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13 moons – Rebirth

About the course 
Thirteen Moons Rebirth is an experiential life-changing journey held over 13 lunar cycles taking you through the menopausal rite of passage onto the throne of your Autumn Queen.
It is a  held and guided journey for women interested in exploring menopause as a conscious gateway into her spiritual awakening as woman. It is for women who are interested in exploring menopause as a time that brings so much more than a set of physical symptoms to try to get rid of, or as emotional and mental upheaval to endure. It is for women who long to step into deeper personal empowerment.

This potent journey is taken within a circle of menopausal women. This is one of the key and crucial aspects of this training. As menopausal women we have not had the guidance or support for millennia, in understanding the spiritual dimensions of this rite of passage . We need the circle of women  to support us to step through the gateway and feel our sisters walking with us – through the ups and downs and ins and outs.

Mutual support, deep listening and heartfelt sharing amplifies each woman’s own alchemical journey. At this time more than any other, women need each other to hold the map for the journey, to find the signposts and insights that help them navigate a passage that can otherwise feel scary and isolating, such is its potency.

It is suitable for any woman who is at any stage of the menopause journey – whether approaching its gateway or coming to the end of its journey.  If you are not sure where you are on this journey, please contact me for a short questionnaire that will help you to clarify. 

Please be aware that Thirteen Moons primarily looks at the spiritual dimensions of this rite of passage. We won’t be offering health or medical advice and suggest that you also seek out good medical support alongside this journey. From the perspective of a spiritual journey our physical, emotional and mental ‘symptoms’ are seen as the wisdom of the body and soul, seeking  to point to what wants our attention. This is not to say that we should not apply good self care as we must, but not to mask the symptoms and miss the gold – if you would like support with your physical health I can recommend a woman who can offer you this, please get in touch.

A new landscape
A new landscape is emerging, for a woman entering menopause. A new fire is burning within you and like all fires, it has the capacity to both destroy and create. We as women hold in our belly and in our hands a newly-forged power. Our task is to acquaint ourselves with its keen edge, with its uncompromising strength. To embody it. Nothing less will do.The call will come. No matter what else clamours for your attention – children, career, elderly parents, friends, lovers and partners – the call is clarion clear and for your ears alone. This call will change us, and the nature of that change is our choice. Any resources we can free up to devote to hearing and honouring what is called forth in us will be returned in the depth of the shift our souls make as we become clearer, stronger and more radiant.

Whether that is five minutes a day, or whether it is a whole 13 moons out on retreat, it doesn’t matter. There is no need for heroics, and in answering the call in a way that is within our means, each woman takes and tends her own emergent new brilliance with compassion first and foremost for herself.

For this is the call. For us and us alone. First and foremost. Trusting that whatever calls to our soul will ripple out in blessings for our family and friends. Will reinvigorate our work. And inspire us to love ever more passionately.But right now; we come first.

Do you hear the call ?
There is no ‘right’ time to take your 13 moons. You can take it anytime from the first sense you have that you may be approaching or entering it until you feel you are near the end.  Each women will hear the call in her own way. The call is there though we may not recognise it, as we may be fighting it to try to stay in the old familiar ways.  Here are some signs that you may be ready…

  • You want to walk out of your life
  • You want to leave your job/career
  • You are no longer interested in the things you once were
  • You don’t want to be a full-time mother anymore 
  • You are sick of trying to meet everyone’s needs
  • There is deep exhaustion in you
  • You have started to ask yourself what YOU actually want
  • You want to leave a long term relationship
  • You have gone off sex 
  • Your want to be in your own company more than before 
  • You want everyone to just ‘F off’!
  • You are questioning what life is really about at a deep level
  • You feel disillusioned about ‘God’
  • You fantasize about plastic surgery to recoup your youth
  • None of your clothes feel right anymore 

My personal menopause story – how I came to offer this course

In August 2015 at my 50th birthday party, I had a total physical and spiritual breakdown, which culminated in me ending up in hospital. This was a massive wake up call in realizing that as I was journeying through menopause I simply could not continue at the pace I had been going all my life. That the way I was living was unsustainable, I was not recognizing that my body, mind, and soul were changing.

