Our Booking Policy

Our policy has been established to help strengthen the commitment between participant and guide and to maintain fairness between all. It has been carefully thought through and considered. We encourage you to take your commitment seriously once you have booked your session or course.  We hold this framework with our integrity and care for you. To stay in integrity we offer the the same for everyone with no exceptions. Please make sure you have read and understood this policy before you book your session or course and that you are comfortable with the agreement.

Our ethics on refunds and cancellations

We understand that you may have very genuine and challenging reasons for not being able to attend your session or course. However, we choose not to be in a position of making judgements about people’s life circumstances as to who is deserving or not.  All retained payments are used to fund bursary places for those who are in financial need or to cover any losses and administration incurred by us. We are a small organisation that does not seek to make profit and run on limited resources.

Booking your personal session or course

To secure your booking, payment is the establishment of a legal contract. This is to encourage your commitment as well as to reduce administration, the potential number of cancellations and the creation of missed opportunities for others who may wish to receive support.

Medical emergencies

In the case of a genuine medical emergency or serious sudden illness we will consider at our discretion a full transfer to an alternative date for the same event. In this situation, a medical certificate from a surgeon or doctors letter will be required. This exception does not apply to a pre-existing ongoing medical issue. If you have one and feel it may lead to a possible last minute cancellation please let us know ahead of time and we can advise you.

Cancellation policy for online weekly sessions

Due to the high demand for sessions, we hold clear agreements with you. Cancelling sessions most often means no one else can book a session instead.

There are no refunds for cancellations within 5 days before your session date (taken from the start time of your session)  If you wish to transfer your booking you can do so up to 5 days prior to the date and time of the session.

Cancellation policy for stand-alone workshops, private residential retreats and online courses

If you cannot attend a workshop you are booked onto you can cancel your place and transfer 50% of the full fees payable up to one week from the start date of the workshop to the same workshop at a future date within a 15-month period.

You can only transfer the money once. This transfer is only applicable when the full fees have been paid upon booking. There will be no further refunds or further transfers. If you have paid only a deposit or part of the full amount,  these partial fee payments are neither transferable nor refundable. You cannot transfer your booking to another person. If there is a difference between the price of the workshop you are cancelling and the price of the workshop to which you are transferring, there are no refunds on the difference. If the course or session you are transferring to costs more, you will need to pay the extra. Any cancellations, transfers and refunds can incur a £25 per person admin fee at our discretion.

Cancellation policy for apprenticeships and year-long courses/trainings

If you cannot attend the training or you choose not to attend you can cancel your place and transfer 50% of the full fees payable up to 3 months from the start date to the same course at a future date within a 15 month period.

You can only transfer the money once. This transfer is only applicable when the full fees have been paid upon booking. There will be no further refunds or further transfers. If you have paid only a deposit or part of the full amount  these part fees are not transferable or refundable.

You cannot transfer your booking to another person. If the price of the training to which you are transferring is less than the training which you are cancelling, there is no refunds on the difference. If the training you are transferring to costs more, you will need to pay the extra.

Any cancellations, transfers and refunds can incur a £25 per person admin fee at our discretion. In the unlikely event that you decide for whatever reason to leave the training before the end, we respect your choice. Under these circumstances we do not offer refunds for any remaining fees or part thereof.

If you do not attend any of the modules that are part of longer modules course there are no part refunds for modules missed.

Special offers

If you have booked a workshop via one of our 2 for 1 special offers and you or your friend can no longer attend,  there are no refunds or transfers, your booking simply reverts to a normal booking at full price for one person. When booking a 2 for 1, both people are required to book at the same time and an email with full names and contact information (including emails and phone numbers) of both people must to be sent to us at the time of booking. You cannot substitute or transfer the name of the second person at a later date. If you wish to amend a special offer booking by upgrading your accommodation or changing the option you originally booked, the normal full prices will apply to the upgrade. You cannot downgrade your accommodation option.

