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Revolutionary Love

A Journey into Soul Intimacy

Hand in Hand with your Beloved

One year to transform your relationship

Held in-person at Earthheart in the beautiful Forest of Dean.

We are delighted to inform you that we can
host workshops at EarthHeart in a COVID-safe way. 

For couples who want to take their relationship ALL the way.

Travelling with a community of inspiring humans, along with with Jewels and Mark as your guides. 

Join us if you would like...

..earth-shattering, soul connecting, unapologetic sex together . . .on an ongoing basis.

…transformational, heart-aligning communication that leaves you feeling understood, inspired and wanting more.

…to feel relaxed and safe, accepted, free and joyful in the company of your Beloved as a baseline

We have transformed thousands of couples’ relationships – and we are passionate to support you to create the relationship you long for. We are excited to welcome you to the Revolutionary Love year-long journey where you can learn how to create the relationship of your dreams, in a juicy, deep, fun way that goes beyond therapy.

The Revolutionary Love journey

We take you deep into the beating heart of your relationship. We support you to have a relationship that really works for you both, not just sometimes, at all times.

A strong connection to nature is one of the support pillars for successful Soul Intimacy. Creating a feeling of harmonic resonance with all of life is the gateway to profound sacred sexual experience. We invite you to dive deep into your own natural rhythms together here at EarthHeart, deeply embedded in wild nature, to find the pulse and the heartbeat that calls your passion and tenderness alive.

~ A relationship that is alive, passionate, soul-deep and collaborative.
~ A relationship that thrives right at the centre of your life.
~ A relationship that enriches not only you but all those in your life.
~ A relationship where it fills you with joy to relate to your partner as a King or Queen 

How will Revolutionary Love benefit your relationship?

Our unique program has been created from decades of experience working with couples, and seeing the themes that couples navigate and how to transform them.

Whether your relationship is already amazing and you just want more of the good stuff or if you are struggling and want to reclaim the good stuff we welcome you. The course is designed in such a way to meet you exactly where you are and take you where you want to go.

Are these challenging times bringing struggles to your relationship? Or are they offering a gateway into deep healing between you? We have seen amazing results using our radical, tried and tested practices to get couples to the next level. 

The work of intimate relationship and world work are intrinsically intertwined. We know this from decades of experience and what we see happening with couples when their relationship is thriving, feels safe and can expand into more and more.

Our map is the 12 Gateways to Soul Intimacy – used over decades with proven results.  All of this is held in the power of a community of other couples, which in itself offers as many insights and teachings as the course content. We hold all within a professional context, with the strictest of confidentiality. 

Join us in discovering tools that really do transform your relationship into beautiful and powerful deep Soul Intimacy.

“This was the most beautiful, healing experience for me personally, and for our relationship. It helped us to explore our love and sexual connection in ways we had not thought possible. After years of struggle, and endless personal and couples counselling, we moved almost without any effort into a place of greater sexual openness, love and freedom. It has also deepened our emotional and spiritual connection and was the most profoundly effective and powerful personal development course I have ever attended. ‘Life changing’ for once, would be no exaggeration.” Steve

Join Revolutionary Love and you will receive...

~ Practices that transform all aspect of your relationship, from conflict, communication, sex & more…
~ Step by step guidance in how to create that magic connection EVERY DAY.
~ The support and wisdom of Jewels and Mark & their combined 30+ years of experience
~ Being part of a circle of couples and the power of learning through the collective lens
~ Held separate spaces for the men and the women to deepen the healing
~ Sacred sexuality rituals that open up portals into Soul Intimacy
~ Tools for conflict resolution that go deeper than temporary fixes
~ A community of like-minded couples with whom you will learn and grow
~ 1 year to truly transform your relationship into rocket fuel for a life of love well lived

Are you experiencing...

~ Your sex life having lost its spark?
~ Communication feeling stuck?
~ Challenging power dynamics?
~ A block in expressing what you feel?
~ A want to be heard and understood more?
~ Plodding along in a ‘dead zone’?
~ Being the best of friends but there’s no sex?
~ Conflict and disconnecting too often?
~ Feeling a bit lost in the relationship?

We support you to transition your relationship into...

~ Deep loving soul intimacy that really blows your mind
~ Spiritual alignment with your deepest longings
~ Sacred sexual intimacy you’ve always dreamed of
~ Laughter, joy, spontaneity, adventure and fun
~ Honest, clear, heart-centred communication
~ Harmony and balance in all areas of your life together
~ A conflict minimised day-to-day reality
~ The relationship you longed for your whole life

Deep and radical work

We work with couples who are ready to say YES to their relationship being all it can be and are prepared to take agency to make it happen.

With over thirty years of combined experience of work with couples, we will meet you deeply where you need to be met and bring you all we have to help make your relationship be amazing.

We have seen thousands of couples transform their relationship through our work. We deepen our own ability to support couples will each turn of the Sun.

