Want to get involved?

There are various ways you can be a part of the EarthHeart vision:

  • Come along to one of our open days
  • Become a residential volunteer
  • Do some remote volunteering
  • Come and stay on our beautiful campsite

Download our Volunteers’ Handbook to find out more about how it works and what is on offer, FAQ and information about the daily in’s and out’s.

Open Days at EarthHeart

Open Days happen at various points between spring and autumn and are a great way to visit EarthHeart, get a sense of what it’s all about, and a chance to see how else you might like to get involved, what it is like to be in community, meet Jewels and ask questions.  Check out the Calendar to see when the next EarthHeart Open Day is.

If you are interested in getting involved this is a great day to see how it all works and ask questions.  No need to book, just turn up, if you have lots of questions to ask please make sure you come in time for the tour at 2pm which will be the time to ask questions and find out more about the project.

Volunteering program

EarthHeart is an experiment in human evolution becoming more deeply aligned with our natural world. Our vision aspires to environmental harmony, respect for all people and of our sacred connection to nature. It is a place to come and reconnect with the soul and spirit of our own essential nature by being immersed in the nature in which EarthHeart exists. It’s an alive, ever-evolving vision with a community of volunteers who tend to the ongoing needs of the place to keep it running. EarthHeart aspires to be a mutually supportive experiment in co creation with each other, nature and life itself. We seek to grow people, find their gifts and encourage them and create a context for co creating a beautiful world.

We offer a volunteering program for those interested in in living in conscious community whilst doing meaningful work for a more balanced world.

Volunteers stay a minimum of 6 months stay with priority given to those who wish to stay longer. We also welcome people staying for longer periods woith a view to finding ways to create extra income for themselves through offering the infastructure that EarthHeart provides.

We are looking for experienced food growers who would like to also create a small market garden business for themselves utilising the land.

Skills EarthHeart needs 
  • Carpenters / hippy chippies
  • General DIY odd jobs 
  • Electricians
  • Cooks /nutrition and health
  • Gardeners / food growing
  • Experience of pond development/management
  • Outdoor stone work/landwork
  • Fundraising/networking/film making