring.

Council of the Ancestors, originally hosted for Buddhafield in the Web 2020, from the Earthlodge with drum, sheepskins, song and the hearth. Step inside and sit in circle with me by the fire. Together we connect into deep time, remembering who are are and why we are here.

Tending to our grief – Jewels speaks about the importance of grieving in our current culture, as well as the relationship between grief and gratitude, and why grieving in community is so supportive.

Why Spend Time in Nature? – for the Change in Nature Podcast

A Sense of Belonging – for the Change in Nature Podcast

A glimpse into the landscape of ‘The Garden of Love‘ – a yearlong training for couples offering a safe sacred space for deep dive into intimacy and authenticity, finding the many ways to surrender to the call of love.
If you’re curious to experience this work, check out Revolutionary Love – our current yearlong training for couples

Here at EarthHeart, deep in the forest, is a space for couples to drop into deepest surrender with each other. This short video offers testimonials from couples who have taken that step.

A short film for ‘Sex to Spirit’, talking about the beauty and potency of the divine masculine.

Beltane Ceremony for couples.

Hosted live from the lake at EarthHeart.

Soul Intimacy

A conversation with Kathy Forest about love, and how what happens in our intimate spaces affects the wider community and vice-versa.

Longings Tennis

A practice for couples, to unlock the door to the alchemical space of the heart.

The heart’s language is longings, and when we take the time to connect and express our deepest longings to each other, we can cut right through the defences and strategies that keep us apart.

Live Demonstration : Communication for Couples

In this video, Jewels Wingfield and Mark Penfold take Sophie and Adrian through a practice that gets right to the heart of an argument they often struggle with, through the gateway of Longings.

Opening to another

Jewels shares on the balance between opening to our beloved and holding our own wounds.

Experiential Couples Work

Jewels explains how her online couples courses work and their experiential nature.

The Importance of Gratitude

Jewels shares on the importance of gratitude & appreciation within our relationships.

Struggle in Relationship is Normal

Jewels reminds us that it’s normal and natural for relationships to go through hard times.

Leading from your longing

Jewels works with a couple to speak from their deepest longings.

Fear of abandonment meets fear of engulfment

Jewels speaks to a couple about navigating their opposing fears

The importance of breath and eye contact

Jewels and Mark explain the importance of these simple tools for couples.

My interview with Kathy Forrest, for her Great Womb Awakening series, on how healing and opening to our sexual energy is key to awakening, and bringing our gifts to the world.

A call for women on the challenges and gifts of self-care for women, both personally and collectively.

Katie Phillips, of the School of Self Love, interviewed Jewels for her series ‘My Menopause’.  

Participants in Jewels Wingfield’s year-long programme for women, Initiation speak about their experience.

Participants in Initiation speak about their experience of Jewels as a facilitator.

The women on  Initiation explain how being at Earthheart supported their training.

How Initiation creates change within and beyond the personal lives of the women who join the training.

Coming together as a village of women for Initiation, changes how each participant relates to other women.

Participants in Initiation share their encouragement for other women to join the training.

Deep in the forest, held in the sanctuary of EarthHeart, Jewels holds space for women to re-root themselves in the distinctive power of the feminine.

A few years ago, Jewels received a powerful message from one of the trees on the land at Earthheart. As a result, Jewels took 13 moons for her conscious menopause.

Jewels’ workshop at the ‘Into the Wild’ festival, introducing the Wombdala map and journey to an audience of men and women. This map is used in the Call of Her Soul weekend for women.

Rituals of Renewal

Women’s bodies are intimately linked to the rhythms and cycles of nature. In this video I discuss that connection, and how you can harness it to deepen your experience of life.

“The truth in your fire”

A drum journey for women : meet the one who holds your deep rage and find the wisdom held there.

Audio Interviews

Jewels talks to podcast host Leona Johnson of Connection Matters,  about living in these times, and the wisdom gifts of her menopause rite of passage.

A recording of the online call on sex and the menopause.

In this call with Clare Dubois of Treesisters, Jewels speaks of the importance of embodied presence, and the gift of the feminine in ‘Earthing the Moon’ through her cyclical nature

In this call with Lian Brook-Tyler of Primal Happiness, we talked about human wildness – our connection to and communion with the land, and specifically the  powerful interlock between environmental activism and spiritual seeking.