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Initiation ~ Personal Apprenticeship

September 12, 2023 - September 18, 2024

£495.00 – £990.00

13 Moons Womb journey into nature based deep feminine empowerment

Reclaim and embody the power of you deep feminine essence
Discover who you are and how to fully embrace it
Live your life as woman without apology
Discover the alchemy of not doing this alone
You deserve this 1000%

Welcoming all women and people with wombs who identify as woman and who feel a call to explore living more from the deep feminine current

Wombdala Talk : Spiritual teachings of womb cosmology for women

This talk given in a tent at one the UK summer festival with over 400 people. A deepdive into the Wombdala map and journey to an audience of men and women.

Are you living the life you want to live as woman?
  • Are you tired of living a life that doesn’t align with your longings and dreams ?

  • Would you value support and guidance to get closer to doing this in a sustainable and real way ?

  • Do you feel the overwhelm of trying to do too much, alone and never feeling like it’s enough?

  • Do know the value of being embedded within a circle of women who have their hand on your back and believe in you ?

  • Do you long to spend more time in nature and have space to be the way you want to be and feel that you are accepted as you are ?

A Threshold : old ways of living on Earth are coming to an end

….the time is now for women to come forwards without apology. It’s time to stand powerfully together, to raise each other up, to move beyond fear into the deep inherent beauty, power and ancient wisdom that we are.

It’s time to ground into nature, to come home to our true nature. It’s time for breaking through the old systems. It’s time to discover who and what we really are, and then to bring it, full force, to this wild and beauty-filled planet. The deep feminine current is needed; along with womb based wisdom as a key missing piece in how we go forwards into the future. It has been buried denied and shamed for centuries and it needs to stop here.

A new world is emerging. There has never been a more potent call to the deep feminine to rise up, come together and take leadership on this new Earth. For millennia we have been taught that we have to do it all alone, be super heroes and deny the very essence of what it means to live from this deep feminine current. The Threshold we are at is calling us to a deep, worldwide, systemic change of how we have been living as humans on Earth and how white women and women of colour have been divided.

The root of the collapse of our world is the absence and suppression of the feminine principles –  beauty, the Sacred, intuition, protection and care for life, equality, collaboration, creativity, emotional intelligence, womb based /cyclical connection, embodiment, Sacred sexuality, and Heart-based living. Women bring the heart, beyond debate of right and wrong, of hierarchy and division and this. It can only be done when we come together.

The Awakened Wild feminine is one who knows she is a force of nature. This means she has tuned into nature and the mystery as her primary guide in liberating her instinctual and natural self. She is rooted in her earthy sensuality and has learned to embody the fierceness, beauty, and power of nature in her everyday life and in how she brings herself to the great turning. She embodies the seasons, has awakened the moon within her, and regularly takes the journey through the womb-scapes of her soul where she and nature have become indivisible.

Do you want this ?

This space is for womb based women and people who wish to sit together in ceremony and connect within to their deep feminine current, who want to travel inside mysteries rooted in the magic of wise blood and womb magic. From the maiden to the crone, the whole arc is needed in order to truly bring through woman in her entirely. Ancestor bones and sacred land are needed for holding and remembering ourselves.

if you who wish to take an apprenticeship into claiming back your inherent power, connect to the web of life and their deep feminine essence and who feel a call to both be in service to their own life and in support of others. 

It’s a journey in the reclamation and embodiment of the feminine principle, rooted in beauty, power, wildness and fiercely loving hearts, embedded in nature and supported by radical self care. A map that is embedded into Celtic indigenous earth-based spirituality of the ancestors within these lands.

“Thank you doesn’t feel big enough for this life changing transformative experience. I can’t imagine life without having taken this deep soul nourishing love filled journey & without my wonderful sisters. The effects of this will ripple out into my life and back in time to the ancestors & future generations. It has changed me forever.”

 – Thea

The Wombdala wheel of the year....

Wombdala is a map we will use to navigate ourselves back home. It’s embedded into the Celtic indigenous earth-based spirituality of the ancestors within these lands. We will follow the ancient earth-based womb cosmology of the wheel of life with it’s 8 gateways that hold the keys to reclaiming all aspects of who we are as women.

WOMB & LUNA WISDOM (winter solstice) menstruation
At the time of our bleed (or dark moon) the veil between worlds is thinnest and we have access to deep original wisdom that is encoded in our wombs and linked directly to the entire cosmos. Our inherent knowing of truth and the sacred shows itself if we can stop and listen. It is a time of deep introspection and inner reflecting. To do this we must be willing to let go, to rest and allow visions of a new cycle to show themselves to us.

