The medicine within conflict

couple holding hands

After an upsetting conflict with your partner, what is it that opens the door back into open hearted connection again?

Have you ever reflected on this?

It’s one of the cornerstone questions in our relationship support work, and holds the key to empowering couples to create Soul Intimacy that lasts. 

Most couples experience conflict in their relationship, that’s natural. The mistake so many of us make is to think we can avoid conflict, or that if there is conflict, it is a ‘bad’ thing. Wisdom lies in the understanding that conflict is a part of life; if we are to get close to other humans and truly open our hearts, there will be times when we get hurt.

What’s more important is how we come back from conflict. The best friendships in our lives are those that can not only withstand conflict but are actually deepened through it. Maybe you have one of those in your life ? 

There is a trail to follow that leads us back to love.

A conflict brings medicine for soul intimacy. Because after all the upset and hurt, we need to set a trail back to love. To find that trail, we turn inside to look within our own hearts and listen to our deeper longings. To get to know the longing we need to be willing to really feel it and then allow it expression.. Even if it is never met, the expressing of a longing opens our hearts again. It’s an invitation to open out into the field of love that’s bigger than either one of you, a call to remember why it is you are still choosing each other.

The journey to reclaim that magic is experiential, belonging to the realm of Soul. Time after time, I’ve seen alchemy happen, in even the most painful of places a couple is stuck in. An ‘aha’ moment where the sacred space of the heart dissolves all the strategies, all the defences that keep each of you separate, unreachable and scared to let down your guard.

Into that expansive heart-space comes possibilities for new choices, new visions for the relationship.

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