In his talk on his new film ‘Tawai‘  to the audience at the recent Tree Conference in Glastonbury, Bruce Parry speaks about the guidance that tribal Penan people hear from the natural world around them, and the possibilities of our own remembering of an inner feeling of connection to nature.  

‘In order to be able to experience what it is that these people are experiencing there are a number of things we have to do, we have to slow down and feel more deeply into ourselves, into our bodies…in order to feel more deeply we have to feel the good stuff and the bad stuff. To really go in there to feel who we are and what we’re doing in the world and how we are behaving…it’s hard to really truly wake up to what we are doing on this planet and how we are with it. It’s no surprise that we are anaesthetising ourselves from those feelings, addicted to all sorts of stuff that keep us from being present and feeling….but our only route forward is to go into that feeling because if we don’t we will just go blindfold off a cliff.’