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Initiation into the Sacred Feminine

A year long journey into the reclaiming of our whole essential self as woman. This is a deeply transformational , life changing experience.

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to begin the journey sooner than 2020, you can join Immersion in June 2019 which is part of the Initiation program

This training spread over a year gives you as a woman a complete map to living as the deepest whole woman you are. The dates on which we gather follow the natural seasons of the year, month and life arc of woman. It follows the 4 main quadrants of the wheel which embrace the 4 main aspects of woman. Within each of these we will delve deep into the landscape to fully heal, reclaim and celebrate this aspect of woman. These points on the year mark key energy changes in nature around us and within us as women. In this way we support the coming into our innate connection with these cycles living within us.

Jewels has spent the past 20 years reawakening these ancient sacred teachings and is passionate about bringing them forward to facilitate women in stepping into their power, bringing forth their gifts to the world.

It takes a commitment to enter in a circle of sisters and return again and again so we can support each other in the collective unfolding.  In the old paradigm we compete with each other and keeping ourselves separate and isolated. At this time on Earth the sacred feminine needs to return fully and bring forth the gifts she has for the transformation of all women and our world.

This initiation is a journey into how to reclaim and embody the beauty, power, wildness and fiercely loving heart that is the true feminine – to break through the generations of conditioning. Here is what you can expect..

  • Open to the full flow of your shakti energy as a woman
  • Experience the power of belonging to a circle of women and being encouraged to be your full self
  • Teachings from the ancient spiritual indigenous traditions of these lands
  • Maps to unlock the sacred womb mysteries of knowledge held within each woman’s body
  • Practical tools and exercises that you can take and use in your everyday life
  • Become comfortable with your own feeling nature
  • Love your body at the deepest level
  • Communicate your truth with ease in any moment
  • Heal the wounds of your history as a woman and a girl
  • Connect with your innate womb wisdom and intuition
  • Discover the secrets of your cyclical nature
  • Understand and experience the full spectrum of your sexuality
  • Heal sexual abuse and psychological scarring
  • Discover what your unique gifts are and how to bring them into life
  • Create deep, honest and lasting friendships with women
  • Nourish yourself with rest and kindness as a radical act of self love

An introduction to the work


How is Jewels as a facilitator?


How has being at EarthHeart supported the year-long journey?


Why is this kind of work important?


How has Initiation changed the way you relate to other women?


Practicals and application

This training is by application so we can be sure we are able to take the best care of you on your journey. On application, you will have a brief Skype with one of the teaching team members. Contact us if you’re interested in joining this training.

(Lift sharing potentials are organized a few weeks before the date of the first module)

What the training includes:

12 modules spread over the Celtic wheel of the year, given as follows:

  • 5 in-person fully residential gatherings  (25 days)
  • 3 online gatherings
  • 1  sister circle pier gathering (camping)
  • 3 personal study modules to support your individual journey

How it works

  • All residential gatherings take place at EarthHeart and begin 1pm on the first day and end by 4.30pm on the last day.
  • You are required to attend all residential modules.
  • 2 modules will be camping and being outdoors in the summer 
  • Online gatherings are 2.5 hours on a Tuesday.
  • Personal study practices are given to do between modules as preparation for the next gathering.

Dates 2020-2021 (exact dates TBC)

5-9 Feb – residential at EarthHeart
17 March – evening online gathering
22-26 April – residential at EarthHeart
17-21 June – camping at EarthHeart
21-23 Aug – camping at EarthHeart (sister circle)
29 Sept -evening online gathering
4-8 Nov – residential at EarthHeart
8 Dec – evening online gathering
20-24 Jan (2021) – residential at EarthHeart

You are worth it and you do deserve it. Accommodation is offered with different options depending on what you enjoy and your budget. It includes meals, all teachings, materials & handouts. We offer a limited number of concessions for each training. If you like to apply for one please email us for an application form. These are on a first come first serve basis and tend to go early. All fees include VAT at the standard rate.

OPTION 1: Outdoor camping – Early bird if paid by 1st March £2,450 (after that £2,950)
Camping in your own tent or camper-van on our campsite. Self-catering breakfast. All lunches, suppers etc included.

OPTION 2: Indoor camping – Early bird if paid by 1st March £2,650 (after that £3,200)
In the Forest Lodge. Self-catering breakfast. All lunches and suppers etc included.

OPTION 3: Room in house – Early bird if paid by 1st March £2,950 (after that £3,700)
Sharing a room in house 2-3 people per room. All meals etc included 

Special diet  
Special diets can be catered for. They need to be arranged in advance, supplements charge applies)

Payment plans
These can be set up to spread the costs. Fees must be paid in full by the start date of the training. We strongly advise that you book early so you can maximize the time available to spread the payments. Please contact us to enquire.



“It will change your life, irrevocably, for the better if you do this work, and for all the women that you know.” Initiation participant, 2017

“I don’t know another experience that gives you a whole year to birth yourself, literally.” Initiation participant, 2017

“. . Second only to giving birth to my son, the women’s year long course was simply the most amazing experience of my life.  Feels like I am now regaining my true identity as a woman. I started the year feeling scared that I wouldn’t’t fit in with the group.  I’ve come away understanding what true love and support really feels like – simply amazing. Jewels, I can’t thank you enough for believing in me when I was unable to believe in myself” Janet

“. . This group changed my life, period. I didn’t know what I was missing, because feminine presence and holding was not within my experience. Now I exist within a sisterhood of deep trust, love acceptance and woman-ness that is the centre of my world and that continues since the group completed. The process was jaw droppingly beautiful and rich beyond measure. This is gold dust, and it’s available. Amazing . . ” Clare Dakin – founder of Tree sisters


March 11, 2020
November 1, 2020


Puzzle House
EarthHeart, Gloucestershire GL14 3JQ United Kingdom