Discounted places and donation based courses

There are no refunds or transfers on discounted or special offer places. This includes courses that are offered on a donation basis. Discounts or special offers cannot be applied to concession rate prices. All fees will go towards supporting those in need and covering administation costs.

If we have to cancel a course, program, session or event

If the delivery of a course, program, session or event does not run due to insufficient participant numbers, we give a full refund to you.

If the delivery of a course, program, session or event that you have booked is delayed, hindered, made inadvisable, made commercially impracticable, made illegal, or made impossible to perform, by the occurrence of an unforeseeable act or event which is beyond the reasonable control of Jewels Wingfield LTD (“Force Majeure Events”), we shall not be held liable for any failure or delay in the performance of our obligations to deliver the event. In such a case, we cannot offer you any refunds.

Acts or events constituting Force Majeure shall include (but not be limited to) acts of God, major natural disasters, wars, major political unrest, disease, pandemics and epidemics, government intervention, directives or policies, and other circumstances beyond Jewels Wingfield LTD control.

Changes and updates for workshops sometimes happen, please check you have the correct date at the time of booking. Please be aware that we do not give any refunds on travel costs incurred. We strongly advise that you purchase tickets that are refundable or flexible, or obtain travel insurance.


Changes to events
We can terminate your place on any course or program at our sole discretion if we believe you have breached any one of our Terms and Conditions or agreements you made with us. We are at liberty to take any other action necessary to enforce these.

Our rights to modify services
You acknowledge that we are entitled at any time, to change, modify, vary, delete or otherwise deal with the website, course details including dates, times of events, workshops and courses and/or the Terms and Conditions, as we see fit. We will publish any intended changes on the website and you will be deemed to have accepted such changes when you first access. If you are unable to make amended dates/ time changes  there will be no part refunds. If you decide that it is not suitable for you to complete the course there are no part refunds. If we ask you to leave the course due you not keeping to agreements there will be no refunds.

COVID protocol

While you are at EarthHeart we have a responsibility to do what we can to keep you and everyone safe, and minimise the risk of covid entering the group. As part of our public insurance we ask that all people attending a workshop follows our protocol. 
We cannot accept you on a workshop without this protocol being followed. We understand that there is a wide variety of views on covid and what is happening in our world at this time. The protocol we work with is not necessarily a reflection of our personal views. It is part of our public licence conditions. If you feel that you cannot agree to these it may be that EarthHeart is not the right place for you to explore this work.

     1. Take a lateral flow test 72 hours before arrival.
     2. Minimise contact after this until arrival.
     3. Take a second lateral flow test upon arrival.

Cancellation policy for covid
  • If an in-person workshop or course scheduled to run at EarthHeart is affected by COVID19 government policy and we move the workshop to an online format, there will be no refunds or transfers if you opt-out of the online format.
  • If a course or workshop is scheduled to take place at EarthHeart and at the time of the workshop it is permitted within government guidelines to run but you opt out from personal choice, there is no refund or transfers.
  • If at the time leading up to the workshop you are booked on you develop symptoms of covid 19, you are not permitted to attend the workshop. In this circumstance you can transfer you’re booking to the next time the same workshop is being offered within a 12 month period. If this same workshop is not being offered within a 12 months period you transfer your booking to another similar workshop within a 12 month period. This is only on the basis that proof of a relevant dated ‘positive’ covid 19 test can been shown. In all cases a £25 admin fee is charged.
  • If at the time leading up to the workshop you are booked on, you have been exposed to someone who now has symptoms of covid 19 and you are at risk of being infected or infecting others, you will not be permitted to attend the workshop. In this circumstance you can transfer 50% of your paid fees to the same workshop within a 12 month period. No refunds apply. If you are a couple you can also transfer the fees to a private breakthrough session if the same course is not offered again. In all cases a £25 admin fee is charged.
  • If you are attending a module of a year long course and you have to miss a module due to having covid no partial refunds are offered.
  • You may wish to take out cancellation insurance with Guest First. Here is a link to their website and their phone number is 0345 071 3929 

While working with us...

