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Initiation into the Sacred Feminine

A year-long intensive training into the reclaiming of our whole essential self as woman, spread over the seasonal wheel of the year. Each module is connected to the seasons within that wheel. 

This is a deeply transformational life changing journey.

It is unique, complete map to living as the deepest whole woman you are. The dates on which we gather follow the natural seasons of the year, month and life arc of woman. We will delve deep into the landscape of what it means to be a woman, to fully heal, reclaim and celebrate all aspects of woman. 

Jewels has spent the past 20 years reawakening ancient sacred teachings of the feminine mysteries and is passionate about bringing them forward to facilitate women in stepping into their power, bringing forth their gifts to the world.

It takes a commitment to enter in a circle of sisters and return again and again so we can support each other in the collective unfolding.  It is offered to women who are ready to really say YES to themselves and who are done with the old paradigm. Who want to make true and real relationships with women and find the most empowered version of themselves and live it in their lives day to day. In the old paradigm we compete with each other and keeping ourselves separate and isolated. At this time on Earth the sacred feminine needs to return fully and bring forth the gifts she has for the transformation of all women and our world.

This initiation is a journey into how to reclaim and embody the beauty, power, wildness and fiercely loving heart that is the true feminine – to break through the generations of conditioning. This course IS life chnaging and is for women who are ready fot that and are behind themselves to say yes to whatever it is in their life that needs to change to creat space for the new in her.

Here is what you can expect..

  • Open to the full flow of your shakti energy as a woman
  • Experience the power of belonging to a circle of women and being encouraged to be your full self
  • Teachings from the ancient spiritual indigenous traditions of these lands
  • Get immersed in nature as she offers us healing and wisdom
  • Maps to unlock the sacred womb mysteries of knowledge held within each woman’s body
  • Practical tools and exercises that you can take and use in your everyday life
  • Become comfortable with your own feeling nature
  • Love your body at the deepest level
  • Communicate your truth with ease in any moment
  • Heal the wounds of your history as a woman and a girl
  • Connect with your innate womb wisdom and intuition
  • Discover the secrets of your cyclical nature
  • Understand and experience the full spectrum of your sexuality
  • Heal sexual abuse and psychological scarring
  • Discover what your unique gifts are and how to bring them into life
  • Create deep, honest and lasting friendships with women
  • Nourish yourself with rest and kindness as a radical act of self love

An introduction to the work


How is Jewels as a facilitator?


How has being at EarthHeart supported the year-long journey?


Why is this kind of work important?


How has Initiation changed the way you relate to other women?


Dates and practicals

Contact us if you’re interested in joining this training. 

  • All sessions take place at EarthHeart, deep in the Forest of Dean.
  • All modules begin at 1pm on the first day and end by 4.30pm on the last day.
  • You are required to attend all modules.
  • Lift sharing potentials are organised a few weeks before the date of the first module.

DATES 2019:
13-17 Mar – spring equinox
10-14 Apr – Beltane
19-23 Jun – summer solstice
11-15 Sept – autumn equinox
31 Oct -4 Nov – Samhain

26 days, full residential – includes all teachings,  materials and handouts. They are based on a sliding scale according to your means to pay. If you are considering booking on this training, you may wish to take out cancellation insurance with Cancelsure

All pries below include tuition fees and then Facilities, food and accommodation is added on to create the 3 totals below. Please choose which option you wish. 

Concession rate – for those on low income. Camping in tents or staying in your own campervan. Full use of campsite facilities, self-catering breakfast with use of camp kitchen, bathroom and compost toiletsAll lunches, suppers and hot drinks throughout the day  (or choose this option if you just prefer to camp) 

Indoor camping heated in the Forest Firelodge cabin. Full use of facilities, self-catering breakfast with use of camp kitchen and in-house bathroom. All lunches, suppers and hot drinks throughout the day

Room in house with shared bathroom, usually 2-3 sharing. All meals, hot drinks and full use of all facilities.

Payment plans can be set up to spread the costs. Please contact us to enquire. 

(please note special diets need to be arranged in advance, supplements apply)


“It will change your life, irrevocably, for the better if you do this work, and for all the women that you know.” Initiation participant, 2017

“I don’t know another experience that gives you a whole year to birth yourself, literally.” Initiation participant, 2017

“. . Second only to giving birth to my son, the women’s year long course was simply the most amazing experience of my life.  Feels like I am now regaining my true identity as a woman. I started the year feeling scared that I wouldn’t’t fit in with the group.  I’ve come away understanding what true love and support really feels like – simply amazing. Jewels, I can’t thank you enough for believing in me when I was unable to believe in myself” Janet

“. . This group changed my life, period. I didn’t know what I was missing, because feminine presence and holding was not within my experience. Now I exist within a sisterhood of deep trust, love acceptance and woman-ness that is the centre of my world and that continues since the group completed. The process was jaw droppingly beautiful and rich beyond measure. This is gold dust, and it’s available. Amazing . . ” Clare Dakin – founder of Tree sisters


March 21, 2018
November 4, 2018


Puzzle House
EarthHeart, Gloucestershire GL14 3JQ United Kingdom