We are being invited into the Great Turning

What is this ‘must keep busy’?
What is this ‘what can I find to distract myself’?
What is this ‘waiting to go back to normal’?
What is this loneliness?

Humanity is at a Threshold and we are being invited into a personal and collective Rite of passage. An Initiation into what it means to be human and to come back into right relationship with all life as sacred.


Journey deep within 

What if we could see the lockdown as the perfect opportunity to go on an inner Vision Quest to look within at our relationship to fear?

For hundreds of years humanities way of dealing with fear has been to control or kill anything that threatens human life. To distract ourselves with consumerism and do all we can to avoid our inner life. This method of avoiding fear has cost the Earth too much. It is time for us to become mature human beings, it is time to remember the absolute majesty and awe of natural life. Of what really matters, to remember ourselves as an embodiment of the sacred, of nature rather than have it serve us as a slave.

What is being offered is an Awakening. The old normal is gone, we need to stop dreaming and hoping we can go back. A new Earth is trying to be born, and this can only happen if we allow our old ways to die, to let go and allow the death to happen. No death is painless, there will be huge suffering and much loss on a deep and personal level.

Where did we ever get the idea it would be an easy passage?

What is calling us is courage. Courage to take a journey in and down, to go deep within to the very core of our soul, our true home, and face what we fear to feel. To meet the unbearable place in us that sits in a darkened room. We must go there and sit and sit and sit until we find the thread that leads us back into light, into the rebirth of a new world, the one we ache for in our hearts. Living in balance with all life.

Into a life that is led by connection, simplicity, equality, beauty, love and respect for all life as sacred. 

Where money is not the currency for survival.

Where a gift economy of exchange of skills and goods is our wealth.

A life of being embedded and belonging into some kind of a community, a wider family, where the children are cherished and protected and raised within a circle of adults who can guide them into their magnificence.

Where one person having enough does not mean that another is poor.

This Initiation and change being called for from the great Mother is a sobering one. The great leveller is here.

Our collective awakening

If we do not change our ways we will become extinct. Fine, you may say, she will continue to flourish without us, we are but a blip in time. But that does not sit well with me. It’s not OK that we take so much of the diversity of life with us. Nor is this spiritual bypassing a justification for what we have done. It does not respect the web of life as having equal right to exist. We need to become humble again and this can only happen when each of us is willing to go inside and ask the difficult questions to our heart’s wisdom and our souls knowing.

Regardless of each of our personal views (conspiracy theories, or manmade or deliberate, or political etc) what is important is what it is that unites us now so that we can step through this portal into the new world together. At the deepest level whatever the cause – the call is the same for us. To wake up, question everything, everything and seek the truth.

We can do this people……the world that awaits us is more beautiful than we can ever dream. It is what we long for and ache for in those quiet still moments alone, in those moments with a lover, in those moments sitting with the sunset or sunrise. In those moments when our hearts crack – open and we are filled with love and the world in those moments is the one we visit in our dreams…it’s up to us, no one is going to do it for us

A new Earth

As a modern western species denial seems to be the strongest self medication going on right now – I’m totally down with the visioning of the new earth and not going back to ‘normal’ ….and…. in order to make good soil for new life to grow the compost needs to be well rotten down. But we seem to be wanting to jump straight from the old to the new without honouring the process of composting fully in order that rebirth can truly be connected and aligned in us and the earth.

Whether we like it or not we are in a death and rebirth cycle but lets not do what we always do which is to try to jump to the next new thing too fast, sticking small plasters on massive gaping wounds.

The death is hard for sure, it holds HUGE suffering on a monumental scale for each of us. Grief is the path we need to take right now so it can mature us into good compost. Unless we allow ourselves time to really notice and feel the losses in our everyday life we cannot truly know what we want going forwards. We need to let the grief ripen in us till late summer /autumn and not try to pick and eat the fruit before it’s ready. The fruit will let us know when it is ready.

We have been taught that grief is a pointless waste of time. However we only grieve for what we love so it is the key to truly living from the heart. It’s the alchemist of the soul that purifies our hearts into gold so we can really know what is precious and what is not. So for us to truly move to a new earth we need to honour the sacred process of grief and trust it’s alchemy to bring us to Love .

I belief we need to come together in our grief. Alone it tends to feel overwhelming and takes us to depression, despair and powerlessness. Thats perhaps in part why we don’t want to go there.
If we could come to gather body to body in this grief it’s optimum as love becomes the energy field in the space we inhabit. If we cannot be physically together, lets align our hearts and consciousness together and reclaim our indigenous capacity to communicate in other ways through the etheric field and grief collectively.
Underneath the layers I believe we are all grieving the same losses even though on the surface the details differ in each of our lives. Lets focus on what unites us rather than what separates us, this is where our power is.

I am visioning a new world where personal wealth is based on mutual support, where what we give and receive is a mark of our wealth and not how much money we each have. Where our ‘jobs’ are embedded in a community life of giving and receiving of what we need day to day. Where the young and the old are at the centre of this life. Where we live along side animals and the natural world in a balanced and honouring way.

You are warmly invited to join this adventure of inner transformation to outer manifestation through love, awareness, nature and spirit. Read on to discover how you can embark on this journey. 


Walk with me

There are various things on offer here to support you, some free, some paid. I invite you to take a look through the sessions and events pages. I walk alongside you and will meet the edges with you, to take those steps that you need to take.