Intimacy coaching for men

Welcome - I'd love to support you

Jewels offers 1 to 1 session for men via zoom, who are looking for support and guidance in sex and Intimacy.
It’s suitable for men in heterosexual relationships; starting a new connection
or currently exploring connection with a woman.

For nearly 30 years I’ve supported men, women and all kinds of couples in their relationships with a particular focus in intimacy and sexuality. 

I’ve personally had a very broad range of experiences in my life, in relation to my own sexuality, and intimate explorations both as a single woman and as part of committed relationships.

Because of this and alongside decades of trainings and learning workshops, I bring a wealth of experience, ease and wisdom to the subject. I’ve always had a natural and intuitive interest in this aspect of us as humans and I’ve gathered a deep understanding of the landscape of intimacy and sexuality and what happens between men and women. 

Would you like sex & intimacy to be fantastic or even just better ?

If so, you’re in the right place. I hear so often from men that no matter how hard you try, your sex life is just not as you would like it to be. Maybe you’re looking at this page because she suggested you ‘get some help’ or maybe you just feel like you could benefit from some outside guidance. I hold a non-judgmental, open-hearted, shame-free space which optimises the container for you to feel safe enough to share as openly as you need to in order to serve the work. Everything is 100% confidential and I’m very comfortable talking about sex, intimacy, the body, and the nuts and bolts of it all so hopefully this will help you feel relaxed with me.

Here are some examples of things women say (which are often very painful to hear…)
  • I want you to be more present 
  • I want you to slow down and connect with me more
  • I just can’t feel you 
  • Can you be more like this ….or …..that? 
  • I don’t like the way you kiss me 
  • Can you stop being so…….
  • I want you to be more romantic 
  • I want you to touch me in this or that way
  • Stop being so clingy and/or needy
  • Can’t you be more manly? 
  • I want to feel your heart more
  • I want you to be more in your feelings
  • I want to feel your power
  • Just not really communicating much or saying how she feels
These are some of the themes I hear, this list is not exhaustive but if some of even one of these is your experience I can help.
  • You have a great relationship and you’re the best of friends but she just doesn’t see you as being a lover to her anymore and you’d like to still be with her.
  • She just doesn’t seem interested anymore or is simply not responding to your instigations ? Or maybe no matter what you try you just keep getting rejected and now you think ‘whats the point? It’s just too much effort and too painful.’
  • You’re struggling to stay connected to your erection and there’s too much pressure to ‘perform’ with her and you’d like to be more confident and at ease in yourself.
  • You are finding it hard to relax around sex and Intimacy because there’s such a backlog of frustration and history between you and you’re at a loss now as to what to do?
  • She has at some point sent you YouTube videos to watch about intimacy and sex or suggest books to read or workshops you could go on?
  • When you try to approach closeness with her,  she seem cold towards you or unresponsive, does she try to move away even?
Would you like it if.....
  • She was more loving and affectionate towards you
  • She accepted you more just as you are
  • You were free from the feelings of shame and fears about getting it wrong
  • You could experience being ‘enough’ for her
  • Her body responded to your touch more 
  • She touched you more and she enjoyed it
  • She was multi-orgasmic with you
  • You were multi-orgasmic with her 
  • She was feeling satisfied and grateful sexually with you
  • You felt satisfied and grateful about sex with her
  • She felt safe and trusted you more
  • She worshipped your cock and adored your body
  • She was more supportive and positive in how she spoke to you about sex
  • She was accepting of you and didn’t put any pressure on you to be a certain way
  • Saying yes to sex with you was the predominant reality

This can too easily sound like the stuff of dreams, however, it is all entirely possible and reachable with the right support and guidance. I know the landscape, I understand the challenges and I have a wealth of tools and ideas that are tried and tested with hundreds of men and they WORK !

6 magic keys to being an amazing lover...

*Presence, *Vulnerability, *Emotional intelligence,
*Embodiment, *Power, *Integrity.   

In our modern society, most of the education men receive about how to be with women in sex and intimacy has been very lacking at best and at worst offering a very distorted view of what and how things ‘should be’.

Men are led to believe that they should just know how to do this stuff, but why would you know how to navigate the complex and somewhat mysterious landscape of a women’s body, let alone her heart and mind when you have never been initiated into it and there is little information out there to help?

I’ve spent over 30+ years in the field of conscious relating, not only with my own sexuality as a woman but also working with people. I understand deeply the issues that women face when it comes to sex and intimacy and this is a huge advantage in being able to support you as a man. I can span both her domain and experience and yours and bring the 2 aspects together. This can help to demystify the whole thing and give you a better map that is readable and accessible. 

There are basically 6 keys to becoming a master lover and they are not as complex to attain as you might imagine – if you work with me, these 6 keys will be the cornerstone pillars of our work together and each of them will help different aspects of you to feel more relaxed, confident and connected to yourself and therefore better able to enjoy your own sexuality and connect with her more deeply in a safe and empowering way.

Working with me !

My style of working is unique and quite unusual. Although I have training in ‘conventional’ couples therapy, I draw from so much more that this. My nature is curious, warm, and joyful… I am very comfortable talking about sex and intimacy; in fact, I love it. I do also, however, work deep.

If you decide to work with me, I will invite you to go deeper within yourself in order to find the gold inside. If you are looking for a more superficial tactics / tick-box manual approach, I am definitely not the woman to work with. If, on the other hand, you genuinely seek mind-blowing intimacy and you’re willing to invest and do some deep and beautiful work to get there then it’s my joy to walk alongside you.

Because I am a woman I can help ‘translate’ the landscape of woman and more importantly help you to feel more a sense of yourself and what you deeply long for and how to create that.

If you work with me over a period of time I will give you things to try out and see how it goes and we can build on the practices you learn each time. This is not just theory, I will give you hands on actionable things to try, tailor made for you given what you are navigating in your unique situation. 

What happens next...

You’ve already made a great step by visiting the website and reading this far. The next step is easy. Book a free 15 minute call with me, or you can dive in to a first session if you prefer. Options below….

  • 15 minute call  free
    Book in a chat with me to see if you want to just meet me and ask any initial questions or clarify if this is the right path for you.
  • Initial 1 hour session  £125
    You can dive in and book your first session with me and begin the work with the intention of continuing with a package (I don’t offer one-off sessions as a way of working)
  • Package – £495 
    This includes 4 x 1-hour sessions taken weekly or fortnightly with ‘homework’ to try in between. This is booked only after the initial session is complete and gives enough time to practice between sessions what you’re learning.

I also offer sessions for couples together