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An unchartered and new exploration of menopause as a sacred rite of passage for women into deeper sexual empowerment.

Discover new inspiration in relation to your sexuality, creative erotic nature and intimate relating as a menopausal woman.

A five-week online course offering a new perspective on sexuality for the second half of a woman’s life. Including a live red thread ceremony in the ancestors EarthLodge. Together we will blow out of the water some of the myths that have been embedded into our psyche for millennia! 




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Thresholds – Faces of the Masculine

A workshop for men facilitated by men on the subject of relating. Men, are you feeling like you could do with a better compass for navigate the landscape of relating and relationship? If you find yourself tripping up over and over again, whether that be at work, with family or in relationship with women, we can help.
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13-15 Sept 2019