Bee harvesting
Bee harvesting sweet clover nectar at Earthheart

Lammas is upon us and in native traditions across the northern hemisphere of planet Earth it is a time for harvesting.


This is the actual harvesting of the crops tended from a tender seed at Imbolc right through to their fully given self at this time. The sun and the rain have brought them to their ripeness and readiness, and if we attend to our inner world, there may be a ripe harvest waiting within at the time. 

Traditionally, Lammas would have been a time to feast on abundance and be in gratitude for the fullness of life, as well as that whisper on the wind of another turning in the seasonal wheel and a consideration of the autumn and winter ahead; we need to make sure we have enough to keep us well until the return of of the growing sun next spring.

This time offers us a mirror for reflection on what we are harvesting in ourselves at this time. What have we been tending over this year that has now come to fruition? Have we remembered to give thanks for this life, this creativity, this abundance?  Nature shows us the way, simply through being with what is happening in the outer seasons and letting that be a doorway to inner reflection.

It is a good time to consider the months ahead and what we can put in place that will help sustain our inner journey. In nature this has always meant pickling, drying and preserving the abundance of summer crops for the months ahead.

How can we take care of our bodies, our hearts and the health of our soul’s evolution through the changing seasons of our world and our lives?