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Thresholds – Alchemy

These Thresholds offer a space to be held in all that may be moving in you and through you, in response to how the changes in our world impact your life on a personal level and in the wider context of the collective.

We long for a life that is truly sustaining and balanced, between the calling of our own human hearts and the changes we need to make in our wider world. This work offers to meet you – whatever you feel, whatever you believe to be true. 

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26-28 April 2019

Open Hearth – summer camp

We open our hearth here at EarthHeart and invite you to come and live the way of our ancestors deep in the beautiful wild land hidden here in the forest. 

We will live simply together, cook on an open fire, gather wood from the forest and sitting by the hearth sharing our souls.

There will be many offerings during the week ranging from plant medicine wisdom, dancing and music, shamanic practices on how to connect with the great mystery and tree lore teaching, ceremonies in the sacred EarthLodge and much more.

You are welcome to come for all or part of it. Bring your family, bring your friends and your beloved. Come for all or some of it as you want Book now

12-25 August 2019

Thresholds – Rituals of Renewal

A 4 day journey into authentic alive open hearted Love. It includes ceremonies of Renewal to transition from one year to the next. Giving gratitude for what we have received as well as space to honour things we have lost during the year or at any time in our lives.

It offers a safely held space in which to explore feelings at a deep level that in our culture are seen as a pointless activity. But actually in truth bring a feeling of renewal and aliveness. Through that exploration we can find a deeper connection to the sense of change in our lives and in the world and living from a deeper open hearted place in us. Click here to find out more and book...

29 Dec 2019-1 Jan 2020