Our values and how we support you

We do not hold to a specific type or style of relationship. We honour and champion what you choose as a couple and support you to optimise it. And if the type of relationship you want changes at any stage, we will explore that too with you and find new ways to create what you want together, so that both of you feel empowered in your choices.

We do not aspire to any particular expressions of sexuality, we welcome all aspects of expression and celebrate your unique and individual way of expressing your sexual being. Our guiding principle is this:

‘As long as it is truly consenting, held with a loving heart and mutual sacred respect then let’s explore!’

This means that whether you are wanting to have a romantic, candlelit, sensual gentle lovemaking night or you want to explore more ‘edgy’ aspects of sexuality, like power play or role play, all is welcome as long as it sits inside the above statement

Revolutionary Love is for you if...

~ You want deep intimacy and sexual fulfilment
~ You want your relationship to be what your heart is always longing for
~ You want to finally transform the hurts between you and trust each other completely
~ You are ready to do what it takes to make this a reality
~ You are willing to try new things we suggest
~ You are curious in the exploration of Soul Intimacy and Revolutionary Love
~ You already experience your relationship as a conscious one and work on it regularly

Revolutionary Love is not for you if...

~ You want some quick techniques that stick a temporary plaster on deep underlying issues.
~ You want to continue to blame your partner for the struggles in the relationship
~ You are looking for temporary sexual highs that are unintegrated and devoid of intimacy
~ That you want to learn fake western neo-Tantra
~ You are not interested in looking inwards at yourself and evolving consciously as a person

“The online couples event last night was INCREDIBLY helpful – we both woke up this morning very much in love with each other and full of hope for working out our differences – you two are a great team – and Jewels is like a relationship ninja!”

OP and AH

About Jewels and Mark

With decades of experience supporting thousands of couples through workshops, longer trainings and one-to-one, we bring a depth of lived experience and a rich and diverse toolkit of practices and approaches to our work. Mark has a depth and breadth of experience and knowledge in working with men and the understanding of the common themes that arise for them. 

Whether you have been together for 50 years or are new together, you are welcome.

Whether your relationship is rich and fulfilling and you simply want to deepen what you have already, or if you’re struggling and in difficulty you are welcome. 


We are very excited for you to join us. We love working with couples no matter what the nature of your relationship.

“…Jewels has an amazing way to see things for you and your partner and give such wonderful guidance. Also the huge blessing of watching other couples’ processes feels amazing, inspiring and healing to our own relationship…..” 

Course participant

The 12 gateways to Soul Intimacy and Revolutionary Love

The training follows the 12 Gateways to the optimum relationship.

A key aspect to the flourishing of your relationship is not only the guidance from the teachers but also the community of couples with whom you journey. This for many is a new and strange concept, as we have been brought up with shame around intimacy and a sense of failure if things seem less than perfect.

The truth is that, with support, relationships are far more sustainable and last longer than when we try to carry the challenges on our own.

The gifts of community and nature

There is a saying that says ‘it takes a community to bring up a child’. We believe that with the support of a community of conscious couples, journeying alongside each other, so much more is possible. A container of trust and continuity is created so as to be able to hold, with kindness and gentleness, our human wounds that we carry around love.

For this reason the course is designed so that you travel with the same group of couples committed over time. It offers enough space and guidance for each couple to learn what they need for the relationship to be the best it can be.

This residential component of the course takes place at the EarthHeart centre in the Forest of Dean, a dedicated centre for couples’ work. Beautiful rooms, beautiful land, delicious food, all nestled deep in wild nature to inspire and support your exploration and weaving together of all aspects of relationship from the psychological to the spiritual, physical, sexual and emotional.

Your modesty and our professional conduct

During the course, couples are committed to being with each other and you work solely with your partner during the exercises. You are guaranteed a respectful and professional environment which ensures respect of your personal agreed values as a couple for the relationship – these are honoured at all times. There is no ‘partner swapping’ or sexual activity in the workshop space. You work solely with your own partner. Any sexually intimate practices that may be offered during the courses are given to you to practise in the privacy of your bedroom.

COVID 19 protocol

We are blessed at EarthHeart to have a lot of space and a lot of nature. For this reason we are lucky to be able to run our work while keeping each couple safe. If you would like to know more about how we can support you do please feel free to ask.

Dates and practicals

Places are limited so as to make sure that each couple has a deep and supported experience. If previous years’ experience is anything to go by, this training will be sold out soon. If you are interested or have any questions, do please get in touch.

What the course includes:

  • 5 in-person fully residential gatherings
  • 4 online gatherings
  • Practices to try between modules

How it works

  • All residentials take place at EarthHeart and are land-based.
  • All modules begin 1pm on the first day and end by 4.30pm on the last day.
  • You are required to attend all modules.
  • Online gatherings are 2 hours.
  • Personal study practices are given to do between modules as preparation for the next gathering.

