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Phoenix and Ashes

May 12 @ 4:00 pm - May 15 @ 11:00 am

£40.00 – £495.00

Grief Tending Ceremony

12 - 15 May

"Our grief is just love with no place to go, dammed up in our hearts like a river that longs to flow. Love is our needed medicine right now."
The Sacred work of tending to Grief

Can you hear the song of our Ancestors calling to your Soul? I am seeing the grief everywhere. I am hearing every day of the immense heartbreak in so many of us. I am responding to the call for held spaces where we can be supported and held in our need to allow grief to be felt.

Humanity is at a Threshold, we are at a threshold, there is a portal open and we are being invited to step through. As with any process of change, there is a death before the rebirth and if we cannot accept and allow the death, the rebirth cannot happen.”

Nature knows this, she allows the winter without fighting, she trusts in the deep-time cyclical wisdom of life and death. We as humans have lost touch with this and for millennia we have been hypnotised into believing that life is linear, that we are superior to nature, to all life, that we can dominate and control the natural world for the benefit of our evolution. 

We are emerging from this trance and the pain is almost unbearable, we want to look away, we don’t want to face it. We have lost touch with the relevance of feeling it and its sacred purpose. We have lost touch with love at a deep soul level in our humanity. We have lost touch with the need to have the soles of our feet touching bare earth, we have lost touch with the ability to feel and sense the more than human world around us. Without these things, we lose touch with our hearts, with compassion, with reverence and respect for life. It is easy then to hurt each other and hurt life. We are numb.  We have lost connection with our interdependence with each other and this sacred web of life. It is time to let the river flow, to let go of the banks and trust we will be carried. This is the next step.

“The madness in our world right now is that we are NOT heartbroken on our knees every day pounding our fists on the earth and roaring to the sky. That we carry on with business as usual IS the madness.”
Our World right now

I don’t imagine that there are many of us at the moment who have not been touched by loss in the past 2 years or so.

Whether it is the personal loss you have experienced of a loved one or that you feel the loss of what you value, your freedom or autonomy, loss of trust in our world leaders and the systems we have built. Perhaps you feel the profound pain of losing the natural world.

Whatever it is that brings grief to open in you is welcome. You are not alone. There is so much to be felt that has no words, that is almost impossible to articulate and only in the landscape of the heart and of the body can we find this holy palce.

'Whats the point in grieving? It won't change anything"

I hear you, from fear and the logical mind there seems little point. The fear that if we go there we will fall into a bottomless well of grief and despair and never return. From the place that is frozen and afraid it makes no sense to feel.

But the journey is not one that is made from the mind, it is from the heart, from a place that can connect to a deeper wisdom, a trust in something beyond our humanity. That we are guided and held by something so much bigger than us and our human heart is the gateway.

Grief is an appropriate response to what we are experiencing in our world. Our grief is not a problem to be fixed, a pathology to be intellectualised, a wound to be healed. Grief is the essential, feral expression of Love – we only grieve for what we love and in this way the call of grief is a call to feel the immensity of our love.

Our feelings do not live in the rational world. And grief certainly does not, it resides in a place of the sacred and holy. It is a call to life. If we can find the courage to let this river flow, there are treasures to be found – treasures that we cannot know beforehand, treasures that can only be seen and experienced from within the holy ground of grief. In this way it takes courage to trust something unknown, it asks us to surrender the fearful mind and enter the landscape of the heart.

There are many things that open the gates of grief in us and for each of us these will be unique – personal loss in our lives such as loss of a relationship, loss of health, loss of a job, loss of loved ones, loss of freedom and autonomy, loss of choice, loss of the natural world, loss of a life never fully lived…

One thing that I have learned over many years of working with grief is that alone we are far less likely to find our way back. And I have witnessed, over and over, the powerful catalyst that grief can be when experienced and held in the company of others.

The gifts of grieving in company

Most of us we were brought up learning that grief was something to keep private and hidden away. Something to get over with as soon as possible. We were taught to pretend to the world that we were ok and to put a smile over the top of any pain we might be feeling. We have been taught to feel shame about feeling grief, that it is week and the only emotion that is allowed is anger. We have been taught that if we cannot hold it in then we must go away by ourselves somewhere privately and grieve and come out again when we are ‘ok’. 

When we hide away alone in our grief we are more likely to spiral into depression, despair and a powerless feeling of hopelessness. We are then told we have a ‘problem’ to be fixed and are offered medication. Even without this, we find our preferred method to squash it down which can be anything from drugs and alcohol, shopping, eating, social media and tv, or obsession with something like keeping fit or over working. 

Our deep time ancestors and collective grief

There are many ancient cultures from around the world that understood the important of grief as part of their personal and collective wellness. Because they understood that loss is a natural and inevitable part of life and rather than feel a sense of betrayal when loss comes to their door, they instead saw it as holy and that to keep the village well grief needs to be welcomed. In their ceremonies they would gather as an entire community and grieve their losses and from this emerged an authentic joy and gratitude for life.

It is for this reason that these grief ceremonies we offer are held as a collective experience. When we step into the river of our own grief, it matters not where we step in, what matters is that we feel the banks of the river supporting us, that we are not alone. That we are held and witnessed in a way that says “I see you, I know this place and I thank you for your courage to feel the water” 

You may never of dared to feel grief in the company of others and that the idea of it brings up fear and shame. That you don’t want others to see. This is natural. Having held many grief ceremonies I have a deep trust in the powerful gift that awaits those who are courageous enough to risk being seen and welcomed in their grief in this way. 
It opens a gateway to the possibility of experiencing being Loved and held in a way that little else can touch. 

