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Thresholds – Alchemy

These Thresholds offer a space to be held in all that may be moving in you and through you in response to what is happening in our world and how that impacts your life on a personal level, in your family or in the wider context of our world.
Personally and collectively at this time, we are called to our deepest longings for a life that is truly sustaining and balanced between our heart and the Earth. This space welcomes you whatever you are feeling and whatever you believe to be true , whoever you are and however you identify as a human.

“Humans are the most insane species. They worship an invisible God and slaughter a visible nature. . . without realising that this nature they slaughters is the invisible God they worship” – Hubert Reeves

Our human hearts are a thread that weaves through us all and goes beyond culture and race. Only audacious actions from our hearts make sense now. We are being called to let go of fear and recognize that we need each other both for the transformation of our world and our personal lives.

We are on a precipice, a threshold and it is we who are writing the history of the future.


How do we place the sacred at the centre of our lives? How do we face the hurts given to us by the ‘mother’ and the ‘father’ that creates so much hurt to each other and the wider world around us and how that plays out in the way we relate to each other as man and woman. How do we find the courage to make bold and audacious decisions in our lives and in our relationships, how do we heal what has gone before between the sexes ?, rather than numbing out or feeling overwhelmed? How do you bring yourself to your life, and weigh in to tip the balance at this potent time on Earth?

Thresholds spaces are offered in direct response to the increasing feelings of despair, sadness, anger, powerlessness, fear and anxiety that so many people are navigating and ways in which our wold is falling apart, so much hurt and pain in us as humans and seemingly a mountain to climb to come back to harmony.

Guided by the four elements of life: Earth, air, fire and water and the spirit of Love, they open a space for us to come back to our soul essence, the sacredness of life and to find pathways to honour each other and so in turn engage in the transformation of our lives, our community and the world.

In circles within circles, shoulder to shoulder, we gather, at this gateway, at this time, in this place.

“What is happening in our personal lives is a direct mirror to what is happening at a global level.
We cannot transform one without the other; we keep trying to fix the problems on the outisde without rooting ourselves on the inside.”

Thresholds offer ways to:

  • Express deep feelings in a safe and held space with the support of others.
  • Be a part of a  circle of people and not be alone in your struggles.
  • Open up ways to living a life that has meaning for us beyond the mundane and basic survival.
  • Let go of things in your life that no longer serves so you can make space for the new.
  • Reclaim parts of your soul-self that has been lost.
  • Heal aspects of yourself  that feel deeply hurt or broken.
  • Find empowered ways we can support those who are suffering.
  • Find ways to engage with how to take action from love to protect our beautiful world.
  • Speak our truth and make changes that are needed in our lives.
  • Accept, heal and love parts of ourselves we judge as somehow wrong, bad or shameful.

The power of the collective

You are welcome just as you are, in your broken heart, your confusion, despair, longing and excitement. You do not need to know the how, just bring it all and your openness to explore. And we will open to the powerful transformational energy of the collective. What happens when we come together as a community of soul hearts and support each other to be the best version of ourselves that we can? The weekends will include embodied practices to support our journey, movement and breath work as well as time in nature to nourish and ground us.

There is a ceremony on the Saturday evening in the EarthLodge with the fire for us to step through our personal and collective thresholds if we wish.

“I just want to pay deep respect and thanks to Jewels and Mark and the group of fellow travellers who held and journeyed with me this weekend. I am indebted to your individual and collective strength and courage and feel your belief in me calling me to step forward and claim my power.

Thank you”

The workshop runs from 5pm on Friday until 4.30pm on Sunday.


“Witnessing, holding and processing with, through, the other members of the village. Being a male and female group was certainly a part of this.” JH, 2017 participant

“For me, it was about going to a deep, vulnerable place that I didn’t quite have words for. It made clear a pattern that has been dominating my relationships, an inner ‘belief’ that I’ve been seeing evidence for outside. That core wound felt safe enough to arise and the ritual to invite transformation was powerful. I feel it’s a reclaiming of myself and a reclaiming of the village and how much we matter to each other.” JR, 2017 participant

“A powerful 2 days, in a sacred space, where you reach clarity on your threshold, the courage, through phenomenally intuitive and loving support, to step through it and the companionship of the village and circle as you all emerge on the other side” Victoria, 2018 participant


April 26, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
April 28, 2019 @ 4:30 pm
£240 – £420


Puzzle House
EarthHeart, Gloucestershire GL14 3JQ United Kingdom


Our intention is to make your experience with us as accessible as possible given people’s differing financial means. You are invited to pay according to what you feel. The lower prices represent the minimum amount we ask to cover the annual costs of running EarthHeart and are offered to people of low income / benefits.

All prices are fully inclusive of: 
Tuition fees for courses and course materials where applicable. Food and accommodation, use of the EarthHeart facilities and grounds, hot drinks, all meals which are fresh home cooked vegan and wheat free (breakfast is a mix of wheat and wheat free)

All accommodation ‘in house’ is on a shared basis of 3-4 people per room, this is either in the house or in our forest log cabin. Indoor camping is on a shared basis of up to 6 people. Outdoor camping is based on you bringing your own camping equipment or campervan.

We offer two bursary places for each workshop for those in genuine need. If you feel this may be you please write to us with infomation about your situation and your needs and we will see what we can to help.

Under 25s half price 
All women under 25 years of age come to our weekend workshops for half price. We offer this in support of the younger generation having access to this work at a time when they may not have the income that would make it possible for them to attend. if you are under 25 and wish to attend please contact us and we will send you the relevant information to book.

Special diet 

If you require a special diet, for example you have an allergy, we can arrange this and there is a  £10 supplement charge per day or part thereof to provide. This is to help cover cost of special ingredients and extra preparation time. Please Contact us to arrange. 

PLEASE NOTE: We are now a VAT registered company. Prices shown below are inclusive of VAT at 20%.

Alchemy 1 (May)£240.00 incl. VAT(concession) Outdoor camping, fully self catering with use of barn kitchen

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Alchemy 2 (May)£280.00 incl. VAT(concession) Outdoor camping, self catering breakfast with use of barn kitchen

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Alchemy 3 (May)£320.00 incl. VATForest cabin Indoor heated camping (up to 6 sharing) self catering breakfast with use of barn kitchen

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Alchemy 4 (May)£380.00 incl. VATShared room 'in house' (log cabin or house)  2-3 sharing fully catered.

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Alchemy 5 (May)£420.00 incl. VATShared room 'in house' (log cabin or house)  3-4 sharing fully catered. This ticket includes a donation to the bursary fund

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