Medication and mental health

If you are currently under medical or psychiatric supervision, on allopathic psychiatric medication, such as antidepressants or any kind of medication for treating mental health or emotional stability, Jewels Wingfield LTD courses, workshops and events are not suitable. Our organisation and staff are not professionally qualified or trained in these areas nor are they trained in allopathic medicine and do not know your medical history, so cannot offer any specific medical advice whilst you are on the course.

Staying at Earthheart

The EarthHeart centre is a smoke-free, alcohol-free and heavy caffeine-free environment. If you wish to smoke, there is a designated smoking area outside the main front gate, any cigarette ends should be disposed of by you and not left on the ground. Anyone found inebriated or smoking in the property may be asked to leave and no refund shall be given. No recreational drugs may be brought to EarthHeart and any course participants found intoxicated or under the influence of recreational drugs will be asked to leave, with no refund being given.

It is therefore important that if you normally or regularly ingest caffeine or alcohol, or imbibe recreational drugs, that you detox yourself from them prior to coming to EarthHeart. Please seek to have at least two days ‘clean’ beforehand, as in doing this you will avoid the discomfort of sudden withdrawal. Coffee withdrawal, for instance, is now a recognised disorder and can cause symptoms including headaches, sleepiness and irritability.

If you are attending a residential course at EarthHeart and are sharing a room with one or more other participants, we take no responsibility for the actions of the person/s with whom you room share. If for whatever reason you are unhappy with your room share, including but not limited to: clash of personalities; disagreements; snoring; other annoying habits etc, we cannot be held responsible. Please note that most of our courses are fully booked, so if an altercation arises and there are no other rooms available, we will be unable to move you. If you feel concerned about sharing a room we suggest you also bring a tent and sleeping bag with you, so you have the option of privacy.

Earthheart will not accept liability for:

Loss, injury, or damage (to you) or your personal property, or physical, medical or psychiatric conditions developing during or after your course, workshop or training. 

The information that we collect about you

We will only ask for specific types of personal information. We ask you to provide this information so that we will be able to process your purchase or provide services to you, enhance your site visit, respond to your requests for the information we hold about you, support our relationship with you or to follow up with you after your visit.

We may collect information when you:

~ Contact us directly, by phone, or email;
~ Register at www.jewelswingfield.com;
~ Place an order for products and/or services;
~ Subscribe to a newsletter or a mailing list.

In each of the instances above, we may ask for your name, address, e-mail address, phone number, and other information that is needed to process your purchase, provide requested services or register you for or subscribe you to services or offers.

The information you provide will be kept confidential and is collected and processed for the following general purposes or for any other legitimate purpose described by the applicable law.

~ To process your purchase or provide requested services;
~ To fulfill requests for products and services;
~ To improve our products and services.

If you request, we will send you information about our various products and services, or other products and services that may be of interest to you.  Such information may encompass alerts to product upgrades, special offers, updated information and other new products and services from Jewels Wingfield. Only Jewels Wingfield will send you these direct mailings.

If you do not want to receive such mailings any longer, simply notify us by email or telephone

Our privacy policy

We respect your privacy. We will only collect, store and use your personal information for defined purposes. We use your information to support and enhance our relationship with you, to process your booking, provide service and support, and share workshop, product, service, news and offerings with you. We do not, and will not sell your personal information.

You also may ask at any time to see the personal data you have given us and request correction or deletion. We strive to protect the security of your personal data by use of appropriate measures and processes.


Please be sure you understand that this contract is entered into under the laws of the United Kingdom and by agreeing to these Notes, Terms and Conditions you understand that all Jewels Wingfield LTD workshops and trainings are offered for teaching purposes only and not for the purposes of providing healing or treating any student or participant for any physical or mental condition or illness.