Want to get involved?

We are a community of human beings all here to support the vision to keep unfolding. Both Jewels and Mark work a 7 days week most weeks either tending to the needs of the land or running the program of workshops. 

The EarthHeart vision is also supported by our volunteering program which is the bedrock of keeping the project alive. We deeply value people who feel inspired to come and be a part of the project and that are looking for a more community based, outdoor living experience. 

We offer mentoring and circle work as part of our support to volunteers as well as you being able to follow your own creative projects while you are here. 

We ask for a 6 month minimum commitment and this has become the agreement from almost 10 years of experimentation and feedback from the volunteers. A wish to make a home and feel settled and to have enough time to develop connections and build relationships. 
This also means that you have more opportunity to take ownership of projects and have more responsibility and agency while you are here. 

Next steps …..

~ If you are interested in getting involved you can either apply to volunteer directly.
Here is the application form.

~ Or if you’re not sure and want to meet us first and experience what we do we run Open Hearth weekends twice a year.
Here is info about the event

Exploring a different way of living

EarthHeart is an experiment in human evolution becoming more deeply aligned with our natural world. Our vision aspires to environmental harmony, respect for all people and of our sacred connection to nature. It is a place to come and reconnect with the soul and spirit of our own essential nature by being immersed in the nature in which EarthHeart exists. It’s an alive, ever-evolving vision. EarthHeart aspires to be a mutually supportive experiment in co creation with each other, nature and life itself. We seek to grow people, find their gifts and encourage them and create a context for co creating a beautiful world.

Volunteering at EarthHeart is suitable for people interested in living a simple life, in peace and in nature,

Skills EarthHeart needs 

  • General DIY odd jobs
  • Carpenters / creative hippy chippies 
  • Electricians
  • Gardeners / food growing
  • Experience of pond development/management
  • Outdoor stone work/landwork
  • Fundraising/networking/film making