To cut a long story short, one day when I was gazing out at a favorite beech tree of mine, I was told in no uncertain terms by her that if I didn’t change my ways my life was going to continue to crash and burn. This is the teacher of menopause, it is fierce love and a strong mirror of what cannot continue. Because menopause is a spiritual and bodily rite of passage and lays the ground for the second half of our lives, whatever happens at this time will impact how the rest of this cycle unfolds. The tree told me I needed to take 13 moons (a little more than a year) out of my life and go inside and listen, to really do the inner work I needed to do. 

I argued hard with that tree – clearly, it did not understand my life, that I ran a huge project, I needed money to live on, plus a lot of people who depend on me, etc. The list went on as I shouted at the tree even though I knew the truth of what was being shown to me.

What came back was the turning point in it all – if you DON’T make this change your life is over anyway – so it was clear, I had to risk it all, my survival, everything. I had to surrender and risk being broke, homeless and with no purpose.

Surrender is a powerful thing and I knew it was about to be my teacher for the next 13 moons. I had to trust that somehow life would take care of me, that I would somehow be fed and pay the bills and even if I could not, at least I would still be alive. I put a caravan in the woods and made a fire there and a nest to sink into. I spend time over this 13 moon passage to just go in and ask the questions about my life, about it all, about god, about the world. I was shown many many things that feel edgy to bring but I have returned with a basket full of harvested experiences and wisdom and some powerful potent insight as to how we need to embrace this time as a sacred rite of passage into something wildly beautiful, erotic, alive and wise and how it is one of the main pillars of the threshold on which humanity finds itself, and what menopausal women need to be doing and being, especially around sexuality which is at the center of it all.

I would love to share this with you, I am bursting with the wisdom gathered from my own rite of passage, that just feels so exciting and empowering. I want you to know about it so we can change the whole paradigm around menopause and reclaim it as this sacred rite of passage. And sit on the throne of the Autumn Queen where she belongs.

I believe passionately that taking 13 moons to journey consciously this way through menopause is essential for women and I have pioneered this and now bring it to you. I was blessed to have a close circle of sisters who supported me on my journey but I took the journey alone. All the way through I felt strongly that the key missing piece was a circle of menopausal sisters who were on the same exploration as me.

The course has been slowly revealing itself to me since my own 13 moons journey and is now ready to be birthed and offered. I do hope you feel the cal as I believe that it is menopausal women who have the wisdom, power, and experience to make real change in the world. 


Each women needs to find her way of taking this journey that she feels is workable for her. Mine was quite extreme because I needed it to be, yours does not need to be the same as mine.  You may still continue to live your life as you do and simply make changes within it, enrich your inner life and do thew work while balancing this with your work life and family life  You may also choose to do as I did and take a complete step out from your life, or something in between. There is no right or wrong way to do it.

But what is here is support, so that you can explore it and make it what it needs to be for you. 

There are 4 stages of menopause and they mirror directly the 4 stages of a womans’ monthly cycle. They are….

  • Separation – accepting death of the old ways
  • Surrender – letting go of control, entering the void
  • Visioning – what wants to be born in you
  • Rebirth – coming back to life in a new way

This journey is for you if you want to: 

  • Feel powerful and beautiful inside and radiate this beauty into the world
  • Feel naturally sexy and flow with deep mature sexual energy
  • Manifest a lover or relationship with someone who can meet you in this new power
  • Be at the centre of your own life living how you want to
  • Love the work that you do
  • Feel confident to speak your truth when needed
  • Know how to take care of your own needs and have clear boundaries 
  • Feel fearless to express yourself exactly as you want 
  • Find deep spiritual meaning in life
  • Become a wise elder that people look up to 
  • Grown old gracefully and disgracefully
  • Know yourself and love yourself at a deep level
  • Be an incredible force for change in the world 


We will meet 13 times over the period of 13 lunar cycles.  In between our meetings, we will journey through the 4 phases of menopause and you will be offered home study practices, personal ceremonies and reflection time to support these 4 gateways as we cycle through the lunar year, each of these phases has important teachings which we will deepen into with the online gatherings and are there to help hold your process. 

