Events 2018

We offer a wide program of events throughout the year, ranging from one-day taster workshops to residential weekends and year-long trainings. Some are designed for everyone to participate in together, and there’s a program specifically designed for couples, as well as program for women and for men. They are held at the EarthHeart centre in the Forest of Dean (except for the introductory days in London). Jewels also runs a private practice for couples with various options of support.

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Are you feeling an insistent calling to living from a place more deeply rooted in your heart’s longing?

Personally and collectively at this time, we are awakening to our deepest longings for a life that is truly sustaining, within circles of kindred spirits. This work offers to meet this awakening, opening pathways to a new paradigm of living as one heart

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6-8 Apr 2018
8-10 June 2018
12-14 Oct 2018

Thresholds: Grief, Grace and Gratitude

This is a 4 day journey, a transition from one year to the next. It includes a ceremony centred on gratitude, and a ceremony on letting go of what we no longer need as well as an opportunity to grieve for what we love and have lost. 

If you are struggling to know how to be with everything that is going on in the world, this workshop is designed for you. It offers a safely held space in which to explore feelings like hopelessness, powerlessness, despair and grief. Through that exploration we can find a deeper connection to the sense of change that we all want to see. Through that connection we can more clearly see how to offer our contribution to that change. 

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