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Sex & the Menopause

September 28 - September 29

Embracing our Erotic power

An in person weekend workshop held in nature for women in any stage of the Menopause process exploring the theme of Sacred sexuality as an autumn Queen.
Sexually empowered, erotically connected menopausal and post menopausal women are a force of Love, power and wisdom on Earth and are dearly needed at this time. 
The old Story

There is a lot of talk about menopause in the last few years and a wonderful abundance of fabulous work being offered to help women change the story around menopause. Not least in the work place which is a huge step for women and one that has been hard won. There is however, not so much engagement when it comes to exploring sexuality at this time in a woman’s life. At best it gets pointed to and the talk of dry vulva’s and low libido and partners / lovers that no longer measure up. Beyond this, it gets left on the shelf. There is a lack of spiritual and holistic teachings and guidance about the role and place of Eros and sexuality at this time in a woman’s life. This is my joy, expertise and passion and I simply adore working with women in this subject. I welcome all women who feel a call to change their story about what it means to be a sexually empowered and connected woman in her menopause years and beyond.  And also with women who feel out of touch with their sexuality and / or have not engaged much in it for a good while for whatever reason, you are very welcome and there is good news for you !

If what I'm sharing sparks your interest...

I have been working with women and men from all ages of life in the realms of sacred sexuality and intimacy for over 25 years. I have myself come out the other side of Menopause with some important and potent teachings to bring you as a woman in the menopause process in relation to sexuality and Eros. I have spent the past 10 years  looking at sexuality in menopause and beyond and challenging the old beliefs we have been given, which are frankly untrue. Most of what you have been told is outdated and misguided and what is possible and available is actually very exiting….


It’s too much effort, I can’t be bothered…

I have heard this so often, a lifetime of too many disappointments in amongst the gold of treasured intimate encounters.  So many women’s start point is saying that they have no idea what they even want let alone how to manifest it. For millennia women have been led to believe that once they hit menopause it’s all over for a sex life. We have been led to believe that women over a certain age are no longer sexual beings and won’t be desired or wanted, no longer useful for making babies and so become invisible. Men especially have been shamed for desiring older women and praised for trophying younger women. We have been told that we are not attractive once we have lines on our face, grey hairs, things sagging and our changing body shape. We have been indoctrinated for decades into believing that we may as well just forget about it all and grow old invisibly and without a healthy sex life.


A Sacred Rite of passage!

The truth is that the menopause is a sacred rite of passage into erotic power. A power that comes from an inner radiance and deep wisdom. A power and connection to sexuality as holy ground. However, many women do find that their libido drops and the Vulva dries during the menopause years but this is only the body’s way of trying to express a change in our values in regards to intimacy and sex, which if not met the body will simply shut down these pathways. It’s not a conscious process, the body does it for us and it might feel like we have no control over it. We may as well say that we just are not interested anymore and put that energy into creativity, or shut it down because we just don’t find anyone right for us.

When I felt menopause calling through intense physical symptoms, I knew I needed to take a deep retreat. In this conversation, we explore my 13 moon ‘conscious menopause sabbatical’ and how it transformed my health, my relationship to myself, my work in the world, and even my sex life.

The new Story
Here are some myth-busting sacred teachings we will be shaking up…
  • Menopause is a Holy rite of passage into spiritual sexual awakening and to embracing our true power.
  • Menopause is something to look forward to as there is a rich, empowering and liberating experience to be had.
  • Sex is not over – in fact it’s going to get better if you want it to, and what you want may change.
  • It’s not a given that as a woman you need to feel invisible from here on in.
  • You are not obsolete as a woman in or post menopause, quite the opposite.
  • You are about to let go of the life-long habit of compulsively pleasing others in sexual engagement.
  • Your life may change in very significant ways for the better, and this may involve some very big decisions about who you are as a sexual woman, what you want relationally, and how you go about making that a reality.
  • Our hormonal balance is determined by our spiritual, emotional and mental wellbeing, not the other way around. Contrary to popular belief, we are not at the mercy of our hormones.
  • Our symptoms are a teacher; not a problem to suppress with medication. Dry vagina and low libido is not the problem, it’s simply the body insisting that we no longer compromise in sexual intimacy – a kind of internal quality control system.
  • Our capacity for orgasm and multi orgasmic pleasure is amplified by the menopausal process.
  • You are not mad, you are becoming more sane that you have ever been.. you are just in the death and rebirth process !
Sexually empowered menopausal women who are leading the way…

There is a rising number of women who are working with their menopause as this sacred rite of passage (or have come through the other side having done so) and fully claimed and living all that is on offer from it. One way or another it becomes clear over and over again that whats is happening is a holy invitation to change our relationship to Eros, sexuality and our power when it comes to owning who we are as sexual women, whether with ourselves or with others. These women are our guides and beacons of change and you too can be one if you choose this path…

It is also true that at this time many women are finding that they are connecting to their Eros in a way they never did as a younger woman or maybe only when they where much younger and it seems to of re-awakened. That there is an enlivened curiosity to explore things you have not previously felt interested to explore or thought you where not that kind of woman ! If this is you then I have much to offer you in your explorations and desires.

