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Initiation apprenticeship

A 13 Moons apprenticeship for women

Reclaim and embody your power and wild feminine essence

Do you know why you are here on this beautiful Earth?

~ Do you yearn to bring your gifts to the world with all the joy and aliveness you feel?
~ Are you ready to step into leadership in a way that nourishes you with radical self-care?
~ Do you know you are needed, not for what you give but for who you ARE as a woman?
~ Do you have a clear pathway of how to live a life of meaning?
~ Are you a woman who wants to feel fully liberated?
~ Are you a woman who wants to reclaim her authentic powe~ 

Do you feel you belong?

How would it be for you to come home to yourself, with the authentic trust and support of a circle of a women who believe you and have their hand on your back?

A place where you experience a deep sense of coming home and feeling welcomed, just as you are?

This 13 Moons Initiatory Journey is....

~for women who wish to take an apprenticeship into claiming back their inherent power, connection to the web of life and their deep feminine essence.

~for women who feel a call to both be in service to their own life and in support of others.

~an apprenticeship in the reclamation and embodiment of the beauty, power, wildness and fiercely loving heart that is the true feminine

~a map for a life that’s rooted, down to earth, embedded in nature and supported by radical self care.

COVID protocol

We are very lucky to be able to run our entire program of workshops in a COVID19 safe way as the work is based outdoors and we have a heated undercover outdoor group room and a field kitchen and dining area. We want you to feel safe and cared for when you come to EarthHeart, both in terms of the inner work we will be doing and also with your physical wellbeing and health.

As a public venue we are legally bound to follow government guidelines on the advised protocol for COVID19 and whatever the situation is at the time of the workshop we will implement this on site.

We are able to create a lot of personal spacing (aka social distancing) during our workshops as they take place on the land and outdoors. You can bring your own food if you wish and camp in a tent also. We keep levels of hygiene to the best of our ability and encourage this among all those present.

The Call of She...in these times...

We are living in an unprecedented passage in our history. This time, more than any other, is a call to women to be Earth Stewards and protectors, to step into leadership within the context of support and collaboration.

Never has it been more important or needed for women to gather and reclaim the ways of our natural souls. To reclaim the indigenous natural ways, to connect to our innate capacity to heal, to transform, to intuitit, to protect and to create. To co-create our energies for both our own healing and in service to a new earth.

To do this essential work as women we need to come together and harvest and nurture the full arc of woman, from the maiden to the crone, from all races and cultures, to close the divisions and heal the hurts between us so we can be allies and create a field of energy so powerful that humanity cannot help but change. For this possibility, we need diversity of culture and life phases of woman in the circle.

This is what makes the circle rich – the teachings are embedded in the honouring of the full life arc, YOU are needed and welcome in the circle, wherever you sit in that arc. If you want to bring more in a sustainable way (personally as well as ecologically) then this is a circle for you.

During the apprenticeship, Jewels will bring over 25 years of experience, wisdom and expertise to champion you to be the woman you truly are. The work she will guide you through is embedded in ancient indigenous wisdom.

Because of the deep nature of this work you will need to have a level of previous experience of inner work behind you and feel passionate about taking agency in your life.

This apprenticeship will give you the tools to be an agent of change amongst women, your communities and in the wider world.

This is what Kimberley Rose shared about her Initiation journey...

“My advice to any woman looking to do this course is; do it. The money will appear, as will the time and commitment. I didn’t have the money nor the time but I trusted it would happen. It had to. My life was a mess, I was so lost. The course has completely transformed my life to a place I could have only dreamed of. This work is not just for us women as individuals but for the collective. I’m so grateful that I trusted the calling.  If you feel called, there’s a reason.”

For a taste of my work, watch my interview with Jennifer Ackad, part of the ‘Authentic Woman’ series, to learn more about my own awakening into the mystery and gift of woman’s cyclical nature and the work of reclaiming womb consciousness. 

Bringing Ourselves Back Home

We are taught as women for milennia to be anything other than our true nature. We have been twisted and contorted into a way of being that is so far removed from our beauty, wisdom and power, it is not easy to find our way home. We need each other to be able to reclaim she.

It’s no surprise that women feel alone in their quest, overwhelmed and under-resourced. We need a circle of sisters around us to take this adventure with. Women with whom we can feel a deep bond of friendship and trust.

On our Initiation journey, we will gather together to co-create our circle, breaking through the generations of mistrust, betrayal and abuse and return to the power of women as a sanctuary of safety and encouragement

What you will receive

~ Teachings from the indigenous traditions of these lands so that you can again access wisdom from the natural world.

~ Practical tools and exercises so that you can apply this wisdom in your everyday life.

~ Guidance in creating healthy boundaries to support you to communicate your truth with ease, and nurture authentic relationships.

~ Understanding of your sexual nature in the breadth and depth of its wisdom.

~ The secrets of your cyclical nature so that you can practise radical self-care and nourish yourself with kindness.

~ Maps to unlock sacred womb mysteries including womb divination as a gateway to feminine knowledge and healing.

~ Loving your body as it is, a beautiful wild expression of nature.

