Sessions with Jewels

Supervision & Mentoring for Women in leadership, teaching roles and space holding

This includes workshop facilitators, one to one practitioners, women working with couples, sexual healing guides amongst other things (please ask if you’re not sure)

I bring over 30 years of personal and professional experience to supporting you as a woman to be the most effective and empowered guide you can be. To support you to lead from your feminine and to not burn out, over give or take on others’ emotions.

I support you in learning how to hold space without getting overwhelmed and to trust your own inner wisdom in supporting others, I bring a wealth of tools and understanding of the ups and downs of leadership and some of the typical places we can get stuck as women. The inner critical voices that never seem to let up in telling us we are no good or have nothing to offer.

I can support you in how to navigate working with clients you find challenging and also in how to keep growing as a facilitator so that you continue to do the work you feel called to do in the world.

Work with me

I love working with women who are willing to invest in themselves and are ready to do the inner work needed to be a clear as possible channel for the gifts that want to come through them. I will bring you my depth of experience and share my own learnings through my own mistakes so I feel human to you. I will bring you my encouragement, positive reflection, deep insight when needed and walk beside you as a sister and champion for you to be the amazing woman you are!

I believe in feminine leadership which is not top down, but collaborative and intuitive. I believe that women need to bring themselves out of the shadows and into the light with the profound wisdom and skills they inherently have. I believe that what women most need is to be seen and believed in, and to know that there is a woman (and women) walking with her as she brings her gifts to the world.

Sister, your leadership is needed and I will do all I can to support you to do what you do with joy, self-belief and power. Nature has her hand on your back and you can lean into her and me as you take those next steps.

Things I can support you with might include

~ How to navigate your own fears when holding space for others
~ How to find authentic confidence and self belief
~ How to not get burned out and over give
~ How to stay resourced when feeling overwhelmed
~ How to not let your inner critic’s voices hijack your brilliance
~ How to stay centred when you are working with a client you find challenging
~ How to not freeze and go blank when in the spotlight
~ How to deal with conflict in a workshop setting
~ How to structure a workshop or session
~ How to create a safety and agreements
~ How to create sacred space
~ How to hold healthy boundaries with clients
~ How to manage timings and flow when holding space
~ How to be an effective communicator
~ How to know what to charge for your work
~ How to create ritual and ceremony with meaning
~ How to bring more of your gifts and intuition to what you offer
~ How to lead from your feminine
~ How to do what you do effortlessly and with absolute joy

Structure for support

I don’t offer one-off sessions. To work with me, you need to commit to ongoing work, so that we can go to the deep and beautiful places together that are needed for your authentic empowered leadership to grow and shine.


I work with you via packages. Each package consists of 6 hours of supervision time, spread usually weekly or fortnightly, it can either be as one hour sessions and on occasion might be 90 minutes if it feels that this is needed.
Along with practices and ‘homework’ to do between each session I will support you to be as effective as you can be in your work.

You book your first package to begin working with me. If after the first session, it really doesn’t feel right to work together, then I simply refund you the remaining money. This is unusual but is there just in case.

Once your first package is completed you can purchase further packages going forwards if needed.

If you are ready to work with me, below is the link to book. If you have any questions or you’re not quite sure you can always book a free 15-minute call with me to ask questions or clarify anything your not clear about.


Each package = £750
This is either via zoom or in person if you are local