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The Hearth – year course

April 29 - May 10

Is there a longing in your heart ?

To live your life in more alignment with your values
To feel an abundance of support in facing life’s challenges & the troubles in our world
To have more time in wild nature and on the land
To be part of a circle of humans healing together, sharing quality time and co-creating new ways of living.

Come & journey through a whole year & make it happen

Watch this 20 minute video where Jewels is teaching a workshop exploring the questions of ‘Where do I Belong?’ at the Into the Wild festival in Sussex. No microphone and 200 people so it’s a bit rough and ready.

Welcome welcome, come sit by the fire...

Come, come whoever you are – come gather round the fire hearth with a circle of kin and community, deep in the forest on these ancient lands of Britannica. This is a year long transformational journey like no other. It follows the seasons of the sun through the year as 7 residential immersions on the land at EarthHeart. Travelling with a community of inspiring souls with deep circle work and the hearth fire at the centre of it all. In our modern world, TV and screens have replaced the fire hearth in our homes and family life and they take us out of ourselves and disconnected from each other and ways to connect in more authenticity and depth.

When we sit with fire in company it calls us into our rich inner landscape and more aliveness within. In the stillness a space opens up for us to remember that we and life are sacred. From here we can weave ourselves back into it and come home to our core essence. It supports us to be better able to hear the quieter voices within that are trying to bring us holy wisdom and guidance. A remembering of who we are and why we are here and how we can find the resources within to create the life we long for. 

We can find so much here and with the support of kindred spirit it becomes an alchemical potion for transformation. Our deep time ancestors know of this alchemy and our bones still of it. It also bring: enlivenment, open hearts, healing of the trauma and hurts, nervous system co regulation, inner strength, kinship, resonance, creativity, inspiration, connection and so much more. As humans we have sat with the fire for tens of thousands of years and recognised the beautiful soul of each other. We have seeked healing with kindred souls and through the wisdom and teachings that the natural world has to offer. And this is what we will do…..

                                                    Come on in, you deserve this !
          This is not only a gift you deserve but an act of love and healing for life on Earth 
The healing power of nature

The heart of this journey is deep circle work alongside a plentiful cauldron of beautiful and powerful practices alone and together to support us. The circle work we offer is, however, different to other forms. This is because it’s embedded in nature and around the fire hearth. In our modern world we often try to heal and become whole by ourselves, or with one other, or in a group, but usually inside four walls of a building that has little or no connection to the natural world. When we are connected and embedded into the natural world around us we can become more of the totality of who we are. Our instincts come alive, our sensory perception comes more alive, we feel healthier in our physicality and have more energy. And not least we receive the healing energy of nature itself as we find our way home into the wholeness of us.

Something profound and magical occurs and discover a place within us that has a resource to navigate difficult things like emotional overwhelm or challenging life situations in a way that we have not been able to in our day to day life. Or more capacity to heal deep historical trauma and hurts. All this, alongside experienced facilitation and strong holding, so much more is possible.

We are part of the web of life becoming truly whole is to become a part of it also and for us to contextualise and heal ourselves within it. On the year journey you will be guided and supported in how to truly be able to heal the wounds within you in this way. To welcome home and love the exiled parts that live in the darkness of shame. The elements and the fire and the nature around us become an essential part of the holding and healing for the deep and soulful work we will do alongside Jewels 25+ years of teachings.

This year long course takes you on a journey into wholeness. We use a variety of methods including circle work, movement practices, time in nature working with Animism practices, ritual and ceremony. It is offered within the guiding principle that we need each other to truly come home to who we really are and creating the life we long for on Earth.

What’s included in the course 

  • Personal healing for historical trauma and core wounds
  • Deep circle work with Jewels’ and her 25 years of experience
  • Ceremonies for healing and transformation
  • Abundance of time in secluded wild nature
  • Being on the land day and night living in natural and simple ways.
  • Being part of a community you feel genuinely welcome to be your true self in
  • Effective tools to navigate work life, friendships and relationship.
  • Tried and tested communication practices to transform conflict.
  • A huge forest to adventure in and explore
  • Grief tending through the teachings of Joanna Macy, Sobonfu Somé, Frances Weller 
  • Nature practices from our own celtic Animism traditions
  • Creativity and art in nature 
  • Crafting and making with our hands (that everyone can achieve)
  • Cooking food, foraging and eating meals together
  • Ceremony, song and ritual on the land and in the forest
  • Dance and movement practices barefoot on the earth 
  • Teachings and practices from the indigenous wisdom of these lands
  • Being on the land through all four seasons outside of the dated modules 
  • Sleeping in the forest under the night stars
  • Embodied practices for working with trauma held in the body
  • Learning how to express our needs and boundaries with ease and clarity 
  • All-night ceremonies in the EarthLodge for winter dreaming
  • Co creating new pathways for living on Earth

Extra time on the land at EarthHeart throughout the year

What makes this year-long offering unique is that as well as our official residential dates, there is also an invitation to stay on the land at EarthHeart between the modules and this is included in the ticket price.
This can either be on your own or in the company of others in the circle. This is only made possible because we live here and EarthHeart is a dedicated space designed and created for this purpose. Unlike a rented workshop venue, we are here through all seasons tending to the land, connecting with the beings who guide us and depending on the energies that support us as we do so. 

We offer this as part of the journey so you can experience what it’s like to have a special wild place in nature, embedded into your psyche that you know, and that you see as a sanctuary to return to often when you feel stressed or in need of connection and how this might support your life and what you learn here to be integrated.