~ Activating your unique gifts so you can bring them to the world in a joyful way.

~ Experience in how to sit with women and be authentic and allow other women to do the same.

What the apprenticeship includes:

  • 1 in depth personal one to one session with Jewels
  • 6 in-person fully residential gatherings (or online if government guidelines prevent)
  • 4 online gatherings 
  • Personal study practices to do between modules

How it works

  • All residentials take place at EarthHeart and are land based.
  • All modules begin 1pm on the first day and end by 4.30pm on the last day.
  • You are required to attend all modules.
  • Online gatherings are 2 hours.
  • Personal study practices are given to do between modules as preparation for the next gathering.

Dates: 2021-2022

  • Module 1 – One to one private session wih Jewels (date to be arranged with Jewels)
  • Module 2 – EarthHeart residential – 12th-16th May
  • Module 3 – Online gathering – 8th June
  • Module 4 – EarthHeart residential – 28th July -1st Aug
  • Module 5 – EarthHeart residential – 20th-22nd Aug sister circle
  • Module 6 – Online gathering – 6th Sept
  • Module 7 – EarthHeart residential – 22nd – 26 Sept
  • Module 8 – Online gathering – 1st Nov
  • Module 9 – EarthHeart residential – 1st-5th Dec
  • Module 10 – Online gathering – 7th Feb
  • Module 11 – EarthHeart residential – 20th-24th April (2022)


£2750 – can be paid in instalments.

Includes accommodation on our beautiful eco campsite with hot showers and fully fitted state of the art field kitchen with dining/living area. All teachings and materials.

Modules at Earthheart

All our work is nature based. Living and sharing food on the land over our time together is part of the teachings. For all gatherings at EarthHeart you are welcomed to camp on our eco campsite as our guest. There are hot showers, state of the art compost toilets, a large outdoor barn with kitchen diner and a communal fire to gather round. For the winter module, we offer indoor camping in the heated Log cabins on site, there are limited spaces for this and we prioritise more vulnerable women.

Staying in the house
If camping either indoors or outdoors would prevent you from participating in the training (e.g. due to disability or health issues) we offer a limited number of spaces in the house as accommodation. Please contact us at the time of your application to discuss this so we can best support you. The additional charge for this is £25 per night.

Meals and hot drinks
For our evening meal we will come together after our day’s adventures and nourish you with our wonderful homemade, vegan and wheat-free feast. Lunch we also offer a hearty simple soup (you are also welcome to bring additions to this if you wish to eat more) and breakfast is self-catering.

We have a large undercover communal earth kitchen with a cooker, slate fridge, fire kettles and all utensils supplied for you to prepare food either for yourself or collaboratively. There is also a dining/hang-out area to gather, make hot drinks and sit by the fire etc.</p

(PLEASE NOTE: for the evening meal special diets can be catered for but need to be arranged in advance, supplements charges apply)

Applying for your place on the apprenticeship

It is by application only so we can ensure we are able to take the best care of you on your journey, and create a strong and safe circle to do deep and revolutionary work together.

Because of the nature and depth of this apprenticeship, Jewels accepts only a limited number of women each year to ensure that you get the full basket of her support and teachings. 

Module One is a personal indepth exploration with Jewels, either via zoom or in person. If after this first module it does not feel right for you, you can opt-out at this stage of continuing further. 

Once module one is completed and both you and Jewels feel it’s right to proceed, you will then be committing to the rest of the apprenticeship with the circle of women.

This first module is an in-depth one to one session with Jewels either via Zoom or in person.

It offers the foundations of the Initiation apprenticeship.

It will also give you a clearer sense as to whether this is the path for you at this time and a chance to explores any concerns or fears you have as well as what you are hoping to gain from your participation. 


“It will change your life, irrevocably, for the better if you do this work, and for all the women that you know.” Initiation participant, 2017

“Every woman on the planet need the level of connection that this work enables. A place to bring all of ourselves and feel safe and held while doing the work, that is so rare. It is a total privilage to have found a place like this.” Rebecca, Initiation 2018

“. . Second only to giving birth to my son, the women’s year long course was simply the most amazing experience of my life.  Feels like I am now regaining my true identity as a woman. I started the year feeling scared that I wouldn’t’t fit in with the group.  I’ve come away understanding what true love and support really feels like – simply amazing. Jewels, I can’t thank you enough for believing in me when I was unable to believe in myself” Janet

“. . This group changed my life, period. I didn’t know what I was missing, because feminine presence and holding was not within my experience. Now I exist within a sisterhood of deep trust, love acceptance and woman-ness that is the centre of my world and that continues since the group completed. The process was jaw-droppingly beautiful and rich beyond measure. This is gold dust, and it’s available. Amazing . . ” Clare Dakin – founder of Tree sisters

“A deep, deep bow to Jewels. Her skills at holding space for a diverse group of women who are engaged with deep soul-work, are superlative. I admire her for the manner in which she works with people in circle at the deepest level, without bullying, without rescuing, without pushing. It’s an honour to watch. A rare and precious gift” Melanie Santorini, Initiation participant


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