The course includes 13 lunar meetings. 3 are fully residential retreats at EarthHeart and 10 are online evening gatherings via a shared video platform. It is a requirement to attend all the residential modules and as many of the online gatherings as you can. Below is the flow of dates. 
Residential retreats begin at 1pm on the first day and ends at 4.30pm on the last day. Virtual gatherings are 7-10pm on a Tuesday.



Moon 1 – Residential at EarthHeart -14-19 Sept 2019

Moon 2 – Online gathering 1 Oct 

Moon 3 – Online gathering 5 Nov

Moon 4 – Online gathering 3 Dec

Moon 5 – Online gathering 21 Jan

Moon 6 – Residential at EarthHeart 25-28 Feb 2020 

Moon 7 – Online gathering 17 March

Moon 8 – Online gathering 28 April

Moon 9 – Online gathering 26 May

Moon 10-  Online gathering 16 June

Moon 11 – Online gathering 29 Sept

Moon 12 – Online gathering 27 Oct

Moon 13 – Residential at EarthHeart 19-22 Nov 2020



Is this for me ?
This course is offered to each woman who wants to explore consciously working with the menopause as a sacred rite of passage into her power. It is offered as a result of my own experience of taking a 13 moon conscious menopause journey in 2015. From that journey came a clear vision about offering this to the world of menopausal women. 

What happens at the beginning of any cycle affects how that cycle plays out. For example, how we are born has an impact on our whole lives; how we experienced Menarche (first bleed) affects our relationship to our menstrual cycle for the rest of the years of bleeding. 

In this same way how we transition through menopause will affect how the second half of our lives play out. The Chinese call menopause the second spring. 

Menopause mirrors the premenstrual phase of the monthly bleed cycle and in that way what needs tending to will rise to the surface to be looked at so that you do not drag it all like a burden into the second half of your life. It will often reveal to you wounds from your past that are still unresolved and sitting in the shadow. Specifically, wounds around our sexuality come up – as this is the time in our lives where our sexuality evolves into a holy space so if there is anything in our system that is holding us back from this then the wisdom of menopause will shine a light on it .

The power of this journey is that you will not be taking this rite of passage alone, you will be taking it with a circle of sisters who are on the same track as you. This is revolutionary in our modern culture. And this has not been done for hundreds of years, of not thousands. It is the most potent way we can face the challenges and also open to being supported, to really listen to what is being called forth in us and having the courage to step into it, having a circle of sisters around us to keep us going is key. 

A circle of women who totally get the issue of how to juggle all this, along with family and partner and work and so on. This circle of sisters will get it, offering the empathy so many of us hunger for, and the support to trust your own inner compass at this time and perhaps even make some really tough and difficult choices. 


“I thought I’d send a deep bow your way and also throw out the idea that this is what we Majesteria women do when we stand in our power – we send out magic (call it transmission, call it prayer, call it magic) – we send out a WHOOSH that goes where it needs to go… We’re SUPER CHARGED, I know that; and I’m wondering how that super-charged Queen energy can be offered in service. Sharing our honest, unedited stories with each other has got to be part of it.” Melanie Santorini

“Jewels holds such a safe, grounded space so that I was able to work at such depth very quickly. We can’t do this work without coming together as women.” Suzie


September 14 @ 2:00 pm
October 19, 2020 @ 4:30 pm


Puzzle House
EarthHeart, Gloucestershire GL14 3JQ United Kingdom


Our intention is to make your experience with us as accessible as possible given people’s different financial means. You are invited to pay according to your financial means. The lowest price below represent the concession rate and is the minimum amount we ask to cover the annual costs of running EarthHeart, and is offered to people of low income / benefits  increasing to average and then higher incomes.

All prices are fully inclusive of: VAT @20%, tuition fees and course materials where applicable. