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November 1 - December 31


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Menopause is a journey into the awakening
and evolving of your feminine power.

Would you like to explore menopause as a sacred rite of passage into living in your highest sovereignty?

Would you like a different framework to understand your symptoms as a loving mirror to healing?

Would you like to feel less alone in your journey through menopause?

The gifts offered through this Initiation are deeply misunderstood and buried under the
weight of outdated ‘old system’ thinking.

Over our weekend together I will be offering new and ancient sacred teachings. We will work with
ceremony, reflective practice, ancient womb teachings and time-tested tools and techniques to
support each woman to emerge as her most radiant, powerful self.


  • Tired all the time
  • Feeling like your whole life seems pointless somehow
  • That you’re done with over-giving
  • That you want to leave your long term marriage
  • That you have gone off Sex
  • That you feel a power rising inside that is hard to keep down
  • That you can non longer stay silent and you HAVE to speak your truth
  • That you are fearing what is ahead as a woman no longer in ‘her prime’
  • That you are having loads of physical symptoms that make no sense
  • That you ache to change your life but you don’t know what or how

The Old Story

For millennia our culture has denied the power of woman’s womb consciousness and the importance of a the womb cycles. Instead, we have been taught to feel shame and a disconnection from our bodies’ inherent wisdom.

Women have been given the message that the menstrual cycle has no meaning beyond its biological function of reproduction and therefore menopause marks the end of her ‘value’ as a woman and she becomes invisible.

Women hit menopause and seemingly out of nowhere experience a whole host of unexplainable symptoms. Life seems to become a swirling storm of confusion, upheaval and exhaustion. Alongside all this we start to question everything we thought we knew or what matters to us.

With no sacred teachings or support, we often resort to toughing it out, medicate it, or we spiral into depression and feeling like ‘life is over’.

The New Story

The truth is, menopause is an Initiation. A rite of passage into embodying our power to even more depth and aliveness.

A power that comes from a well pool within, a power that is connected to deep time, natural Earth-based wisdom, a power that is in alignment with the mystery, a wisdom channelled and sustained from source. A power that puts herself at the centre of her life and says ”I no longer except the bullshit”

A power that is unapologetic and in union with sexuality as Holy ground, in service to the transformation of our world.

Menopausal and post-menopausal women need to be reinstated on the throne of their Autumn Queen so that they can reclaim what has been lost or buried under a bedrock of shame, conditioning and loss of power.

“Jewels’ facilitation of the Autumn Queen is earthy and articulate. She is a powerful conduit of feminine wisdom, careful validation and unafraid to call out truth. Her work is the stuff of astute realisation, of becoming and of waking up. She holds space, speaks truth and facilitated me holding myself accountable to my wisest self and for my midlife and beyond.”


Watch my video to find out how I journeyed through the powerful rite of passage that is menopause, and how it changed me and the work I offer to the world.

The workshop offers:

~ New and ancient indigenous blood mystery teachings

~ Embodied practices to help you navigate your symptoms as signposts to healing and power

~ Evolving your sexuality to be in deeper spiritual alignment.

~ Celebration of your mature beauty as an empowered connected force of love in the world

~ Permission to honour yourself, your energy, stand in your truth and not over give or deny yourself.

Workshop logistics

24-26 September 2021 – Arrival from 4pm on the 24th, closing circle 4pm on the 26th

The EarthHeart centre, Forest of Dean UK.

Eco campsite
The workshop is offered as a residential camping event on our beautiful eco campsite with hot showers and toilets as well as a large central fire pit with sheepskins for keeping warm and lots of space for tents and campervans. 

Indoor camping upgrade
We encourage everyone to be on the land as this is such an essential part of the teachings. However, if you feel camping outdoors would make your stay too much of a stretch we have 2  forest log cabins which are heated and cosy indoor buildings. You can camp inside these on a shared basis of 3-5 people and you need to bring your bedding and a bed mat with you. This is charged at £50 per person for the weekend and is offered on a first come first serve basis – 8 spaces available  

Lunches and supper, camping and hot drinks are all included in the price and will be simple vegan, fresh home cooked. Breakfast is self-catering and we have a large fully fitted off grid Earth kitchen where you are welcome to prepare, cook and eat your breakfast. There is a fridge for storage. Please be aware that there is no electricity on the campsite so please come prepared for that.

This workshop is for you if:

~ you have a fire inside that calls you to a deeper truth in clearing the old ways of being in your life
~ you are curious about how your symptoms are a spiritual teacher
~ you are ready to step into the full power of your Autumn Queen woman
~ you can no longer compromise yourself in how you live your life

This workshop is not for you if:

~ you see menopause as a set of symptoms to manage and control
~ you are not interested in the spiritual dimensions of menopause
~ you are looking to try to ‘hang on to your youth’ and deny the gifts of who you are now as a woman
~ you are not ready to stop over-giving.

In this interview for Katie Phillips’ ‘My Menopause’ series, I talk about how sex is the sacred gateway that opens at menopause.

A menopausal woman drops deep into her feminine power. Bringing that to intimacy, she creates a space for spiritual awakening.

Meeting your Autumn Queen

The call right now on Earth is strong; to find a way to collaborate and move through the collective threshold we are on, and to do that in a sustainable way, not just for Earth but for ourselves also.

And the Autumn Queen sits at the centre of this, she is needed and plays a key role.

Our wombs are connected to all time and space and there is a red thread of our ancestors that connects us to deep time.  Menopause is the call to awaken to our power, shake off the old ways of being and manifest healthy and sustainable ways to create the second half of our lives.

This journey is designed to give you what you need to find the path and to begin to walk it……



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