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Garden of Love year course


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Garden of Love Year-long couples’ course
The only in depth couples’ training of its kind in the UK! An extended transformational journey designed specifically for heterosexual couples wishing to deeply explore their relationship as a catalyst for total awakening in deep ecstatic loving intimacy (This training happens once every 3 years and is expected to book up early) Click here to find out more and book...

29 Nov – 2 Dec 2018, 
28-31 Mar 2019, 
23-26 May 2019, 
26-29 Sept 2019, 
11-15 Dec 2019

Thresholds – Alchemy

These Thresholds offer a space to be held in all that may be moving in you and through you, in response to how the changes in our world impact your life on a personal level and in the wider context of the collective.

We long for a life that is truly sustaining and balanced, between the calling of our own human hearts and the changes we need to make in our wider world. This work offers to meet you – whatever you feel, whatever you believe to be true. 

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26-28 April 2019

Earthlodge Grief and Gratitude – Soul replenishing

As part of the extinction rebellion movement, we are offering the Earthlodge as a held space for anyone who is feeling they need support for the feelings that are overwhelming. If you are scared, exhausted, confused, lonely, angry, sad etc, and would value a safe space in which to express feelings you are welcome. 

Art by Lis O’Kelly

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Immersion – Into the Sacred feminine 

Immersion is a 9-day deep transformational journey into fully reclaiming ourselves as women. It is partnered with the Initiation women’s year long course and is a good way to experience a taste of this journey in one long workshop.

What prevents you from fully stepping into your power? What holds you back from living from your absolute truth and natural expression? What stops you bringing your gifts to the world? What gets in the way of you having the relationship you long for? 

As a circle, a village of women, we will immerse ourselves in nature, and in the work to be done together. Sharing time around the fire,  gathering for ceremony, living outside in nature, we will open to healing and resolution of these questions. Click here to find out more and book...

Dates: 15-23 June 2019

Art by Lucy Pierce

Kissing the Snake – Sexuality year course 

This year long training is for women who feel ready to fully reclaim their sexuality as a woman now on planet Earth. It’s about healing our past both on a personal and collective level.

It’s about knowing ourselves on the deepest level as sexual women, how to meet these energies in us, release the toxic shame, years of numbness and override and coming out of the fear of our sexual power and potency. 
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July 3-7 2019 
Oct 9-13 2019 
Jan 10-14 2020 
Apr 1-5 2020

Wild Woman Forest Camp


A four day nature-based women’s gathering held over the high summer full moon, deep in the ancient Forest of Dean.

This camp is for women to gather together and reclaim our ancient, wild and instinctive feminine nature. 

31 July-4 August 2019

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Art by Lucy Pierce

Open Hearth – summer camp

We open our hearth here at EarthHeart and invite you to come and live the way of our ancestors deep in the beautiful wild land hidden here in the forest. 

We will live simply together, cook on an open fire, gather wood from the forest and sitting by the hearth sharing our souls.

There will be many offerings during the week ranging from plant medicine wisdom, dancing and music, shamanic practices on how to connect with the great mystery and tree lore teaching, ceremonies in the sacred EarthLodge and much more.

You are welcome to come for all or part of it. Bring your family, bring your friends and your beloved. Come for all or some of it as you want Book now

12-18 August 2019

Thirteen Moons -Rebirth
Menopause year long course

Thirteen Moons Rebirth is held and guided journey for any woman interested in exploring her menopause as the conscious rite of passage into her spiritual awakening as woman 

It is for women who are interested in exploring menopause as a time that brings so much more that a set of physical symptoms to try to get rid of, or as emotional and mental upheaval to endure. It is for women who long to step into deeper personal empowerment.

We will meet 13 times over the period of 13 lunar cycles. In between our meetings we will be journeying and practising what we have discovered during our gathering times.

Sept 2019 to  Sept 2020 Click here to find out more and book... 


Thresholds – Faces of the Masculine

A workshop for men facilitated by men on the subject of relating. Men, are you feeling like you could do with a better compass for navigate the landscape of relating and relationship? If you find yourself tripping up over and over again, whether that be at work, with family or in relationship with women, we can help.
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13-15 Sept 2019

Autumn Queen – Menopause workshop  

A workshop for women who feel they may be approaching peri-menopause or menopause or are in menopause. 

Menopause is the second sacred rite of passage in a woman’s life. It is an initiation into an ever more potent embodiment of her own power.

Art by Wendy Andrews

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1-3 Nov 2019

Thresholds – Call of her Soul

An alchemical journey welcoming women at all life stages from Maiden to Crone into the expression of herself in all her multilayered aspects and dimensions. Together we claim what has been lost or broken in our connection to our power. Our journey guides women to fully live in their true Soul imprint as feminine power, a force of nature and with their natural gifts fully embodied. 
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15-17 Mar 2019
8-10 Nov 2019

Intimate Love

Intimate relationship – a call from our soul’s deepest longing to remember the reason we are here. A whisper of something forgotten that we ache to remember, an experience of love at the most profound level, healing the wounds of our personal history and discovering again and again what is possible when we allow devotion to Love itself to be the crucible for true freedom. Click here to find out more and book...

21-24 Nov 2019 
13-16 Feb 2020

Thresholds – Rituals of Renewal

A 4 day journey into authentic alive open hearted Love. It includes ceremonies of Renewal to transition from one year to the next. Giving gratitude for what we have received as well as space to honour things we have lost during the year or at any time in our lives.

It offers a safely held space in which to explore feelings at a deep level that in our culture are seen as a pointless activity. But actually in truth bring a feeling of renewal and aliveness. Through that exploration we can find a deeper connection to the sense of change in our lives and in the world and living from a deeper open hearted place in us. Click here to find out more and book...

29 Dec 2019-1 Jan 2020


Initiation – Year course into Sacred feminine 


This is a deeply life-changing journey,  a pathway for women to reclaim their innate wild power, freedom, joy and embodied wisdom at a time when our Earth needs the medicine of the sacred feminine.   Click here to find out more and book...

Dates 2020 -2021 
5-9 Feb – residential at EarthHeart
17 March – evening online gathering
22-26 April – residential at EarthHeart
17-21 June – camping at EarthHeart
21-23 Aug – camping at EarthHeart (sister circle)
29 Sept -evening online gathering
4-8 Nov – residential at EarthHeart
8 Dec – evening online gathering
20-24 Jan (2021) – residential at EarthHeart