In order to bring together all the exiled parts of us we need to contextualise our lives within deep time. The wounded daughter within us as well as the woman who has been hurt and dishonoured.  These wounds sit in the collective field. Deep personal and collective healing can happen in the context of ritual and ceremony as this takes us beyond just the aspect of personality and back to the soul imprint of who we are as women.

CIRCLE AND BELONGING (spring equinox) pre-ovulation
The feminine works better together than alone, we need each other at the deepest level. Community, collaboration, mutual support, the circle, trust, holding, seeing and being seen.

RITUAL & CREATIVITY (beltane) threshold  
Ritual is an essential aspect to life, it connects us to beauty and allows us to work with nature in a way where we can honour what we receive, heal the deep time wounds and receive nature’s gifts with grace.

NATURE & GIFTS (summer solstice) ovulation
We are nature, our bodies are made of of earth, air, fire and water. We are cyclical just like the seasons and cycles of life. Embedding ourselves in nature is a way our cells and soul can align again so we can fully bring our unique creative gift to the world. 

EMBODIMENT & SEXUALITY (lammas) threshold
Feminine spiritual practice is always embodied: practices that involve the breath, moving, touch, sexual and sensual energy, dance, emotional flow are all needed if we are to be whole women.

POLARITY & BALANCE (autumn equinox) pre-menstrual
Even if we are in a woman’s body, we have both the masculine and feminine principles within us. Both in a healthy way and in ways that are conditioned and no longer helpful that we have learned culturally. We need to unite these polarities within and allow these aspects to be in service to us in our life.

DEATH AND REBIRTH  – Samhain – threshold
The space between, the threshold of life and death, the home of the crone, we honour this place of deep spiritual awakening. This is embedded within us and within the land around us. Honouring death as a rite of passage, learning to let go and surrender is one of the deepest feminine practices for women that our culture under-values. 


The Call of She...in these times...

At the core of the work is the healing of our core wound. The sacred wound we received when we arrived here in this body. This wound when unhealed leaves us disconnected from our true nature and disempowered to live the life we where meant to live.

To do this essential work as women we need to come together to harvest and nurture the full arc of woman, from the maiden to the crone, from all races and cultures, to close the divisions and heal the hurts between us so we can be allies and create a field of energy so powerful that humanity cannot help but change. For this possibility, we need diversity of culture and life-phases of woman in the circle.

This is what makes the circle rich – the teachings are embedded in the honouring of the full life arc, YOU are needed and welcome in the circle, wherever you sit in that arc. If you want to bring more in a sustainable way (personally as well as ecologically) then this is a circle for you.

During the apprenticeship, Jewels will bring over 25 years of experience, wisdom and expertise. The work she will guide you through is embedded in ancient indigenous wisdom.

Because of the deep nature of this work you will need to have a level of previous experience of inner work behind you and feel passionate about taking agency in your life.

This apprenticeship will give you the tools to be an agent of change amongst women, your communities and in the wider world.

This is what Kimberley Rose shared about her Initiation journey...

“My advice to any woman looking to do this course is; do it. The money will appear, as will the time and commitment. I didn’t have the money nor the time but I trusted it would happen. It had to. My life was a mess, I was so lost. The course has completely transformed my life to a place I could have only dreamed of. This work is not just for us women as individuals but for the collective. I’m so grateful that I trusted the calling.  If you feel called, there’s a reason.”

Jewels speaks to Interfaith Minister Reverend Helen James about her work at EarthHeart.

What Initiation covers

  • An Indigenous Earth-Based map of the embodied feminine with deep time teachings rooted in womb wisdom and sacred blood mysteries
  • A nature-based experience held in on the land in a beautiful forest.
  • A circle of women where you feel supported and accepted as you are.
  • A space where you do not have to push or try to be anything, but instead listen deeply to your own inner landscape and follow it.
  • How to not feel over-responsible for other peoples problems or feelings.
  • How to have healthy boundaries and not over-give while staying connected.
  • The secrets of your cyclical nature so that you can practice radical self-care and nourish yourself with kindness.
  • Womb divination as a gateway to feminine knowledge and healing.
  • Discovering and activating your unique gifts so you can bring them to the world in a joyful way.
  • Time in wild nature to nourish and to explore ways she can guide us and teach us about ourselves.
  • A circle of women that can become deep friends for life, beyond the end of the course

