Sessions with Mark

Tailored sessions either in person or via video 

Culturally speaking for millenia, reaching out for help as a man has been seen as a sign of weakness or of a sign of failure. That somehow he is meant to know how to navigate his life by himself and deal with all the issues that arise, even his relationships with women.

The paradigm is shifting and in the last 2 decades the men’s movement has been growing year on year. It is now becoming the benchmark of a powerful man to recognise that it is both courageous and strong to look at issues in his life, seeking support alongside another man because outside reflections can help him to get clarity in a way that is not always possible alone. I have worked with many men and this has proved itself time and time again.


I offer deeper work with you via packages. Each package consists of 3x one-hour sessions, along with practices and ‘homework’ to do between each session.

Once your first package is completed you can purchase further packages going forwards if needed and we discuss this as we go along.

Why call in support?

Maybe you are at a crisis point in your life or that the current situation has brought up many deeper issues that you would like support with

Or maybe you have a life changing decision to make and you feel stuck and not sure what to do. Maybe you feel really frozen in your heart or powerless. Perhaps you feel that your life is just not working for you. Perhaps your relationship is struggling and you are at a loss as to what to do about it. Whatever the reason you can seek support, you are not alone, and reaching out for help is a powerful act in itself.

I am also passionate about mentoring young men. I trained with and am a qualified staff member of A BAND OF BROTHERS – a charity organisation supporting young men in rights of passage and creating new possibilities for young men who have been in trouble with the law or from broken families.

Support options

After an initial talk a collaborative decision is made in how best to go forward and what might support you in your journey. For example,  it might be most supportive for you to come to EarthHeart and have a face to face breakthrough session which can be a few hours in one go. These are great for looking a particular issue that needs focused, unbroken attention over a number of hours. Or another option might be  a series of weekly sessions, or maybe monthly sessions ongoingly, to create a strong and safe container of support for you as you look into the issues in your life.

They are suitable for any man of any age who is interested in exploring his inner world as a vehicle for change and self empowerment in his life.  This is not therapy, although it can be therapeutic. I offer a unique blend of different approaches rooted in years of training alongside his own life experience. As an elder, he brings depth and wisdom with a calm and loving presence to all his work.

Sessions are held via video call,  and are charged at £65 an hour.

I also offer sessions for couples with Jewels in person and via video online.