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Kissing The Snake – 6 day residential

July 9 @ 4:00 pm - July 14 @ 2:00 pm

Fully living the Eros of the divine feminine

with Jewels Wingfield and Sonia Sung

A 6-day fully residential nature immersion for women who feel a longing to returning their sexuality to it's rightful place as a wild and holy landscape

The Wild feminine and our Sacred Eros

Held on the beautiful wild land at EarthHeart and in our 30′ forest temple with underfloor heating. We will journey together to heal our sexual past both on a personal level and a collective level. Reclaim what has been lost and stolen and bring it fully back into our own being.

As a circle of women, we will work release the toxic shame given to us, along with the years of numbness, violation and override. Our time together will be guided by the principles of Sacred Eros and the nature we are. We will devote our time to healing and freeing ourselves from the fear we carry and instead embodying ourselves within the field of our own natural erotic power and potency.

We will honour the sacred intelligence of a woman’s body, and embrace the power we hold to potentize our sexual energy. We emerge clear and strong, once more on the throne of the High Priestess.

This workshop is an invitation to deepen and expand your connection to your full potential of sexual energy, the energy of creation and life itself.

Our sexual energy is the most powerful force we have access to within and if we know how to cultivate, harness and move it in a healthy and honouring way, we can experience it as the deepest, most spiritually transcending pleasure, as well as a healing modality and as a transformational force in our world.

Contrary to what we have been told as women, we are not broken or wrong, nor is sex or sexual energy shameful or wrong. That is not to say we have never experienced feeling it this way – we probably have many times, and this is one of the aspects of healing this training addresses and transforms.


This workshop IS for you if you want to.....

  • Shed the ancestral & cultural layers of conditioning that sit on top of your sexual aliveness and potency.

  • Remove the shame and guilt that surround your free-flowing sexual energy.

  • Experience your sexual energy as something that nourishes you and as a healing power on all levels.

  • Truly bridge the heart-sex divide, the sex-spirit divide, and reclaim your sacredness, here, now, in this body, and in your genital connectedness.

  • Fully appreciate and enjoy the range of your pleasure and joy as a result of being in a woman’s body.

  • Honour the pace of your flow, slowing down and deeper listening.

  • Connecting our erotic energy with the cycles of nature and the cosmic erotic imprint.

  • Be able to harness the power of your sexual energy for manifesting your heart’s and soul’s longing.

  • Channel higher wisdom and knowledge, experience integrated altered states of consciousness and know the true nature of reality and of your essence, through the portal of your sexual energy.

  • Connect to and honour your Animal Nature, its innocence and wildness, authenticity and power;

  • Work with sexual deconditioning: addressing taboos, guilt, shame, rigidity and control, limiting beliefs and patterns, addiction, and wounds about sexuality, the body and what it means to be a woman.

  • Bring into the light the unconscious or unhealthy expressions of Eros, fear, and desire, and harness the power that has been trapped behind those distorted expressions.

  • Let go of power-based dynamics using your sexuality, which leave you feeling trapped in games unable to connect to deep intimacy, whether it is competition and jealousy with other women, or blaming and manipulation with men.

This training is NOT for you if:

  • Not yet ready to be in a group setting with other women exploring these deep themes

  • If your in an abusive relationship and not able to create safety in your home.

  • You’re looking to learn some quick clever techniques to impress or seduce a lover.

  • If you’re wanting to learn how to manipulate your body to fit into an old cultural stereotype.

  • If you’re seeking hedonistic unintegrated sexual peak experiences

  • If you are seeking to spiritually bypass your wounds.

Honouring sexuality as sacred..

We honour the sacred intelligence of a woman’s body, and embrace the power we hold to potentise our sexual energy. We emerge clear and strong, once more on the throne of the High Priestess. If we can come into relationship with our sisters and come to know them as a sanctuary through building trust,  we are then much better equipped to navigate sexual intimacy with others.

