I’m always so grateful when people I’ve worked with take time to write to me, or post on their social media about how their lives have shifted since their work with me. The following beautiful words are from Tallie Maughan:

“I have been reflecting recently about how powerful the work of Jewels Wingfield has been to me. It’s easy to forget when you get used to a new normal that once upon a time things were different. I’ve travelled a long way since I was Jewels’ student, but by god/dess did she help me get started. As my teacher she gave me the keys to my sexuality and in doing so I believe she helped midwife everything that has been birthed through me since.

It feels vulnerable to say it so publicly, but I feel that it needs to be said more in our culture: sexuality and authentic
power go hand in hand. Sexual liberation is deeply connected to more freely intuitive modes of being, and that’s where all my own best ‘ideas’ have come from (and I believe that’s why sexuality and personal power have been repressed together in an era that still needs #metoo.)

I am very pleased to see that Jewels is continuing to cut new ground. In the last few years her journey has led her
further into an articulation of an indigenous ancient future, close with the trees, in the heart of the forest. At some point she disappeared through them and sort of dropped out of sight.

Well, she has reemerged from a kind of woodland chrysalis, and her own ‘conscious menopause’ with a new vision, again making tracks through the ancient forest for us all to follow. Now she is offering guidance on menopause and menopausal sexuality as part of our spiritual life.”

Menopause! Sexual Power!

“I almost want to do The Calling now just because, you know, it’s like getting to play games with the older cool kids in school. But I’m not there yet. If you actually are going through menopause and can legitimately participate, and especially if you don’t feel great about it yet, I have a sense this is a course well worth joining.”