Threshold times in our lives are gateways to new possibilities. They can often feel like the darkest of times, when we are ‘stuck in a rut’, endlessly looping around the same old patterns.

Clues to the presence of a threshold in your life might be rehearsing the same old conversation with someone over and over in your mind, though you never speak it out loud. It might be repeating patterns of an argument with your beloved, where the scripts feel too well rehearsed.  Or it might be an indefinable sense of excitement, of something coming up in your life that you can’t yet see.

The signifier of an important Threshold in your life is usually fear – and the more intense the fear, the more potent the threshold you are approaching.

I want to invite you into an experience of what it feels like in your body, to approach and then pass through a Threshold. Take 15 minutes, take a pen and a notebook, a cushion perhaps, and drop with me, into this Thresholds journey

If you feel called to go deeper into a Threshold that’s calling you in your life right now, we have a special offer on the April weekend. When you book, you get to bring a friend for free! Because we can only step through the important gateways in our life with the support of community, a sense of a tribe around us who are witnessing, rooting for us. Bringing a loved one or a friend will support you both to move through the Threshold journey and integrate it into your lives back home.

To book Thresholds, hop over to the webpage and when we receive your booking we’ll send you a code to book your friend in on the same workshop for free!