Humanity is at a Threshold

We are witnessing the current systems and structures that have defined our evolution for eons crumbling: systems of government, education, healthcare, social care, economics, energy methods, environmental harnessing. There is no aspect of the system that is functioning in a healthy or long-term sustainable way. Any one of these aspects alone having difficulty, we might be able to remedy but it’s no longer about moving the chess pieces on the board to see if we can get a better position in the game. It’s become clear that the game itself is flawed at a vision and design level. It’s simply impossible to have eternal (capital) growth on a finite planet. Our resources simply cannot replenish themselves at the rate we use them.

Whether we agree with the current system or want a different one, the reality is the current system we are operating within IS falling apart all by itself whether we like it or not. The alive question of our time is how do we respond ?

We can either clamour to try to keep it running: attempting to mend the broken pieces by robbing Peter to pay Paul (and it’s endless) or we accept that the machine is fundamentally broken beyond repair. We need to ground zero and vision again how humanity can go forward in such a way that we stop putting ourselves at the top of the chain and seeing the natural world as a servant to our evolution. This for me seems to be the fundamental issue at the heart of it. I love the principle of the children’s fire which is an indigenous law originated by North America’s native people and it says simply this: No law, action or decision shall be made unless it works for the children of the 7th generation from now. Wow, can we even begin to imagine what kind of choices we would be making ?!

Why is change not happening?

I believe the problems began when we shifted from humans being equally embedded within the web of life with an acceptance of our rightful place in it (no higher or lower than anything else) to a position of seeing nature as a commodity to serve our human evolution and the thriving of our species. We didn’t stop to think of the impact of doing this and at what the cost might be.

I believe that one of the key reasons change is not happening is because it feels beyond bearable to feel how we do actually feel, which is most likely a combination of terror, anger, despair and grief. For me the madness in our world is that we are NOT on our knees daily feeling the grief and despair of our broken world. That we carry on with business as usual, kidding ourselves that somehow it will be ok and if not, then let’s just stay in denial as long as possible and deal with it when we can no longer turn away – most likely when it arrives on our own doorstep. Thing is, it’s already been on the doorstep of developing countries for a long time and mostly to countries we in the west have exploited. It is though, now, landing at our door and we respond with some kind of righteous outrage. This baffles me, what part of this did we not expect?!

It’s no longer enough to firefight the crisis and find the next handout for those who are on the breadline and dying – deeper, much much deeper change is needed. This change begins with a personal and collective shift in our consciousness: in how we think, it what we value, and in our reverence for nature and in living lightly on the Earth. I don’t believe we are powerless to do this, we can make this inner shift together, but as long as we continue to believe the in current system that says ‘every man for himself as there isn’t enough’ we will stay powerless, fighting each other.

We can turn towards each other and feel the grief of our broken hearts, for what we have lost already and what we are continuing to lose. This grief leads us to our hearts as we only grieve for what we love. Once we connect to our hearts and to love, we see life differently. The power of Love and collaboration can become our compass of integrity.

The importance of Belonging

It’s a revolutionary act to come together, to shift our consciousness, to help each other. To create community, to lead from the heart, to step outside the box. The current system will do all it can to stop us connecting back to the simple things in life that give meaning that are free: they don’t cost a penny.

We need to embed ourselves back into a more humble rightful place within the web of life and understand that everything affects everything, there really is nothing that exists in isolation, so even a simple act of caring for the Earth is felt by the Earth and it responds: the entire web responds.

If we could begin to ask the question about whether we give back as much as we take from nature, we would soon see that it is massively out of balance. Reciprocity is needed and we can create communities that include exchange rather than money for what we need and a willingness to collaborate rather than bringing our begging hands to the door of the government and raging at their behaviour.

I believe we all need to feel a sense of belonging, a feeling of being welcomed deep down in our Soul, to know we are part of a community and that we are valued – and mostly I believe we need to give our gifts to the world. To not give our gifts hurts us more. But how can we do that when we are struggling to get enough food to eat? Some of us are in a much better position than others to give time and energy to this change, whatever the reason may be. Rather than shame each other how about those of us who do have a little more and are not on the breadline, let’s take the lead, align our energies and crack on.

I’ve dedicated most of my life to being a part of this change, I have made many mistakes and failed many times in my endeavours and have no claims of perfection in my pursuits – however – I am committed to continuing as long as there is breath in my body. This shift in consciousness is my focus now and thats my gift, my offering to the mending of our world. I believe with a passion that embedding ourselves back into nature is at the heart of it and thats why I created EarthHeart.

If you are someone who also feels passionate about some of the themes I explore here and you are in a position to contribute to the exploration of the shift please consider this offering (and thereby supporting those who can’t right now)

If you long to feel a sense of belonging, if you long to be in community, if you long to do more but are not sure how to do it alone, then please join me. I have spent nearly 40 years waiting to offer this year-long journey and now the time is right.

Join us at Circle of Belonging