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Immersion – Into the Sacred feminine

Bookings close Friday 17th May –

This is a journey that can be taken on its own, or as a stepping stone into the women’s year long program Initiation, offering an option to deepen your exploration into the sacred feminine.

A nine-day, fully residential immersion held in the middle of the beautiful ancient forest, a journey into the reclaiming of our full essential self as woman. This immersion offers a profoundly transformational experience for women who are ready and longing for deep and real change in their life. 

  • What is it that you really long for?
  • What is preventing you from manifesting this longing?
  • What part of you needs reclaiming in order for you to express the fullness of your unique self?
  • What needs to be released that no longer serves you in opening up to your potential?
  • What gets in the way of you being in your full power?
  • What do you want but can’t make happen?

This is what we are gathering to explore. To reclaim ourselves as women we need to be in the company of women. We need to be supported by women, seen, understood and encouraged. 20 years of working this way has taught me the power of what can happen when we gather in circle this way and are committed to doing the work. When we are willing to show up, fuck up, love deeply, make a mess, be kind to ourselves and find the courage to open our hearts to the support being offered. To step beyond the fear and find the ways into renewed trust and safety with women.

The journey is 9 days long so that there is enough time to – s l o w   d o w n – so that we can actually listen inside and find ourselves. So we can put down the endless ‘to do’ list and the ‘It’s never enough list’ and recognise that there is a voice deep inside that is calling for our attention. The voice of wisdom that knows that there is more to life than this. That something needs to return home in us.

The potent field of transformation that happens when women come together in this way has been tried and tested for decades and it is with our willingness to come into connection in a safe and held way that so much of us can be loved and reclaimed . This is not about fixing you or changing you, it’s about discovering that you are already whole and brilliant, it’s just that you have lost touch with this and forgotten how to shine. That some layers of fear and shame have been placed over you and your brilliant light is underneath waiting to shine out. 

The 9 days will be deep but at the same time spacious, there will be time alone, time in circle, time in nature, time of silence, time of wildness, time for fun, time for deep healing and most important, time for you

It will include a 2-day ceremony of reclaiming the your lost soul parts, and a ceremony for honouring the summer solstice as we come into the full height of summer. Immersion will be fundamentally an outdoor camping event, we will live with the hearth fire at the centre of our experience. It will be our heartbeat and the anchor for all we do. A place we call home for the time we are together. We will live simply on the land and spend our evenings under the stars while warming our feet by the fire and sharing stories of inspiration.

If it is raining we have a beautiful large indoor heated space. This is not an endurance camping exercise, we will make sure you are comfortable, warm and have what you need to enjoy this way of living. There is also the option for women who feel that camping would stop them from coming to sleep in the main house. Below is info about the pricing for this. 

Jewels has spent the past 20 years reawakening these ancient sacred teachings and is passionate about bringing them forward to facilitate women in stepping into their power, bringing forth their gifts to the world. At this time on Earth the sacred feminine needs to return fully and bring forth the gifts she has for the transformation of all women and our world. 

The workshop will include:

  • Movement and dance
  • Healing body work
  • Time in nature
  • Being a part of a circle of women
  • Time to share and be heard and understood
  • Receiving support in your personal unfolding 
  • Practices that help you deepen your connection to your body
  • Ceremony and ritual to awaken the Sacred in us 
  • Time in the EarthLodge with the ancestors 
  • Sharing food and connecting round the heart fire 
  • Time on your own to rest and rejuvenate
  • Time of silence and inner reflection
  • Safe and held space to do deep healing work 
  • Stories from the grandmothers 


“There were very many occasions, both despite and related to my personal shame when my body felt freed to express a great ‘yesssss!’ because of the trust Jewels gives to her own welling of intuitive wisdom – and that in turn helped us all connect deeply to a beautiful great wisdom.” CM, participant in Initiation to the Sacred Feminine training

“Jewels Wingfield is a midwife for the mystery. She gives women full permission to birth their feminine soul, out of the chains of patriarchy and into the beauty of the world around them.” Tal Souleiman


June 15 @ 2:00 pm
June 23 @ 2:00 pm
£795 – £995


Puzzle House
EarthHeart, Gloucestershire GL14 3JQ United Kingdom
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