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Kissing The Snake – London day workshop

April 21

Re-wilding our eros into deep feminine power

with Jewels Wingfield and Sonia Sung

21st April

Re-rooting women back to our natural Eros & the wisdom of our bodies
Jewels Wingfield has been teaching Sacred sexuality for nearly 30 years
Curious to explore sexual transformation in a safe and gentle way ?

Welcome sister, you are beautiful as you are.

You are powerful, wild and deep woman waiting to be discovered. Like a diamond covered in a bit of dust. You may need a safe and slow gently space to be able to listen deeply enough to know this and an even slower gentler space to feel safe enough to let her emerge in a unique and authentic way. This is what this day is about.
We have so much we would like to share with you and a passion to create a safe, slow, and gentle space where deep healing is not only possible but accessible to all. 

Your wildness and tenderness are equally needed

Do you have an intuitive sense that there is so much more to your sexuality that you have been able to find thus far ? Well, you’re right.. there is !!

Spend the day with us if you are curious about working more deeply with us and want to get a deeper feel of how we work and where we are coming from. It is suitable for women who are brand new to this kind of thing or for women who are looking to expand or deepen their journey. 

Given we will have just one day together the focus will be on the foundations of how to empower ourselves as women, how to feel safe, how to choose what we do and don’t do. How to connect to our bodies and energies more in a way that feels easeful, delightful, gentle and most importantly in a way that feels safe for us. 

You will at no point be under any pressure to do anything that does not feel like a strong yes for you. After all, this is the deep wound women carry in their bodies and have done for millennia – so this is how we heal, to take time and slow down enough to be able to feel where we are, and how we might want to express ourselves or not. 

We will be giving you the essential teachings of our body of work and some experiential explorations to see what gifts are there of us. You will have time and space to go at your own pace and feel what is right for you. There will be a balance of different things throughout the day to experiment with and a safe container for those vulnerable moments to be fully supported. 

The principles of the work we offer

We honour the sacred intelligence of a woman’s body, and embrace the power we hold to potentise our sexual energy. We emerge clear and strong, once more on the throne of the High Priestess. If we can come into relationship with our sisters and come to know them as a sanctuary through building trust,  we are then much better equipped to navigate sexual intimacy with others.

As women we can all too easily launch ourselves into sexual encounters with partners and lovers before we have really felt into what is right for us in each moment. Desire can be a powerful thing and can override what it is we really want or need. Our clear expression of our ‘NO’, or the more subtle dance of asking for what we need.

It is with the support of other women that this work is most potent. From this circle, we can venture out and return to our own hearths to reflect and learn from the experiences we are having. In the ancient sacred sex teachings, this was the way. The elder women held and guided the maidens on the ways of sacred sexuality.

Whether heterosexual, bisexual or gay, we are all sexual beings. We need to know how to navigate our sexuality in the world as well as in the bedroom, whomever we choose for intimacy. This training is offered to you as a container to heal your own experiences of sexuality as well as heal and transform something in the lineage for us as women.

There is no one ‘right’ way to be as a sexual woman, all are welcome. Whether we are engaging our sexual energy for intimacy with another or using it to birth a project into the world, for personal creativity, caring for family or for healing, the course offers an in-depth journey to turn over every stone that is in the way of our total magnificence.

The work we offer is for you if you want to:
  • Remove the ancestral and cultural layers of conditioning that sit on top of your sexual aliveness.
  • Remove the shame and guilt that surround your free-flowing sexual energy.
  • Experience your sexual energy as something that nourishes you and as a healing power on all levels.
  • Truly bridge the heart-sex divide, the sex-spirit divide, and reclaim your sacredness, here, now, in this body, and in your genital connectedness.
  • Fully appreciate and enjoy the range of your pleasure and joy as a result of being in a woman’s body.
  • Honour the pace of your flow, slowing down and deeper listening.
  • Connecting our erotic energy with the cycles of nature and the cosmic erotic imprint.
  • Be able to harness the power of your sexual energy for manifesting your heart’s and soul’s longing.
  • Channel higher wisdom and knowledge, experience integrated altered states of consciousness and know the true nature of reality and of your essence, through the portal of your sexual energy.
  • Connect to and honour your Animal Nature, its innocence and wildness, authenticity and power;
  • Work with sexual deconditioning: addressing taboos, guilt, shame, rigidity and control, limiting beliefs and patterns, addiction, and wounds about sexuality, the body and what it means to be a woman.
  • Bring into the light the unconscious or unhealthy expressions of Eros, fear, and desire, and harness the power that has been trapped behind those distorted expressions.
  • Let go of power-based dynamics using your sexuality, which leave you feeling trapped in games unable to connect to deep intimacy, whether it is competition and jealousy with other women, or blaming and manipulation with men.

Click here to find out about the full six-day residential Kissing the snake residential nature immersion 


Sunday 21 April 2024 

10am – 4.30pm (doors close at 9.50am sharp)

The Bonnington centre, London

Lunch and Drinks
We will be providing hot drinks through the day and we invite you to either bring a packed lunch for yourself or bring food you can share for a pot luck lunch buffet


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