Sessions for couples

Would you like your relationship to really work?
Would you like your sex life to be amazing?

If so you are in the right place! We are passionate about helping you to get your relationship to where you want it AND it doesn’t have to be hard work and no joy…

We have over 30 years of combined experience supporting and guiding thousands of couples in their relationship and with Intimacy/sexuality as our speciality.

We are here to help

You can work with Jewels or Jewels and Mark together. They bring specialist expertise to the area of sexuality and intimacy and is a particular passion of ours to help couples transform stuckness in these areas. We work in a way that is broader and wider than conventional therapy such as ‘Relate” 

Other areas of support include...

Communication, power dynamics, conflict to name but a few. Whatever you are struggling with do please ask and we can tell you how and if we can support you.Please take some time to read about how we work, together ideally and then we’d love to support you to take the next step….. 

The wisdom of calling in support..

All relationships have their good times and challenging times. This is as natural as the waves coming in and leaving the shoreline. When the challenges arise, without support they can spiral into an ever decreasing spiral and get worse than they need to be. 

We believe that your relationship is very precious to you and that you would like it to be as good as it possibly can be. We have a wealth of experience in all areas of relationship including, communication, sexuality, power dynamics, money conflict, boundaries and more. We also offer working with couples who are at crisis point or in the process of separating. 

We provide a safe, empathic and non-judgmental space along with a wealth of wisdom and tools gathered, to support you both to come to true choices about what you want and then how to create that in your life.  In our view, it is a wise couple who recognises the value of seeking guidance and support from outside, whether that relationship feels strong or challenging.

We welcome you just as you are...

Whether you are new together or life partners, you are welcome to work with us. Whatever the nature of your relationship we welcome you. We work with heterosexual couples as well as LGBTQ+. We do not hold to a model of any specific type of relating, we support you to find what is right for you and work with you to optimise your choices. 

We hold a space for deep work and love working with couples who are really up for taking agency in creating their dreams. If you are looking for a shallow dive into temporary plaster-sticking tricks to get by, then working with us is most likely not going to work for you.

Are you experiencing...

~ Your sex life having lost its spark?
~ Communication feeling stuck?
~ Challenging power dynamics? 
~ A block in expressing what you feel? 
~ A want to be heard and understood more?
~ Plodding along in a ‘dead zone’?
~ Being the best of friends but there’s no sex?
~ Conflict and disconnecting too often?
~ Feeling a bit lost in the relationship?

We will support you to transform your relationship into…

~ Deep loving soul intimacy that really blows your mind 
~ Spiritual alignment with your deepest longings
~ Sacred sexual intimacy you’ve always dreamed of
~ Laughter, joy, spontaneity, adventure and fun
~ Honest, clear, heart-centred communication
~ Harmony and balance in all areas of your life together
~ A conflict minimised day to day reality
~ The relationship you longed for your whole life

Breakthrough sessions

There are 4 options below from online zoom to  one-day intensives or two-day residential immersion .

If you are not sure what might be best for you, please book a 15 minute free call with us and we can guide you (you both need to be on the call in the same physical space for this). All options are available Monday to Friday 

Online via zoom (in the same physical space) 1.5 hours
with Jewels £125
with Jewels and Mark £180

One day in person at EarthHeart – 10am-4.30pm
with Jewels £460
with Jewels and Mark) £590

2 day residential at EarthHeart 12 noon day 1 to 2pm day 2
with Jewels £795 
with Jewels and Mark £995

4 day residential at EarthHeart 2pm on first day to 4pm on the last
Couples in Threshold with Mark and Jewels 

Support packages

Once you have had your breakthrough session whether that is online or in-person and assuming it feels right to continue the work, you can choose one of the following options for further support and integration. These can be either online or at EarthHeart

Option 1 – 8 hour package  support with Jewels  – £680
Option 2 – 8 hour package support with Jewels and Mark – £880 

Still not sure? Have questions?