The Team

Allan Pinto-Jones

Allan has been exploring different forms of community living since 2018 travelling to Hawaii, New Zealand, Japan and Indonesia. Since returning back to the UK, he has been fascinated with nature connection, simple living, and ceremonies which led to him living at Embercombe and connecting with Jewels’ work.

Currently, Allan is interested in the power of embodiment; the profound change of authentic relating and belonging can have on your life, and exploring life as a queer person.

As Jewels’ personal virtual assistant, Allan is the person who you are most likely to meet when you first get in touch. He is the magic behind all the daily tasks that keep everything running smoothly and free up Jewels’ time so she can do the work.

Sophie and Adrian Hardy

Sophie and Adrian have both participated in Jewels’ work, Sophie having completed the Women’s year long Initiation training in 2015, and Adrian completing the year long Deep-Dive course in 2013.  They met through Jewels’ call out to the community for more support with holding the business aspect of her work where they discovered a personal spark between them as well as a unique spark of co-creation in the marketing paradigm. They then went on to the complete the couples year long course together and this has given them the pillar of support to keep their relationship tended to and they now have a beautiful son who they have created a wonderful home for.

Through the course of working together on Jewels marketing plan, they fell in-love, built a business plan, moved in together and launched this lovely website. They continue to be an essential part of the holding team.

Sonia Sung (sacred sexuality work)

Sonia has trained extensively with Jewels over many years as well as many trainings in sexuality work and other healing modalities. She has a rare gift and the spaces she creates are powerful fields for healing. She has a natural gift for putting women at ease and feeling safe and relaxed, her gentle and light touch bring many opening doors to transformation.

She was was born and raised into a traditional Chinese family and then started her spiritual path when she moved to the UK in 1991. She spent many years apprenticing as a Reiki master and complimented this experience with becoming a Shiatsu practitioner. Yoga, five rhythm dancing and meditation are things she practices regularly. Vipassana retreats have also been a real source of nourishment for her.

Her intention and passion is to share her teachings with Jewels in collaboration with women who want to explore the wisdom and landscape of their own bodies and their authentic selves. She believes the body is our teacher she is a powerful and loving space holder. To find out more about Sonia and her work :


Andrew Singer

Andrew has known Jewels since 2006, beginning his journey as a participant on her yearlong deep diving training. Since then they have become close friends and Andrew has worked alongside Jewels in workshops and trainings over the years since.

He is a much-valued elder in the community, having lived a wide and diverse life. He has worked in over 40 countries around the world.  He has run his own smallholding, and a home-based publishing & printing business. He is worldly and wise, with much to offer us in his eldership.

Andrew offers mentoring for men, and support to couples in difficulties. In addition, he has developed, and now teaches, The Erection Empowerment Process for men.

Dave Bevan

Dave is a loved and trusted member of the team and is part of the infrastructure of the workshops program. He offers one to one work for people supporting grief work in personal lives. 

He is also a storyteller and can be found around camp fires late into the night spinning magical tales from the other side. 

If you are looking for one to one support with grief Dave can offer you space and time. 

To contact Dave and find out more click here :  Dave Bevan