About Mark
Mark Penfold

Mark has a natural gift in helping men to feel they can open up alongside an ability to model empowered masculine vulnerability, often inspiring other men to follow suit. He is approachable and brings depth of holding to his work both in the workshop setting and in his one to client sessions. He brings a light touch and warm humour to all that he does.

Mark describes himself as “a recovering computer software salesman” deeply committed to self-discovery and to helping others to be the best that they can be” Mark is a father of two, one of whom, his son, he raised as a solo parent while navigating a successful career in the corporate world. In his early 50’s he had the classic mid-life crisis and left the world he knew with a deep sense of disillusionment and emptiness even though he was financially and materially very successful. 

His life took him on an inner quest to find some answers which took him through years of intensive therapy alongside year-long trainings for men. He came out the other side with a much deeper connection to life and a sense of his soul purpose. He now brings his passion to support others and he is an inspiration to those who meet him and work with him.

He is also trained and is on the staffing team of the the organisation – A band of brothers  – a charity set up to assist young troubled men to to make different choices in their life and become good empowered men.

Mark runs the program of workshops for Men at EarthHeart as well as co facilitating the couples work with Jewels and the Thresholds gateway workshops. Together with Jewels he holds the masculine access of the daily running of EarthHeart and is passionate about the vision.

One to one sessions with Mark

Sessions are tailor made to each individual man’s needs. Usually there is an initial session and then after that a collaborative decision is made in how best to go forwards and what might best support you. They are suitable for any man who is interested in exploring his inner world as a vehicle for change and self empowerment in his life. It is not therapy, it’s a mixture of different approaches rooted in the various trainings I have done and my own life experience. I am now an elder and I offer this as one of the tools in my bag. I am also passionate about mentoring young men. Perhaps for example a series of 6 session weekly, or at session a month for a few months. Maybe you are at a crisis point in your life or have a life changing decision to make and you feel stuck and not sure what to do. Maybe you feel really frozen in your heart or powerless. Perhaps you feel that your life is not working for you. Perhaps your relationship is struggling and you are at a loss as to what to do about it 

Sessions via skype or facetime

Charged at £65 an hour

Sessions in person at EarthHeart

Charged at £65 an hour.

“I and my partner Mark run the year-round program together and tend the land and the daily runnings of EarthHeart.  As well as this I have an amazing team that hold a strong field of transformational energy. My teachings are guided by the natural world along with feminine intuition and a wealth of experience and studying. I have also been inspired and supported for over 25 years by many teachers along the way. I have received from each a piece of the tapestry to my own evolution and guidance on how to live more as sacred respectful beings on earth in alignment with the biggest clearest love.”  Jewels Wingfield