What 's included:

  • 1 hour one to one with Jewels to explore what you are looking for and how the training can meet this. It is also a chance to ask questions and express concerns or fears you may have.
  • 6 residential gatherings at Earthheart spread over 13 moons based on the land in the forest around the fire with a beautiful open barn and field kitchen
  • Bi- monthly online gatherings for integration and support
  • Personal study practices to do between modules
  • Smaller support groups for practice, sharing and co-creation
How it works
  • All residential gatherings run from Wednesday to Sunday and are land-based nature immersion.
  • All online gatherings are 7-9pm on Monday evenings
  • Personal study practices are given to do between modules as preparation for the next gathering
Dates: 2023-2024

Module 1 – in person via zoom
1 hour personal session with Jewels either in person or via zoom

Modules 2 – 7 

12-18 September
11-12 Nov

24-25 Feb
23-28 April
4-9 June
27 Aug – 1 Sept

Optional bi-monthly online Zoom calls 7-9pm on a Monday evenings.

For a taste of my work, watch my interview with Jennifer Ackad, part of the ‘Authentic Woman’ series, to learn more about my own awakening into the mystery and gift of woman’s cyclical nature and the work of reclaiming womb consciousness. 

Modules at Earthheart

We will gather on the land with the fire as our hearth home. The apprenticeship is an outdoor land-based nature immersion. Camping on our beautiful eco campsite embedded in a clearing in the forest is included in the fees. There are hot showers, good compost toilets, a large outdoor barn with kitchen diner and a communal fire to gather round. 

Meals and hot drinks
Meals are all homemade, vegan and wheat-free feast, simple soup and salad for lunch and a hearty feast for supper. Breakfast is self-catering and we have a large undercover communal earth kitchen fully fitted with a cooker, fridge, hot water and all the utensils needed for you to prepare and eat food. There is also a dining/hang-out area to gather, make hot drinks and sit by the fire etc.


Applying for your place on the Apprenticeship

Initiation is by application only so we can ensure we are able to take the best care of you on your journey, and create a strong and safe circle to do deep and revolutionary work together.

Because of the nature and depth of this apprenticeship, Jewels accepts only a limited number of women each year to ensure that you get the full basket of her support and teachings. 

Module One is a personal in-depth exploration with Jewels, either via zoom or in person. If after this first module it does not feel right for you, you can opt-out at this stage of continuing further. 

Once module one is completed and both you and Jewels feel it’s right to proceed, you will then be committing to the rest of the apprenticeship with the circle.

Book a free 15-minute call with Jewels here to feel into whether this is the right step for you right now

How to book

The total course fees are £3,900 or £3,000 if you book with a friend
We also offer a limited number of concessions spaces, if you would like to apply please get in touch and we will do what we can to support you. Payments plans are offered and if you opt for this full fees must be completed by the start date of the training. 

To reserve a place on the training
You pay a holding deposit of £495. This includes your fees for module 1 which is up to a 1-hour personal session with Jewels over zoom. In the unlikely event that after module 1, either Jewels or you feel the training is not right for you, your deposit will be returned to you minus £65 for module 1 which you attended. Once you are accepted on the in- person training you will then be required to pay the remaining balance (either in one amount or in instalments)

Module 1
This is a personal conversation with Jewels to meet you and get a deeper sense of each other. It also gives space for any questions you may have and also for Jewels and you to see if this training is right for you at this time.

Transparency in how we work out what to charge
The EarthHeart project does not seek to make profit. It costs £75,000 a year to keep the project afloat (that’s with no salaries) and we divide this amount between the various offerings over the year.

We understand that some of what we offer is not accessible to some people. We have a bursary fund for making our work more accessible to BIPOC people. This relies on people who are able, to contribute to it.
If there are funds in the pot we can help, but if not then we may be more limited. We also offer reduced spaces for young people 25 and under. Please contact us for a chat.


Booking policy

Please read our cancellation and booking policy before booking your place so you are making an informed choice.

Register your interest

If you’re not ready to join but interested, please enter your details and we can keep you posted. This also helps us to get a sense of numbers so we can manage the waiting list 

If you’re ready to join, scroll down the page


September 12
September 18, 2024
£495.00 – £990.00
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Puzzle House
EarthHeart, Gloucestershire GL14 3JQ United Kingdom


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