You are welcome just as you are 

You are invited to join us just as you are in whatever way you feel moment to moment. There is nothing to achieve, or to get right ot wrong, No competition or comparison needed. We need you just as you are as your unique and fabulous self. Whatever your journey has been so far with sexuality and whatever you have experienced, you are welcome here. self !! It is often the case that whatever challenges or hurts we experienced in our teen years or early 20’s in relation to our sexuality will circle back and this to be healed or explored. This is why we need you just as you are, bring it all, it’s welcome !!

What do you long for ?

If you took a a little time to sit quietly and consider what is it you really long for now with yourself or with a lover or with your partner, what would you find ? Do you dare to let yourself long or dream about what you really want, or is what you want buried so deep that you don’t know ? When we have had a lifetime of not reaching for what we want, it becomes further away from our knowing and being able to access it but, that does not mean it’s not there.. like secret treasure waiting to be found. That YOU are in fact a secret treasure waiting to be found !

A quick questionnaire 

If you answer yes to 2 or more of these questions this workshop is for you:

  • Has how you feel about sex changed since entering the menopause years ?
  • Has your libido dropped or vanished all together ?
  • Have you ‘dried up’ down there ?
  • Are difficult sexual experiences from when you where a young woman coming back to haunt you and your not sure what to do ?
  • Do you worry that you will no longer be attractive as you get older ?
  • Do you struggle to known what you actually want in sexual intimacy let alone know how to ask for it  ?
  • Are you in a long term partnership and find yourself no longer able to have the kind of intimacy that has been historically ?
  • Have you recently left a long term partnership in part because you could no longer settle for sexual intimacy you where not fully enjoying, and you couldn’t find a way to make it work ?.
  • Do you feel your sexuality has come alive in a new or deeper way and you’re keen to find ways to explore this but it seems hard to find  ?
  • Have you been curious recently to try things you’ve not done before  ?
  • Do you long to feel respected, cherished and deeply met but it’s just not happening ?
  • Would you like to be able to connect with more arousal and pleasure in your body have orgasms or multiple orgasm ?
  • Do you long for a lover or partner that really gets you and what you need in intimacy, and wants that also ?
  • Would you like to be able to express what you want with a partner ?
  • Would you like to manifest a lover or partner who understand the value of uniting love and sex ?
  • Would you like to be able to give up having duty or mediocre sex without losing other things you value ?

What's offered in the workshop
  • You will receive an inspiration map of spiritual teachings for being a sexually empowered menopausal and beyond woman.
  • We will explore some embodiment movement practices that are aligned with what your body needs now (not historically).
  • There will be a beautiful and potent evening ceremony in the natural build EarthLodge ritual space with a the real fire, sheepskins, mugwort, water and song.
  • You will have time in sharing circle together with Jewels bringing her 25+ years of wisdom, holding and guidance and specifically about this subject.
  • A lot of laughter – made possible through the safety of the holding and the shared understanding.
  • A session for Q&A where we will explore together how we get really good at this.
  • Tried and tested methods and practices for helping you to get in touch with what your sexuality wants to be now, and how to create that.
  • Tried and tested methods and activities to support you finding ease with saying no to things that you no longer want without losing what you want to keep.
  • Learn to be able to listen more deeply to who you are, and how you can bring that to the world as a sexually empowered older woman.

What you will come away with
  • A better sense of who you are as a sexual, erotically connected woman.
  • A stronger sense of what you want and how to go about creating it.
  • A shared experience of talking frankly and openly about your experience and to be heard and understood in them rather than joked about or minimised, or told you’re being ridiculous.
  • A safe space to hear about other women’s experiences and find comfort in common ground.
  • A deeper understanding about the spiritual dimensions of this time.
  • Strength, courage, and inspiration to go back to your life and explore more of what you want in intimacy.
  • A circle of women who you can continue to build connection with and mutual support.
  • More connection to your power within and how to own it for yourself and for your life.
  • A stronger ability to say no with ease and express what you do want.
  • Feeling generally more excited about the menopause process and your life ahead.
  • A ‘no compromise’ on sexual encounters that are nothing less than Holy, earth shattering and rooted in the heart !

“Jewels’ facilitation is earthy and articulate. She is a powerful conduit of feminine wisdom, careful validation and unafraid to call out truth. Her work is the stuff of astute realisation, of becoming and of waking up. She holds space, speaks truth and facilitated me holding myself accountable to my wisest self and for my midlife and beyond.”


Watch my video to find out how I journeyed through the powerful rite of passage that is menopause, and how it changed me and the work I offer to the world.


28-29 Sept 2024 

Begins : 9.30am Saturday
Departure : 4.30pm Sunday

The EarthHeart centre, Forest of Dean UK.

Staying with us: 
The ticket prices include staying on our beautiful eco campsite on Saturday through Sunday, either with your tent or a campervan if you have one. The campsite is hidden away in the forest where there is a large flat camping field with a fire hearth and a large open fronted Oak barn with a fully fitted kitchen and lounge area. There are hot showers, good compost toilets and a woodburner, sheepskins and cushions to cosy up with if it rains. 

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We offer a delicious feast on Saturday evening which is vegan, home made, organic and wheat free. There is a tea station available with hot drinks 24/7. Lunch we invite you to bring a pot luck share and Sunday breakfast we offer hot porridge with vegan milk. We have a fully fitted kitchen where you are welcome to prepare, cook and eat. There is a fridge for storing food and lots of shelf space along with a large cooker and crockery. There is also a large dinging area for us to sit and share meals.. 

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Concession tickets
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