Healthy relationships impact our community and our lives in a positive way, far beyond the relationship itself. They are a rocket fuel to awakening that draw in all those around them to their potent heart-field. 
When we heal our relationship, we overlay a new, healed imprint over an old wound that goes back through deep time to all the generations of hurt between the sexes. It’s a powerful doorway to writing a new story for the new world that is emerging. Old ways of relating are no longer relevant or helpful and the wounds of lifetimes finally can be transformed.
When one couple heals their wounds in this way it doesn’t just heal them, it ripples out in the bio resonance of the field around them, to their family and neighbours and friends.
We often resist looking at the difficulties in our intimate relationship, because we shy away from feeling what’s in our deepest hearts; it might feel that we are carrying all that sits in that line behind and it will be too much to bear.  There’s often a keen edge of grief there. Some recognition of something we lost long ago, a need that wasn’t met, an expectation of love that wasn’t available in the end. Sometimes it’s a feeling that we’re not enough, or just not lovable. These stories can run so deep that we begin to identify with them, and the work of healing them can feel daunting.
The good news is that these human wounds are common to so many of us, and when we work with them in the collective way we can accelerate the process of transformation for all of us. As a culture we are gradually growing more open about our innermost workings. It is hard to meet those hurt places alone. We may choose to do the work of grief in community, in a village of people dedicated to hearing what needs to be spoken, or sobbed. We can also do this work with one person that deeply knows us, a person we trust and in whom we feel fully welcomed. 
This kind of relationship work is radical, it goes beyond just patching up the mind or the personality structure, it’s SOUL work. The healing potential it activates is deep, rippling out down our timelines, mending and tending to all the places inside us that feel scared, vulnerable or hurt. Within the safe container of deep soul intimacy work, those places are seen and held so tenderly that the defences around them can melt away, and with them all the strategies that keep us apart from each other.

Through the container of loving relationship, we can begin to heal ourselves, each other, and the whole world.