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Autumn Queen -Menopause workshop

A workshop for women who are either think they may be approaching, or are in, menopause.

Menopause is the second sacred rite of passage in a woman’s life. It is an initiation into an ever more potent embodiment of her own power. 

The sacred teaching of the autumn (menopause) quadrant of a woman’s life is sexuality….her sexuality starts to be linked with spirituality. It becomes a holy space. Claiming her place in this turning of the wheel, a woman journeys through an alchemical passage, taking time to look at what no longer serves her, and how the power in her now requires expression as she becomes an embodiment of the Autumn Queen. In honouring this passage she may find her sovereignty as woman in her  full maturity and depth.

A woman’s first rite of passage was at the time of her first menstruation, traditionally known as the menarche. In indigenous cultures this was marked with a ceremony as a way to initiate and guide her into her power as a woman. The ceremony marked the start of her spiritual life through her womb consciousness, the embarcation on a journey with her womb that will take her through many life experiences.

The Sacred Pause – a rebirth of you

The menopause is a radical awakening for woman. From a spiritual perspective it is a gateway into an even deeper alignment with the essence of a woman as the sacred embodiment of the feminine, and how to live that aspect in this world. It is arguably the most potent time for woman and the gifts it offers are deeply misunderstood and buried under the weight of the patriarchal system. It is a calling to her to discover her clarity that is unshakable in a world. To open to her bliss and power in a way that is in service both to her and to the world.

Are you ready ?

Most women who are currently entering menopause were brought up in the paradigm that sees this time as the end of the road for her. Few women of this era ever went through a menarche ceremony or had any knowledge passed to them about the sacredness of the womb, of the power it holds or how to use these powers in service to ourselves and to life.

Then the menopause comes and she is told by society that it’s all over for her. That she will be no longer needed for anything, nor wanted by men because she is not a maiden or a mother.

The Holy Truth about Menopause

The truth is that this is where it starts to get really interesting for women in a way that is not possible to comprehend until you are there. Modern Western culture has little clue about the power of a post-menopausal woman and there is a lot of cultural fear of her.

This workshop is designed for women who are feeling the call of this change and wanting to work with it consciously. It serves as a container to prepare for or deepen this experience and really get inside what it is all about, so it can truly take you further into yourself as woman and you can really live the life you want to live, for YOU !

It will include a ceremony to mark this rite of passage and an opportunity to discover how this time of profound change can be a gift to you and take you into your power in a way that makes your life work for you. It puts you back at the centre of your life.

Watch my interview with Katie Phillips of the School of Self Love, on the topic of women’s sexuality during menopause, and the truth about how it changes.

If you are approaching or in menopause you may recognise that:

  • The way you see life is fundamentally changing
  • You can feel something deep inside calling you, a whisper that won’t go away about changes you need to make in your life.
  • You’ve an unexplainable sense of excitement that something amazing is being birthed in you; but you don’t know what.
  • You’re hearing a big loud ‘NO!’ inside and you used to always be such a ‘yes’ person, so giving and helpful.
  • You’ve lost connection to your faith / spiritual path
  • You feel like you’ve wasted your life/regret choices you made
  • There’s a fire inside you that calls to a deeper truth
  • You want to leave or have left a long term relationship
  • You want to or have quit the job you used to love
  • You want to do something different with your life.
  • You’ve lost confidence about being an attractive woman
  • You feel invisible to men
  • You’ve had enough of ‘duty’ sex
  • You can no longer cope with the demands being put on you
  • You no longer want to be mothering your children
  • You’re losing your cool in a way you never used to
  • You feel teary and sad for no apparent reason
  • You feel grief about no longer being able to have children
  • You feel empty on the inside and wondering what it is all about
  • Your body getting heat rushes in the night or day
  • Recurring health challenges, physical symptoms of many kinds
  • You’ve lost the life force energy you used to have

What you will receive on the workshop

  • A new understanding and ancient sacred teachings of what Menopause is about for you.
  • A new map through which to navigate this sacred passage
  • A ceremony to prepare you for it or take you deeper into it.
  • Share experiences and receive support with a circle of other menopausal women.
  • Tools and tips to help you manage your wellbeing.
1-3 Nov 2019
The workshop runs from 5pm on the Friday until 4.30pm on the Sunday


“This woman’s work is the realness you’ve been searching for” Sarah B

“Jewels Wingfield is a midwife for the mystery. She gives women full permission to birth their feminine soul, out of the chains of patriarchy and into the beauty of the world around them.” Tal Souleiman

“Most women need some kind of encouragement to see how strongly we’ve been conditioned and to start stepping back into our feminine power, magic, love and sacred space. This workshop brings layers of clearing; sweeping away the strings that tether us.” Andrea


November 1 @ 5:00 pm
November 3 @ 4:30 pm
£240 – £420


Puzzle House
EarthHeart, Gloucestershire GL14 3JQ United Kingdom
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Special diet  
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