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Ignite the Passion

A Valentine gateway into Intimacy

for couples wanting to ignite the spark of sex and intimacy

Begins on Valentines day morning 

Have you lost the sexual spark you used to have?

Do you feel a bit lost as to how to create intimacy?

Would you value some new ideas & practices to help you?

Would you like support with an experienced couple as your guides ?

Would you like to keep the passion alive, long-term?

A three-week / 4 module online course for couples in long term relationships. This course will help you rekindle intimacy, curiosity, and sensuality in your relationship — whichever stage of life you’re in.

The course will help you better navigate feelings of  fear of rejection, complacency, loss of energy, frustration and a sense that are just not doing something the way you want or need. You will get a better understanding of your erotic self and what it is you are really longing for in INtimacy, experience differences in desire or turn-ons that are hard to communicate.

It’s common to struggle with feelings of shame around sexuality – many people don’t know where to start. 

(places are limited, first come first serve)

Offered on the gift economy basis, book below

When you join the course, you and your partner will...

  • Receive step by step guidance in creating safe, loving, passionate sexual intimacy
  • Learn to create deeper trust and empathy between you
  • Develop methods to be able to hear your partner’s request for healthy sexual connection
  • Learn how to ask for you what you really want without shame or guilt
  • Unblock the fears that get in the way of feeling relaxed in yourself

What people say about our intimacy work...

“…I got so much from each couple’s sharing….Jewels you have an Exocet quality, of just being right there exactly in the space where your needed to be. You have a tremendous gift, you’re the real deal, your authenticity is utter and you’re frankly genius …”

“…Mark you’re so very caring, and able to hit something that might not have been acknowledged or recognised in the relationship . . .”

Marion and Neil 2020

We offer support that gets to the heart of the matter of what is in the way and offers you effective tools you can use EVERY DAY, to create amazing Intimacy!

With over 30 years combined experience, we bring you potent, proven pathways to take you back into heartful, soulful connection that leaves you both feeling alive, open-hearted and juicy.

(places are limited, first come first serve)

Offered on the gift economy basis, book below

How will the course benefit my relationship?

Our unique program has been created from years of experience working with couples on the theme of intimacy and sexuality. Most couples at one time or another have challenges in this area and we are here to get you connected again with some simple, powerful, easy to use methods. This is not about sticking a temporary plaster on anything, it’s about getting to the very heart of the issue and offering you pathways out of the struggle and back into connection.

We are all too aware of the challenges that this year has brought to so many couples. We have seen amazing results using these new and revolutionary methods to get couples back on track and talking well.

And we are also aware of the financial challenges that many couples are facing. This is why we are offering this course on a donation basis.

Held in the power of a community of other couples, you will learn not just from us but from the entire circle of fellow travellers which in itself offers as many insights and teachings as the course content. We hold all within a professional context, with the strictest of confidentiality.

Join us in discovering tools that really do transform your way of communicating.

Start from right where you are; we welcome you just as you are and are super keen to help you get back on track. There is no failure or shame in struggling in a relationship. It’s normal and inevitable that relationships have ups and down.

We are here to help you smooth out those bumps!

What couples say about our online courses

“…..I want to express my huge gratitude for the alchemy that you create together and that you hold….”

“….Jewels, you have this quality of being able to elevate to a great height, see the universal picture and then bring that understanding down into the truth of the moment. Mark, it feels like you act as Jewels’ lightning conductor and her earthing tool. The energy you brought was very powerful and masculine but without any ego or need to dominate …..” 

Simon and Clare, 2020

Places are limited. Couples can only attend ONE of these online courses per year. This is to make the work as accessible to as many couples as possible.

Offered on the gift economy basis, book below

Watch as Jewels and Mark guide a couple through a simple practice to support heart connection through exploring longings.

The practice is used to cut through the strategies and defences that usually get them stuck with a repeating argument. It brings them into a powerful connected space where alchemy happens.



We begin on Valentines Day morning 2021 with our first meeting in the morning and then another in the evening, followed by 2 more sessions in the following weeks.

The course will be limited in numbers and will be on a first come first serve basis. The course is offered on the ‘gift economy’ principle. This means that you are invited to pay from your gratitude for what you feel you have received. We ask for an initial donation to secure your place and as a gesture to take seriously your place on the course so that other are not prevented from attending if you change your mind at the last minute or during.

We want to make our work accessible to those who need it. We also want our work to be received in gratitude and to help cover our costs, and offering of time and expertise.

Times & Dates

14th February 11am – 1pm and 7pm – 9pm
21st February 5 – 7pm
28th February 5 – 7pm

Places are limited. Couples can only attend ONE of these online courses per year. This is to make the work as accessible to as many couples as possible.

All sessions are hosted online via Zoom. You need to be able to attend all sessions and be in the same physical location as your partner for all sessions.

About your guides

With decades of experience supporting couples through workshops, longer trainings and one-to-one sessions, we bring a depth of lived experience and a toolkit of practices and approaches to our work. Mark has a depth and breadth of experience and knowledge in working with men and the understanding of the common themes that arise for them.

Whether you have been together for 50 years or are new together, you are welcome.

Whether your relationship is rich and fulfilling and you simply want to deepen what you have already, or if you’re struggling and in difficulty you are welcome. We are very excited for you to join us. We love working with couples no matter what the nature of your relationship.

How we offer support

There is no right or wrong way to ‘do’ relationship and we work with each couple to honour their chosen way. There is no standard of longevity of connection for example, and no set rules –  you may be in a monogamous or open relationship, enjoy a particular kind of sexuality etc.

We are here to support you both to feel empowered and to support your choices made from that empowered place. We work with all kinds of couples; those who have been together for 50 years and 5 months, those who have no sex life and those who seek unusual ways to connect.

We do not judge, we are interested to support you to find the love and the connection you long for. Simple as that!

Art by Henri Lamy


“I’ve done quite a number of workshops with different teachers, but Jewels’ couples workshops have been the deepest, most powerful and beautiful experiences I’ve had so far. I am so grateful to the new start you have given my relationship.”
John C

“The online couples event last night was INCREDIBLY helpful – we both woke up this morning very much in love with each other and full of hope for working out our differences – you two are a great team – and Jewels is like a relationship ninja!”
OP and AH

“You are both so skilled at holding space…. I felt held and safe and warm and connected and free. Particularly amazing that you made me feel that way through Zoom”
Poppy and Chris


February 14
February 28
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