Sessions for Couples

Welcome to our couples’ relationship support page

Here you will find various options we offer to support you and your relationship. At the moment all of our offerings are via video meetings. This can be with either Jewels or Mark or with both of us together. 
 Please have a read together ideally and see what you might feel will be most supportive to you. We have also created a ‘couples in lockdown’ crisis package that may be a good way to go.

We are now offering our bespoke retreats (one-day and two-day) by application again, with social distancing measures in place to ensure safety. More details can be found further down this page.

Any questions do please ask, we are always happy to try to support you as we are fully aware of how challenging this situation can be for your relationship.

Below is information about different options we offer.
If you’re not sure or have any questions before working with us we offer a

(You can book in your call further down this page)

The wisdom of calling in support

All couples have challenges within relationship and this is normal. What makes meeting those challenges harder is to navigate them alone. Along with the pressure  society puts on couples to pretend everything is going well. It can be hard to seek support as it’s easy to feel a sense of failure if things are not  as you hoped.

We have a wealth of experience in all areas of relationship such as sexuality, power dynamics, money conflict, communication difficulties and more. We are especially experienced with couples who feel on the edge of separation, in crisis or so stuck nothing can move or change. Or when you have been stuck for a while and constantly in conflict and just don’t know how to get through it. When things feel ‘dead’ and you’re just ticking along but not really connecting anymore.

We offer a safe, empathic and non-judgemental space along with a wealth of tools gathered from over 20 years experience to support you both to come to true choices about what you want and then how to create that.

In our view, it is a wise couple who recognises the value of seeking guidance and support from outside the relationship, whether that relationship feels strong or challenging.

Sessions via video for couples in Corona relationship crisis 

We offer online sessions via video call. Due to the lockdown situation many couples are finding themselves in difficulty – so we are offering some bespoke packages as a way to bring support to this challenging time. The optimum support is to have ongoing sessions – in our experience this is more effective than a one-off session as continuity helps to really embed sustained positive change. And supportive to couples who are struggling financially due to the current situation.

Read on for more about our approach and experience in couples’ work. Below are the package options available, and further down the page you will find the usual one-off sessions.

On booking your first session, please say if you would like Jewels or Mark for the sessions. If you would like both of us, we add 20% to the total package price. The timing of subsequent sessions will be agreed with you on the first call.

Package options
Set of 3 one hour sessions – £195
Set of 4 one hour sessions – £240
Set of 6 one hour sessions – £330


Sessions via video for couples 

Aside from the current situation, being in relationship of course has its challenges, even under normal circumstances. We offer deep and held spaces for you to explore together how you can optimise your relationship, look at the aspects that are not working and find new ways to improve things.We also offer couples who are on the edge of break-up a bespoke container to either look at how to stay together or how to have a conscious uncoupling.

Whether you are new together or life partners, you are welcome to work with us. Whatever the nature of your relationship we welcome you. We do hold a model of a specific type of relating, we support you in the way things work for you and if there are ways it is not working we will support you to find a way that does. 

We hold a non judgmental space for deep work. If you are looking for a shallow dive into some temporary plaster-sticking tricks, to get by, then working with us is most likely not going to work for you. 

Prices and options:
Jewels – £70 an hour
Jewels & Mark – £90 an hour

Please select an option

15-minute free enquiry call

One-hour session with Jewels

One-hour session with Jewels and Mark

90-minute session with Jewels

90-minute session with Jewels and Mark

At EarthHeart – Residential couples retreats 

Private sessions and bespoke retreats for couples
With Jewels or with Jewels & Mark together

Sessions and private retreats are available for all couples whatever your sexual orientation (either by Skype or in person) who would like more focused, in-depth personal support with their relationship. You can either have sessions with Jewels alone, or with Jewels and Mark together depending on what feels most relevant and supportive to your relationship.

Jewels has over 25 years experience working with coupes and relationship issues and has a breadth of experience in the area’s of sexuality, communication, conflict and relationship breakdown. Mark brings a clear and deep wisdom to men and an ability to support them to feel they can open up in the context of relationship intimacy. Between Jewels and Mark lies a breadth of wisdom and powerful holding; together they create a potent field of transformation for couples.

Jewels also offers sessions for women
Mark also offers sessions for men 

At EarthHeart – Breakthrough sessions

(not available for the time being sorry)

These are usually 3-4 hours and are helpful if you want to look at a particular issue in your relationship and tackle it head-on. An issue that maybe feels really stuck but you want to give it your full focus and intention to breakthrough the stuckness. This is also suitable if you have small children and cannot take more than a few hours away from family life.

Monday to Friday- 9am-6pm
Jewels – £75 an hour 
(including VAT)
Jewels and Mark – £105 an hour (including VAT)

Contact us to book

At Earthheart – One day intensives

These are designed to give enough space and time away from your life for to really work on the relationship. Maybe there is an issue that keeps arising over and over again and you just don’t seem to be able to move through it.

Monday to Friday 10am-4.30pm
Jewels – £430 (inc. VAT) per couple  (up to 5.5 hours in total)
Jewels and Mark – £590 (inc. VAT) per couple  (up to 5.5 hours in total)

Contact the team to book an appointment with Jewels

At Earthheart – Two day bespoke retreats

These retreats are one of our most popular offerings for couples.

They are totally unique in the UK and quite different to going to regular therapy, couples’ counselling or to a couples’ workshop.

They give enough time to really unpack and give in-depth focus to the relationship and time to do the needed work to shift the stuck places. The retreats provide a held, safe, professional and confidential context.

Some of the time during the retreat will be face to face and some of the time might be spent in the privacy of your bedroom exploring practices offered that directly support the issues you are working with. All set in the beautiful Forest and surrounded by wild and inspiring nature in which I encourage you to spend time to nourish the relationship.

Monday to Fridays
Jewels – £750 (inc VAT) per couple 
Jewels and Mark £1,250 
(inc VAT) per couple 
Arrive 2pm on the first day, end 2pm on the second day 
(up to 10 hours in total)
(inclusive of accommodation in a rustic log cabin hidden away in the forest. The perfect romantic setting to support your time!)

Contact the team to arrange an appointment – these retreats are available for booking, but by application only due to the need for caution as COVID19 still impacts us.

How to Book

All sessions are booked online via our automated booking system. 

If you are not quite ready to book and have any questions do please get in touch via email