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Come and join the circle of women gathering for the Initiation 2021 training, to dive deep into work that will create profound shifts in the way you relate to yourself as woman, and to other women. We are living in unprecedented time in our history.

Never has it been more important or needed for women to gather and reclaim the ways of our natural Souls. To co-create and collaborate our energies for both our own healing and in service to a new earth.

Please join us.

Jewels brings over 25 years experience of working with women, and this training has run for many, many years. It is still unique in the UK. 

Hear from women who have taken the Initiation journey, as they share their experiences.

A circle of sisters is gathering to witness each other as each woman unfolds the true expression of herself, held by sacred ceremony, by nature and by the practices of our ancestors who honoured and celebrated woman’s cyclical nature.

A life-changing course

Initiation is a year-long life changing course offered as an antidote to the challenges of both our inner and outer experience of life right now. It offers a pathway for women to reclaim their power, freedom, joy and innate wisdom

My advice to any woman looking to do this course is; do it. The money will appear, as will the time and commitment. When I contacted jewels 2 years ago to enquire, I didn’t have the money nor the time but I trusted it would happen. It had to. My life was a mess, I was so lost. The following year I was on the course and it has completely transformed my life to a place I could have only dreamed of. This work is not just for us women as individuals but for the collective. I’m so grateful that I trusted the calling and leaned into my wombs knowing and therefore was able to do it. If you feel called, there’s a reason. Trust your womb.

Kimberley Rose, Initiation participant

Bringing Ourselves Back Home

So many women instinctively feel that if they could open to the full flow of their shakti energy, if they could bring their full selves to life,  life could be even richer.

So many women are taught that their true feeling nature is ‘messy’ or ‘chaotic’, unwelcome in a world that values order and productivity above all else.

So many women feel alone, longing for a circle of women around them. Women with whom they can feel a deep bond of friendship and trust.

Initiation is a journey into how to reclaim and embody the beauty, power, wildness and fiercely loving heart that is the true feminine – to break through the generations of conditioning. Here is what you can expect..

  • Teachings from the ancient indigenous traditions of these lands
  • Learn how to access wisdom from the natural world
  • Learn womb divination as a gateway to feminine knowledge and healing
  • Maps to unlock the sacred womb mysteries of knowledge held within each woman’s body
  • Practical tools and exercises that you can take and use in your everyday life
  • Love your body as it is, a beautiful wild expression of nature
  • Communicate your truth with ease in any moment
  • Discover the secrets of your cyclical nature
  • Understand and experience the full spectrum of your sexuality
  • Heal sexual abuse and psychological scarring
  • Discover what your unique gifts are and how to bring them into life
  • Nourish yourself with rest and kindness as a radical act of self love

About the Course

This training, spread over 13 moons, gives you a complete indigenous embodied map to living as the deepest whole woman you are.

We will aim to gather in person at EarthHeart as much as we can within the current government guidelines of covid 19. For any dates we cannot meet in person the course will continue online.


PLEASE NOTE: We want you to feel safe and cared for when you come to EarthHeart, both in terms of the inner work we will be doing and also with your physical wellbeing and health. We follow government guidelines on the advised protocol for COVID19 and whatever the situation is at the time of the workshop we will implement this on site. 

We are able to create a lot of personal spacing (aka social distancing) during our workshops as they take place on the land and outdoors. You can bring your own food if you wish and camp in a tent also. We keep levels of hygiene to the best of our ability and encourage this among all those present.

The dates on which we gather follow the seasonal flow of the year, month and life arc of woman. The whole journey tracks the 4 main quadrants of the wheel which in turn embrace the 4 main aspects of woman. Within each of these we delve deep to fully heal, reclaim and celebrate these rich expressions of womanhood.

Each point on the year’s cycle marks a key energy change in nature around us and within us as women. They were marked and honoured by our ancestors, as part of their lives together, and in this way we support the coming into our innate connection with these cycles living within us. The residential modules of the course take place at Earthheart, Jewels’ centre nestled deep within the ancient Forest of Dean Or online if government guidelines prevent gatherings) 

Jewels has spent the past 25 years reawakening these ancient sacred teachings. She is passionate about bringing them forward to facilitate women in stepping into their power, bringing forth their gifts to the world.

In the patriarchal paradigm we compete with each other, keeping ourselves separate and isolated. Because of this cultural overlay, it takes a commitment to enter a circle of sisters and return again and again so we can support each other in the collective unfolding.  

