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Thresholds – Call of her Soul

This workshop incorporates the teachings of our ancestors into coming home to our natural cyclical nature as women. 

Our women ancestors lived with their wombs at the centre of life. The cyclical nature of our wombs and the cycles of nature are a mirror in each other. By weaving them together we can come more deeply into balance with ourselves, the natural world in which we live and in connection with the cycles of life.

Our pathway back to our Soul imprint as woman lies in the indigenous teachings of our ancestors, wisdom carried and lived for millennia. Rooted in Earth-based spirituality this path shows women how to connect to their essential innate full nature in every aspect- from her power and wisdom through to her sexuality,  creativity, spirituality, holistic wellbeing. It offers a path through the life arc of woman rooted  in her womb consciousness.

These ancient teachings are the birthright of every woman and form the essential pathway to living in balance and harmony with ourselves, cradled within the entire web of life. Suppressed for millennia through the modern church and patriarchy, only now are the teachings re-emerging as women feel courageous enough to trust their own innate body intelligence and wisdom within to hear the call. Many women have been feeling a desire to connect more deeply to themselves and who they truly are but have been unclear how to reclaim this connection.

What we journey into:

  • Deepening into our hearts landscape  and sharing this with a circle of women.
  • Reclaiming parts of us that have been lost, buried or forgotten.
  • Welcoming all aspects and faces of ourselves as women
  • Allowing the intelligence of our feeling nature to bring us home to our power and truth
  • A safe space to speak our truth and be heard in it without having to ‘justify’ ourselves.
  • Reclaiming our sacred womb connection and it’s cyclical nature as a spiritual path to our fullness
  • A space to allow our feelings to be expressed without analysis or explanation and receive empathy and understanding.
  • Discovering what it feels like to really be seen and welcomed as you are as a woman by a circle of sisters


“It was such a gentle weekend and yet so profound. I have tended to do my healing in quite a harsh ‘no pain no gain’ kind of way… this weekend took it to a whole new level, to such a feminine way of healing.”

Melanie, Wombdala participant 2018

“I walked into your workshop as a woman who hated my body, my emotions and my period. I walked out with a whole new appreciation of what it is to be a woman, proud and no longer apologising.” 

KR, participant in Wombdala 2-hour workshop

“There were very many occasions, both despite and related to my personal shame when my body felt freed to express a great ‘yesssss!’ because of the trust Jewels gives to her own welling of intuitive wisdom – and that in turn helped us all connect deeply to a beautiful great wisdom.”

CM, participant in Initiation to the Sacred Feminine training


March 8 @ 5:00 pm
March 10 @ 4:30 pm
£240 – £420


Puzzle House
EarthHeart, Gloucestershire GL14 3JQ United Kingdom
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