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Couples in Threshold

April 1, 2024

Four day residential nature immersion

Beautiful, radical, deep & transformational work for couples who are at a threshold, want to heal & take the relationship to the next level.
If you are answering yes to any of these questions below, I can help:

~ Do you feel the potential in your relationship to go to the next level but not sure how ?

~ Would you like to see what is possible between you that is as yet unknown ?

~ Are you going round and round in the same conflicts and arguments ?

~ Are you longing for things to work and up for trying something new ?

~ Do you feel keen for change ?

~ Have you tried therapy but it didn’t transform anything ?

~ Are you maybe on the edge of splitting up or feeling at a loss ?

This is not therapy

I have over 30 years experience working with couples and the context of all the work I do is rooted in our interconnectedness with the web of life. Humans are elemental nature beings and our feelings and experiences of being human need to be contextualised within a wider understanding of our ancestral deep time conditioning. A lot of what we get stuck in with relating is due to the systemic generational patterning that we get taught down the lineage and through cultural conditioning. This is why working in the context of others in collective trauma and patterning decelerates our healing.  

I am here to help. My work goes much deeper than therapy. It is a radical approach to transforming even the most stuck and seemingly hopeless places you find yourselves in.

I specialise in working with couples who are in crisis. This retreat is for couples who really want to make the relationship work, couples who are willing to work deeply with me and explore if and how their relationship can be mended. 

I am fully aware of how vulnerable, scared and hopeless you might be feeling, along with possible anger, grief and despair. This work will be deep, raw and challenging and I will hold you in it from a loving, compassionate and caring place. 

In order to be able to do this kind of radical work there needs to be enough time to build trust, as well as space to allow the process to work. If you are serious about doing what it takes then I will walk with you through the threshold and hold you with my care, wisdom, committed attention and my time.

“Thank you so much for the Thresholds, I can’t really find the words because its implications are so significant for our relationship and our lives together…. a really transformational chapter”

Paul and Harriet

In this short video, Jewels guides a couple through a repeated conflict they experience and bring them back to connection. This is one of many methods I use when I work with you as a couple.

My Values and how I support you

I do not hold to a specific type or style of relationship. I honour what you have chosen as a couple and support you to make that thrive. And if the type of relationship you want has changed, I will explore that with you too and find new ways to create what you want together, so that both of you feel empowered in your choices.

I do not aspire to any particular expressions of sexuality, I welcome all aspects of expression and celebrate your unique and individual way of expressing your sexual being. My guiding principle is this:

‘As long as it is truly consenting, held with a loving heart and mutual respect then let’s explore!’ 

Weathering the Storms of Relationship

Read more about our vision and process for relationships in threshold on the blog here.

This transformational intensive is for you if:

~ You are committed to your own inner work
~ You are ready to step out of the blame game and take responsibility
~ You are willing to be really honest with yourself and your partner
~ You are willing to be vulnerable and open
~ You are open to the possibility of letting go of resentments and hurts from the past
~ You are open to our reflections and guidance
~ You feel like you’ve tried other things but nothing has worked

This transformational intensive is NOT for you if:

~ You want to continue to blame your partner 
~ You want to continue to blame yourself
~ You want your partner to change but not yourself 
~ You want some quick techniques that stick a temporary plaster on things.
~ You are not interested in looking inwards at yourself and evolving consciously as a person

Join Jewels for a guided practice in speaking the language of the heart to your beloved.

Booking policy

We request that you take the time to read our
 cancellation and booking policy before purchasing your ticket.

We ask this so you can be sure you’re making an informed choice about your ticket purchase as we do not make exceptions to the policy.
This is important to us and we thank you in advance for taking the time. 

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April 1, 2024


Puzzle House
EarthHeart, Gloucestershire GL14 3JQ United Kingdom
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