For us personally, as a gift to the collective

At this time on Earth the sacred feminine needs to return fully and bring forth the gifts she has for the transformation of all women and our world.

Applying for the training

This training is by application so we can be sure we are able to take the best care of you on your journey. Once you have made your deposit, we will arrange a Zoom call with one of the teaching team members. If you’re interested in joining this training, please put down a deposit (see further down the page) and contact us to arrange your Zoom call. (Lift sharing potentials are organized a few weeks before the date of the first module)

What the training includes:

12 modules spread over the Celtic wheel of the year, given as follows:

  • 5 in-person fully residential gatherings (or online if government guidelines prevent) 
  • A minimum of 3 online gatherings
  • 1  in-person residential peer gathering (camping)
  • Personal study practices to do between modules

How it works

  • All residential take place at EarthHeart and are land based. 
  • All modules begin 1pm on the first day and end by 4.30pm on the last day.
  • You are required to attend all modules.
  • Online gatherings are 2 hours.
  • Personal study practices are given to do between modules as preparation for the next gathering.


EarthHeart residential – Module 1 – 12th-16th May
Online gathering – 8th June
EarthHeart residential – Module 2 – 28th July -1st Aug
EarthHeart residential – Module 3 – 20th-22nd Aug
Online gathering – 6th Sept
EarthHeart residential – Module 4 – 22nd – 26 Sept
Online gathering – 1st Nov
EarthHeart residential – Module 5 – 1st-5th Dec
Online gathering – 7th Feb
EarthHeart residential – Module 6 – 20th-24th April (2022)


£2,900 – payment plans are also offered, please see below
We offer a limited number of concessions for each training. If you like to apply for one please email us for an application form. (deadline for these is November 30th 2020)

Accommodation – camping
For all gatherings at EarthHeart you are welcome to camp on our eco campsite for free as our guest. There are hot showers, state of the art compost toilets and a communal fire to gather round.

Accommodation – log cabins
We have a limited number of indoor camping spaces for the colder months in our heated forest log cabins. If you wish to book a space in one there is an additional charge of £15 per night

Accommodation – house
If camping either indoors or outdoors would prevent you from participating in the training (e.g. due to disability or health issues) we offer a limited number of spaces in the house as accommodation. Please contact us at the time of your application to discuss this so we can best support you. The additional charge for this is £30 per night.

Meals and hot drinks 
For our evening meal we will come together after our day’s adventures and eat a beautifully prepared meal which is home made, vegan and wheat-free. Breakfast and lunch are self catering and you are welcome to bring the things you enjoy eating. We have a large fully functioning communal outdoor undercover field kitchen with  a cooker, fridge, kettles and all utensils supplied. There is also a dining/hang-out area to gather and prepare food and make hot drinks, wash up etc etc.  
(for the evening meal special diets can be catered for but need to be arranged in advance, supplements charges apply)

Payment plans
Once you’ve made your deposit, the balance can be spread over a payment plan. Fees must be paid in full by the start date of the training. We strongly advise that you book early so you can maximise the time available to spread the payments. Please contact us to enquire.


“It will change your life, irrevocably, for the better if you do this work, and for all the women that you know.” Initiation participant, 2017

“Every woman on the planet need the level of connection that this work enables. A place to bring all of ourselves and feel safe and held while doing the work, that is so rare. It is a total privilage to have found a place like this.” Rebecca, Initiation 2018

“. . Second only to giving birth to my son, the women’s year long course was simply the most amazing experience of my life.  Feels like I am now regaining my true identity as a woman. I started the year feeling scared that I wouldn’t’t fit in with the group.  I’ve come away understanding what true love and support really feels like – simply amazing. Jewels, I can’t thank you enough for believing in me when I was unable to believe in myself” Janet

“. . This group changed my life, period. I didn’t know what I was missing, because feminine presence and holding was not within my experience. Now I exist within a sisterhood of deep trust, love acceptance and woman-ness that is the centre of my world and that continues since the group completed. The process was jaw-droppingly beautiful and rich beyond measure. This is gold dust, and it’s available. Amazing . . ” Clare Dakin – founder of Tree sisters

“A deep, deep bow to Jewels. Her skills at holding space for a diverse group of women who are engaged with deep soul-work, are superlative. I admire her for the manner in which she works with people in circle at the deepest level, without bullying, without rescuing, without pushing. It’s an honour to watch. A rare and precious gift” Melanie Santorini, Initiation participant


May 12, 2021
May 16, 2021
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Puzzle House
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Initiation£495.00Initial deposit on Initiation

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