Please note: Well behaved and socially well trained dogs are welcome to be part of the journey, please contact us to discuss.

"I want to live in community..."

I hear this daily from many people. So why isn’t it happening more we might ask ? This is a great question and one I get asked a lot. People often say that it is due to a lack of access to land or personal financial circumstances. These are key factors but you may be surprised to hear that they are not the main reason. The key factors to people not being able to create community (whether that is a land based vision or how we live daily with the people in our street) are two fold: Fear of conflict and not knowing how to navigate different needs. This why the foundation to changing how we live, work and share together is the inner soul work. The work to heal our hurts and past traumas that make us react and behave in ways that mean we cannot trust others or trust ourselves to navigate conflicts or needs in a balanced and healthy way.

As part of the Hearth year long course you will be supported to being able to navigate these 2 difficult aspects of what it is to be human so that you are better able to navigate this in the life you want to create.

Work with me

The Hearth is a culmination of nearly 40 years of personal exploration, living on the land in wild places, deep healing, professional training, apprenticing teachers over 3 decades and 25 years of experience working with thousands of people. I’ve lived and worked in all kinds of  community for much of my life and experienced the issues that break down community. I have held space and guided thousands of people into the depth of their being to support them in bringing home their exiled wounded parts, reclaiming their natural indigenous wild wisdom and championing them to bring their magnificence.

I’m not afraid of the shadows, in fact I would say that this is where my gifts really lie when holding space. I will walk with you through the really difficult places. I see these places as Thresholds and they are where the gold is. Working with me is for people who are ready to really transform their lives and have a longing for a better world and are wanting to contribute to change. For people who are ready to step into bringing their gift and living from the heart. I only work with a limited number of people each year as I believe that for real change to occur we have to go deep and we have to spend long enough in circle and what it really means to co-create and support each other. 

The majority of the work I offer takes place on the land at EarthHeart. This because my work does not travel well. Me and the land are in a sacred marriage and my work comes from the land through me from deep listening. The work is therefor most potent when we are together on the land. Myself and all the people who come are held by the land and given wisdom simply by getting in closer to it.

Amisha and Jewels talk about how we may dismantle walls of systemic oppression to gather all of our pieces to overcome isolation, root into community and restore our sense of belonging. We hear how Jewels creates a life with nature on the margins of dominant culture.


£3,600 standard ticket

£3,200 concession (limited availability, see notes below)
£2,700 friends ticket (if you book and pay together with a friend)

Payments plans are offered and if you opt for this full fees must be completed by the start date of the training. 

Dates 2025 – 2026
Module 1 – 29 April – 4 May
Module 2 – 29 July – 3 Aug
Module 3 – 30 Sept – 5 Oct
Module 4 – 22-23 Nov
Module 5 – 10-11 Jan  
Module 6 – 28-29 March
Module 7 – 5-10 May

To reserve a place on the course
You pay a holding deposit to secure your spot. This includes a personal video call with Jewels over zoom. In the unlikely event that after the call, either Jewels or you feel the training is not right for you, your deposit will be returned. Once you are accepted on the in-person training you will then be required to pay the remaining balance (either in one amount or in instalments)

Zoom call with Jewels 
This journey is life changing deep and profound and it’s not always right timing or not quite what is needed. This video call with Jewels is a personal conversation to meet and get a deeper sense of each other to see if the journey is aligned for you at this time. It is also a chance to find out more about what you are seeking at this time and if the course would support you well. It gives space for any questions you may have or Jewels. It happens AFTER you have paid the deposit and completed the application.

Modules at EarthHeart

The entire journey is an outdoor land-based nature immersion. Camping on our beautiful eco campsite embedded in a clearing in the forest is included in your fees. There are hot showers, good compost toilets and a large barn with a woodburner, sheepskins and cushions to cosy up in when it rains. The experience is off-grid and living simply without modern luxuries. 

Meals and hot drinks
Meals are all homemade, vegan and wheat-free feast, simple soup and bread for lunch and a hearty feast for supper. Breakfast is self-catering and we have a large undercover communal earth kitchen fully fitted with a cooker, fridge, hot water and all the utensils needed for you to prepare and eat food. There is also a dining/hang-out area to gather, make hot drinks and sit by the fire etc.

Our Deluxe Eco-campsite & Barn Facilities

Transparency in how we work out what to charge

The EarthHeart project does not seek to make profit. It costs £70,00 a year to keep the project afloat (not including a wage for Jewels) we divide these costs  between the various offerings over the year and this is how each offering is priced. We understand that some of what we offer may not accessible to everyone. We have some concession tickets and this relies on people who are able, to to pay the standard price tickets. 

We aim to find a balance between covering the costs of EarthHeart and making the work accessible to those in genuine need. We are a small not for profit project so we are somewhat limited and we aim to do our best. Please consider seriously if you need a concession ticket and that if you take one and don’t need it the potential impact this might have of someone more in need. If your not sure do get in touch and we can see how to help.

Booking policy

We request that you take the time to read our
 cancellation and booking policy before purchasing your ticket.

We ask this so you can be sure you’re making an informed choice about your ticket purchase as we do not make exceptions to the policy.

This is important to us and we thank you in advance for taking the time. 


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Standard ticket
Total course fees £3,600
£ 495.00
18 available
Friend Ticket
Total course fees per person: £2,700 - book with a friend & both receive £800 each off your total fees. You must book and pay together to receive this discount.
£ 990.00
Concession ticket (limited)
Total course fees £3,200
£ 495.00
4 available