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Thresholds – Rituals of Renewal

The focus of this Threshold is how to live from our deepest, wildest, most alive love,  and truly say “YES!” to life in all its dimensions. We can only do this when we are willing to acknowledge the full range of our hearts expression.

Reasons for coming 

  • Because you love life and would like to feel more alive
  • Because you want to be able to love more fully without fear
  • Because you hold precious those close to you and want to open your heart even more to them.
  • Because you’re not sure how to be with your feelings in relation to what’s happening in our world.
  • Because you love the natural world and want to do all you can to nurture and protect it.
  • Because you have lost someone important in your life.
  • Because you are searching for deeper meaning and purpose in your life.
  • Because you feel numb to your feeling landscape
  • Because you are depressed or angry with life.
  • Because you want to be more connected to your heart and your capacity for love to open you.

Whatever your reason (and there are many more that listed here above) you are welcome. 

Gratitude is the heart’s language of love
Love is what we are born into and it’s the longing that never leaves our heart to live from Love. It whispers to us every day to return. Most of us find it difficult to love without measure, without fear of loss, without fear of rejection or fear of being too much or not enough etc . . . . 

The relevance of grief  in relation to Love
We only grieve for what we love so in this way grief is evidence of our love. Wherever there is love there will be grief in some way so to love fully we must be willing to embrace grief also. Grief is actually a radical spiritual act of Love that breaks our hearts open to the vast and beautiful landscape of gratitude and aliveness. It opens us to depths of love in ourselves in a way that few others things can. It carves love into our souls like water carves valleys into the mountains, it is a gift to all that are courageous enough to travel along her. We have for many decades lost touch with the value of grief and therefore lost touch with our authentic love and gratitude for life. 

“….Grief is an alive, wild, cathartic rainbow of emotional expression that includes our anger, fear, despair, confusion and heart break in all of it’s colours. It is not to be analysed or fixed but to be felt like the weather, held in sacred space…..”

For the healing of our world
It is an emotion that needs our deep embrace at this time, for the wellbeing of ourselves and also for the health of our communities and the entire planet. It is not about feeling grief to get rid of it, and it is not a desperation to break through to a false sense of ‘being positive’. Rather, allowing it as a tender, vulnerable, wild and soul-deepening gateway to connect to something that is life affirming and authentically positive. 

“. . . . at this time on Earth it could be argued that to NOT be on our knees broken with immense feelings of grief is the true madness of humanity . . . . “

The gift of Love 

So how do we open to the love inside and let out flow like a wide open river ?

We need to be in the company of others. This is counter to what we have been taught but the truth is that love is most transformational when experience with others. When one person allows their Love to flow in the company of others they are not just gifting themselves, they also gifting the collective field.

Ancient indigenous teachings

A living example of this is the Dagara people of Africa, they understand this deeplyThey give space to grieve and love together in their village on a regular basis. Every month there will be a grief ritual in the village, all work stops and everyone comes, from the grandmothers to the youngest children and they purge their losses, feel their grief, witness each other, support each other and a YES to life is the outcome.

The workshop is offered specifically at this time of year, the season of winter, which in the cycle of life is the season of death/letting go. In this way nature will support our journey of grief and keep us connected to the web of life and our place in it. Over these 4 days we will walk the path of grief. We will become intimate with how it moves in us, including our tears, anger, fear and so on – because grief has many ways of moving in us. We will be creating a ceremony inspired by the Dagara tradition and other traditions of our ancestors.

This work is informed by: Joanna Macy, Sobonfu Some, Francis Weller, Stephen Jenkinson, Stephen Levine.

Whoever you are and whatever you have lost or fear losing – you are welcome to join us on this journey.

Still not sure ?

Read an article from ‘The Guardian’ newspaper on the subject of grief and how it affects the world around us when we cannot fully grieve.

We will be working with Francis Wellers‘ Five Gateways as our guide map for our journey with grief.

  • The First Gate: Everything we love, we will lose
  • The Second Gate: The places that have not known love
  • The Third Gate: What we expected on arrival and did not receive
  • The Fourth Gate: The sorrows of the world
  • The Fifth Gate: Ancestral grief

Watch  this short film by Francis Weller to find out more.

The workshop runs from 12 midday on 29th December until 12noon on 1st January


“. . . . It was such an amazing and transformation experience for me, to have grieved collectively in the way we did, wow, a weekend I’ll never forget.  I feel I had something resembling a rebirth, feel so much lighter and softer and internally cleansed.. . . “ Chris – university politics lecturer

“For the first time in my entire life I have a feeling of being complete”  Participant in 2017/18 Grief, Grace & Gratitude


December 29 @ 12:00 pm
January 1, 2020 @ 12:00 pm
£290 – £460


Puzzle House
EarthHeart, Gloucestershire GL14 3JQ United Kingdom
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Our intention is to make your experience with us as accessible as possible given people’s different financial means. You are invited to pay according to your financial means. The two lower prices below represent the concession rates and are the minimum amount we ask to cover the annual costs of running EarthHeart and are offered to people of low income / benefits, increasing to average and then higher incomes.

All prices are fully inclusive of:

[email protected]%, tuition fees and course materials where applicable. Food and accommodation where applicable, use of the EarthHeart facilities and grounds, hot drinks, lunch and supper which are all freshly home-cooked, vegan and wheat-free (breakfast is a mix of wheat/non-wheat)


All in-house accommodation is on a shared basis of 2-3 people sharing. Indoor camping is on a shared basis of up to 6 people. Outdoor camping is based on you bringing your own camping equipment or campervan.

Special diet  

If you require a special diet, for example if you have an allergy, we can arrange this and there is a  £10 supplement charge per day or part thereof to provide. This is to help cover cost of special ingredients and extra preparation time. Please Contact us to arrange. 

Important: Please read our terms and conditions page BEFORE making your booking. All prices shown below are inclusive of VAT at 20%.

Workshop times: 12 noon Saturday 28th – 12 noon Tuesday 31st December

RoR1£290.00 incl. VAT(concession) Campervan - fully self catering.

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RoR2£360.00 incl. VAT(concession) Campervan, self catering breakfast all other meals included

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