Dates: 2021 – 2022

  • Mar 27-28    Online circle
  • July 11           Online circle
  • Aug 11-15     Residential at EarthHeart
  • Oct 6-10        Residential at EarthHeart
  • Nov 17-21     Residential at EarthHeart
  • Dec 12           Online circle
  • Jan 19-23       Residential at EarthHeart
  • Feb 6              Online circle
  • Mar 2-6          Residential at EarthHeart

Residential modules at EarthHeart
All our couples work is nature-based as a support to the deep and beautiful inner work you will be doing. Sharing food and spending time in nature is part of the holding and the teachings. For all gatherings at EarthHeart you can either stay in a private room in the house (which will be COVID safe) or you are welcomed to camp on our eco campsite in your own campervan. There are hot showers, posh compost toilets, a large outdoor barn with kitchen diner and a communal fire to gather round. 

Meals and eating
For our evening meal we will come together after our day’s adventures and eat a beautifully prepared feast which is homemade, vegan and wheat-free. Lunch we offer a hearty simple soup (you are also welcome to bring additions to this if you wish to eat more) Breakfast is self-catering. We have a large undercover communal earth kitchen with a cooker, slate fridge, fire kettles and all utensils supplied for you to prepare food either for yourself or collaboratively. There is also a dining/hang-out area to gather, make hot drinks and sit by the fire etc.

(PLEASE NOTE: for the evening meal and lunch soup special diets can be catered for but need to be arranged in advance, supplements charges apply)

Are you ready?

Revolutionary Love is the only training in the UK of its kind. We only run it once a year and it is a life-changing / relationship-transforming experience. We work with a limited number of couples each year and we only work with couples who want to go deep. We in return commit to bringing you all our wisdom, tools and experience.

Maybe you feel ready and this is what you have been waiting for. Maybe you are still not quite sure. Do you have questions? Do you have some concerns? We are here and we are listening and very happy to explore with you.

Book a FREE ‘no pressure’ 30-minute zoom call with us and we can answer all your questions and concerns so that hopefully you can get more of a sense of us and if it feels right for you.


Do You Need Support Right Now?

We work with couples at all stages of their relationship. 

If you are in crisis and don’t want to wait for the Revolutionary Love journey to begin, you can book a private session with us now.


“Your teaching was authentic, powerful and refreshing. To do a training where the facilitator was so honest and egoless was a real delight and I felt very safe.”

“I’ve done quite a number of workshops with different teachers, but Jewels’ couples workshops have been the deepest, most powerful and beautiful experiences I’ve had so far. I am so grateful to the new start you have given my relationship.”
John C


March 27 @ 1:00 pm
January 31, 2022 @ 4:30 pm


Puzzle House
EarthHeart, Gloucestershire GL14 3JQ United Kingdom


Our intention is to make your experience with us as accessible as possible given people’s differing financial means. You can choose accordingly from the options below.

Accommodation and catering options
All couples have their own private space with the choice of the guest house, log cabins, or your own campervan on our beautiful eco campsite surrounded by forest. All prices below are per person, and all options are inclusive of tuition fees and course materials where applicable. Full use of the EarthHeart facilities and grounds. Lunch, supper are homecooked with fresh ingredients, vegan and wheat-free. All hot drinks are included., breakfast is self-catering with the use of the kitchens as needed.  Booking is made via a deposit below of £495 on receipt of which we will confirm your place and balance payable.

These options facilitate each couple having their own private bathroom and Covid 19 safe 

Option 1
£1,950 per person, accommodation in your own campervan or caravan Please note: it must have its own toilet and washing facility within it. 

Option 2
£2,400 per person, accommodation in private room in house or log cabin, with shared bathroom

Option 3
£2,700 per person, accommodation in a private room in the house, with private bathroom


PLEASE NOTE: We want you to feel safe and cared for when you come to EarthHeart, both in terms of the inner work we will be doing and also with your physical wellbeing and health. We follow government guidelines on the advised protocol for COVID19 and whatever the situation is at the time of the workshop we will implement this on site. 

We are in a very fortunate position as we are able to create a lot of personal spacing (aka social distancing) during our workshops as they take place on the land and outdoors and we have a semi-outdoor heated group room. We keep levels of hygiene to the best of our ability and encourage this among all those present.

Special diets
If you require a special diet, for example you have an allergy, we can arrange this and there is a  £10 supplement charge per day or part thereof to provide. This is to help cover cost of special ingredients and extra preparation time. Please Contact us to arrange.

Revolutionary Love 1£495.00Deposit for accommodation in own campervan or caravan with use of campsite facilities and self catering breakfast. Or staying in local B&B. £1950 total fee, per person

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Revolutionary Love 2£495.00Deposit for accommodation in a private room in the house or log cabin, with shared bathroom. Fully catered. £2400 total fee, per person

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Revolutionary Love 3£495.00Deposit on accommodation in a private room in house with en-suite bathroom. Fully catered. £2700, price per person.

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