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‘The Calling’ – Menopause

Do you fear that once you reach menopause you will be neither desirable nor erotic?

How can you truly welcome your changing sexual energy?

Did you know that in many ancient cultures, menopause was a sacred rite of passage into a woman’s full sexual power and creativity?

If these questions touch a longing in you to reconnect to your own creativity, radiance and power as a menopausal woman, then you are warmly invited to join me for a pioneering exploration of menopause as a rite of passage for women into deeper sexual empowerment:

During our call, I’ll share my own experience as a woman who has travelled through a conscious menopause; with all its joy, sensuality and grief as a profound rite of passage, and I will guide you in ceremony and reflective practice to support your own emergence as a radiant, creative menopausal woman.

“The Calling: Sex and The Menopause”
October 1st ~
7pm BST; 2pm EDT; 11am PDT

“A profound journey- I was shown that I had never honoured & valued my unique sexuality. The wisdom I received was that I do value it now and can go forth from here with this special lift.” ~ Stephanie, participant in The Calling 2018

With love x


“ . .I listened to your interview with Katie Phillips and loved what you said about menopausal women. Had supper, thought no more about the interview, and went to bed. . . . woke up the next morning with my vulva thrumming.  Va-va-voom, she was back! Sexy sassy juicy laughing weeping sovereign Autumn Queen ready for raunchy sex with her oh-so-beautiful sovereign King.  Listening to you, tripped a switch in me that was waiting – waiting for this super-charged transmission from one Autumn Queen to another.  
Thanks Jewels, it was just beautiful . . .  “ 
Melanie S

Read my article on ‘Advantages of Age’ website on Spirit, Sexuality and the Menopause

Why ‘Sexuality and the Menopause’?

As women we journey through life from maiden to crone with an experience of ourselves as a sexual being. Each of us experiences a deeply personal journey which takes us on many explorations, twists and turns. Many of us have had challenging times with our sexuality as well as times of deep beauty and perhaps wild alive creativity and/or profound intimacy.

There are so many reasons to connect with our sexual energy from it being the root of our creative expression, to the playful innocence and pleasures offered by our body, to a deep expression of intimate love and profound spiritual awakening. Our sexual erotic flow of energy has deep wisdom held within it and is the essential essence of the sacred feminine in women.

When we begin the journey of menopause we can be sure that change is afoot. Of course the old story goes thats it’s all over, that sex is a thing of the past, that we are no longer ‘desirable’ or even visible. We all know this story and the fear it instils in us.

In reality, menopause is a powerful rite of passage offered to women into a deeper level of power and connectedness to her erotic, creative intelligence. But in a very new and different way. Ancient womb mystery teachings have not been passed down in our culture for a long time and for many women the menopause simply becomes a case of switching off her sexual energy and when this happens she potentially also switches off her connection to her creativity and spirituality. 

” . . . Jewels’ work offers a woman the possibility to embrace her fullness, her sexual sensual power with all of life in and through her body . . . ” Laura
The key thing that happens in our sexuality in menopause is we move from a hormone-driven energy to a spiritual energy. And with this comes a finer level of discernment. So our sexual experiences begin to focus on quality over quantity, and we cease to be willing to ‘make do’ with what’s on offer. It is a wake up call to any habitual override, where we settle for ‘OK’ rather than meeting the longing deep within us and honouring what we want.
Menopause asks us to listen even deeper inside, and if we do not understand the passage and cannot state our needs, we may say we would rather have no sex than unconnected unsatisfying sex, and then we switch off.
It is in fact a profoundly healing passage, allowing us to heal any wounding we received at the time of our menarche – another passage that is so often insensitively held in our culture. At menopause, IF we can meet and embody our own new levels of power, our sexual energy begins to flow in a new way that offers a whole new paradigm of experience as woman.

3 common myths we will transform together!

You vulva will dry up for good.
You will go off sex and lose your libido.
You will no longer feel or look sexy to a lover.
These are indeed myths and the way to transform them is by reinstating the ancient/future sacred womb mystery teachings for women. We will rebirth ourselves and walk a new path, as well as clear the pathway for the future daughters.

In the ancient women’s temples it was the menopausal women who taught the young maidens the sacred teachings of sexuality and womb connection and how to navigate their sexual energy in a way that is self-honouring. This has been hidden for years by our patriarchal culture. In truth in was the menopausal women who initiated the young men into their sexuality –  these women were respected as being both the most sexually empowered and also deeply connected to the gift of sex as a spiritual gateway to the divine.  

About me 

I am 54 and have spent the last 25 years exploring and teaching the ancient sacred womb mysteries. I have been in the menopause for the past 8 years and in the autumn of 2015 I heard a call to stop everything: my work, my relationship, my projects and take 13 moons of time to let go and travel deeper inside to be able to listen to what was being asked for; what was wanting to die and what was wanting to be birthed in me. In a self-created conscious menopause process over 13 months I discovered many things about this passage and received ancient sacred womb mystery teachings which arrived as a ‘knowing’ in my womb.
This is the place from which I offer this course, along with 25 years experience of working with women and men in the field of sacred sexuality and conscious relating.
The time is now.
Together we are called to reclaim our sexuality as autumn women.
No longer invisible.
No longer switched off.
We are rising in full embodiment of our most juicy sexual selves.

Watch my interview with Katie Phillips; part of Katie’s ‘My Menopause’ series


” . . . Thank you Jewels for all you are bring to the menopause journey right now; inviting us to be with it, to allow it to be our teacher, to find the gold within it, to step into something new. A rite of passage always includes an ordeal and without that, we cannot step through to new growth and insight. Thank you – for putting the stake in the ground that this is not something to “get rid of”, that there is meaning and purpose in it! That we are entering the potentially beautiful and powerful time of our lives . . . .” Cali White, Autumn Queen participant


October 1
11:00 am - 12:30 pm