I am a leading light in my field, where I aspire to be a powerful catalyst for human evolution through my deep embodied wisdom, using my gifts to create a world of environmental harmony, spiritual alignment and equality.

I have been referred to as a natural group leader, a soul alchemist, an earth steward, a womb-wisdom keeper, high priestess and a wild force of nature.

I aspire to be all these things, but above all to be an educator and a catalyst for deep transformation.

I have a natural gift for creating transformational fields of energy within which people come to deeper awakening and embodied love. I bring to my work a rich alchemy of embodied earthy wisdom, clarity, creativity, fluid sensuality, maverick humour, fierce love and  passion to co create a world we all want to be a part of. I believe that integrity and generosity of heart are fundamental to creating a safe and healing space, from which people from all walks of life can begin their transformation.

I have been a spiritual seeker since my childhood and started to ask those deeper questions of life from a young age. I discovered I was a seer and this has been one of my closest companions in how I suppprt others. I have trusted my intuition as to where life needs to take me in order to fully live its essence. As a result, I have travelled many unconventional and sometimes controversial paths.

I have been inspired and supported for over twenty years by many teachers, both human and non human. From each of these I have received a piece of the tapestry to my evolution, and guidance on how to live more as a sacred and respectful being on earth.

This journey has taught me that our own personal journeys are the most useful gift that we can bring to each other, in alignment with the biggest clearest love, and this is the foundation from which I facilitate my work, and from which I continue to grow and learn.

As a result, my work is well known to be unique, and is widely recognised for its earthy approach to the evolution of humanity. It is inspired by the indigenous traditions and teachings of these Celtic lands, embedded in an intuitive connection with it’s nature, its ancestral pathways and the energetic interconnected web of life, bringing sacredness to the ordinary and showing how ordinary things can become sacred.

This rich and challenging experience enables me to bring many varied experiences and methods to my work:

  • earth based indigenous spirituality
  • sacred ecology
  • conscious relationship and sacred sexuality
  • grief and gratitude
  • ancient feminine based womb wisdom teachings
  • somatic movement
  • embodied meditation practices

Amongst many that I could include in my personal journey, I have received training from been or been inspired by:

I am blessed to be a woman of her fifties and mother to a beautiful twenty-something daughter, who continues to be one of my greatest teachers to this day.I am deeply blessed to live and work within the context of deep wild nature, in the middle of the ancient Forest of Dean, where I have birthed my life-long vision, EarthHeart. This vision is to steward a piece of wild land to help people to connect back to their essential wild and interconnected nature. In many cases, the work that you will undertake with me will be held in the bosom of this beautiful, natural space. I look forward to meeting you at EarthHeart.

With gratitude,