As women we can all too easily launch ourselves into sexual encounters with partners and lovers before we have really felt into what is right for us in each moment. Desire can be a powerful thing and can override what it is we really want or need. Our clear expression of our ‘NO’, or the more subtle dance of asking for what we need.

It is with the support of other women that this work is most potent. From this circle, we can venture out and return to our own hearths to reflect and learn from the experiences we are having. In the ancient sacred sex teachings, this was the way. The elder women held and guided the maidens on the ways of sacred sexuality.

Whether heterosexual, bisexual or gay, we are all sexual beings. We need to know how to navigate our sexuality in the world as well as in the bedroom, whomever we choose for intimacy. This training is offered to you as a container to heal your own experiences of sexuality as well as heal and transform something in the lineage for us as women.

There is no one ‘right’ way to be as a sexual woman, all are welcome. Whether we are engaging our sexual energy for intimacy with another or using it to birth a project into the world, for personal creativity, caring for family or for healing, the course offers an in-depth journey to turn over every stone that is in the way of our total magnificence.

Themes our sexuality work includes:

  • Visioning the ancestral deep time story and the new story
  • The body’s truth in choice and healthy boundaries
  • Reclaiming the primal erotic imprint
  • Opening our womb consciousness to the 4 gateways of sexual power
  • Ancient sacred sexuality breath practices for balancing energy
  • Ancient methods for workshop with the chakras to awaken us
  • Awakening the senses – reclaiming the sensual erotic body
  • The sacred erotic map of a woman’s body
  • Unlocking our sexual energy and expanding into full flow
  • Potentizing polarity in sexual energy, masculine and feminine principles
  • Releasing and re-patterning ancestral collective wounding
  • Healing deep personal sexual trauma and abuse
  • Opening the 4 erotic gateways of orgasmic energy
  • Exploring shadow aspects of our sexuality and its purpose
  • Ceremony of the High Priestess – rite of passage


9-14 July 2024

Arrival is by 1pm on the first day
Completing by 4pm on the last day
It is a requirement to be able to attend the entire event

Staying at EarthHeart
The entire retreat is held in wild nature on the land at EarthHeart which is nestled in the middle of a 200,000 acre ancient forest. There is all that we need to be comfortable, warm and nourished. We will share our time in the forest Temple which is a beautiful indoor studio with underfloor heating and living wood structure and be held by the hearth fire and all the comforts of sheepskins, sofas, woodburners, hot drinks and a fully fitted kitchen and dining area.
You can either camp in your tent or bring a campervan if you have one. There are hot showers, compost toilets and a lake for swimming

Meals and hot drinks
Meals are all homemade, vegan and wheat-free feast, simple soup and salad for lunch and a hearty feast for supper. Breakfast is self-catering and we have a large undercover communal earth kitchen fully fitted with a cooker, fridge, hot water and all the utensils needed for you to prepare and eat food. There is also a dining/hang-out area to gather, make hot drinks and sit by the fire etc.

Booking Policy
We request that you take the time to read our cancellation and booking policy before purchasing your ticket. We ask this so you can be sure you’re making an informed choice about your ticket purchase as we do not make exceptions to the policy. This is important to us and we thank you in advance for taking the time

Concession tickets
Below is our guidelines for selecting the concession ticket. We aim to find a balance between making the work more accessible to those in genuine need and us earning a fair living. We are a small not for profit project so we are somewhat limited in how much we can support concession, we aim to do our best. Please consider seriously if you need a concession ticket and that if you take one and don’t need it the potential impact this might have of someone more in need. 

  • You have a wage bracket of single person annual income of less than £23,000 or family combined annual income less than £34,500
  • You are a full-time student
  • You are aged between 18-25
  • You claim Universal Credit, pension credit, income support or job seekers allowance, or in receipt of working tax credit.
  • You are a teacher, NHS nurse or care worker.
  • You belong to an ethnic minority group.

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