“the body weeps the tears the eyes refuse to shed” –  author unknown

When we hide away alone in our grief we are more likely to spiral into depression, despair and a powerless feeling of hopelessness. We are then told we have a ‘problem’ to be fixed and are offered medication. Even without this, we find our preferred method to squash it down which can be anything from drugs and alcohol, shopping, eating, social media and tv, or obsession with something like keeping fit or over working. 

The Power of Love​

I have witnessed, more times than I can count, the power of love that becomes potent in the field when we emerge from the river and are welcomed by the community. It is an experience that few of us have ever witnessed and it imprints a wisdom that our souls know we were meant to have when we were born. To feel a sense of deep belonging changes something in our Souls’ DNA and gives us a tap root to the source.

It gives strength and inspiration to find the next step forwards in how to meet this life and do whatever we do with joy, kindness and a wide open heart. I know of little else that does this in quite the same way and it is for this reason I offer these ceremonies. 

They are in truth ceremonies of Love, of joy and of saying yes to life. WE are living on a threshold and I truly believe that it is Love that will bring us through this. Not a spiritual bypass kind of love, or a love that covers over pain, but a love that can embrace it all and bring us back into connection and harmonious relationship to the earth and to all of life. 

Simply put we need a space to support each other in these difficult times, to support each other to go to the places that alone are unbearable. So that we can bridge divides and remember that we are here to love.

“Incredible presence, compassion and searing insight into the very axis of transformation.”

Jennie H

Tending to our grief
A short film about the importance of grieving.

This is not a place to debate politics

There is so much division of opinion in our world right now and while it is important to try to understand what is happening and create healing and change, it can also take us away from the heart, from the intimacy of connection that goes beyond all this where we meet soul to soul and heart to heart.

This is a space where ALL views are respected, there is no hierarchy or wrongness. A space where we can allow everyone to have their views but not a space to discuss them. Instead a space to find what unites us through the language of our broken hearts, through our tears and through the longing we all share for a better world.

The way the entire ceremonies are offered is one where there will be agreements made at the start to not discuss the hot topics of the time. If you feel it’s not possible for to hold back from giving opinions and entering into debates, then it might be that these ceremonies are not the most aligned support for you.

I hold clear and fierce boundaries around this in service to creating enough safety for us to be vulnerable together no matter what our world views.

The hands on my back

I have nearly 30 years experience in group work and what it means to hold people in their feeling nature. I have also completed many trainings in this time to deepen my ability and experience. These include 2 facilitation trainings with Joanna Macy and other trainings and workshop in grief and the work that reconnects. I have also worked with Sobonfu Some and been blessed to use the Dagara ritual. I have participated in a Frances Weller’s grief tending training online and also been inspired by the work of Stephen Jenkins and Martin Pretchel. I have navigated the trials and tribulations of being a facilitator working at the wild edges of human beings.

I passionately believe we need to grow our capacity to be with the loss and grief right now as an essential aspect to building personal and collective resilience. If we can truly allow feelings of loss what is possible through Love is limitless and the strength it gives us to build a better world going forwards for those not yet born.

Workshop logistics

12-15 May 2022

Other dates for this same ceremony are (click dates for more information and booking):
30 June – 3 July 2022
16 – 19 August 2022

Arrival from 4pm on Thursday – departing 11am Sunday

The EarthHeart centre, Forest of Dean UK.

Staying at EarthHeart
The ceremonies take place on the land outdoors and the event is fully residential.
You are welcome to stay on our eco-campsite either in your tent or a campervan if you have one. The campsite is in a clearing in the forest with hot showers, compost toilets and a fully fitted barn kitchen with a dining area and large log burner for sitting round with sheepskins and sofas. Should it rain while together we can be Covid safe while protected from getting wet.

If you have a physical disability, that means camping would prevent you from attending the ceremony please get in touch and we will do what we can to support you with what you may need for you to be able to attend.

A hearty home-made vegan supper is offered to everyone as part of your ticket price. We also include a simple hot soup at lunchtime which you are welcome to add to if you wish. Breakfast is self catering and you are welcome to store, prepare and cook food in the communal barn kitchen. There are large kettles for hot water and we have a plentiful supply of tea and coffee.

Ticket prices
We try to make these ceremonies as accessible as we can whilst also being realistic about our cost. They are offered as not for profit and all funds go to supporting the running of EarthHeart and helping those who are less financially able. Please pay what you can.

  • £495 – standard ticket plus gifting (covers costs +30%)
  • £395 – standard ticket (covers costs)
  • £295 – supported ticket (covers 70% of costs)

Please note:

If you are 30 years of age or younger and the cost of this event would prevent you from attending, please contact us as we would love to be able to support you in making it accessible to you.

Grief and Gratitude ceremony
Recorded live from the Earth Lodge at EarthHeart in 2020

Booking policy

Please read our cancellation and booking policy before booking your place so you are making an informed choice.


May 12 @ 4:00 pm
May 15 @ 11:00 am
£40.00 – £495.00


Puzzle House
EarthHeart, Gloucestershire GL14 3JQ United Kingdom
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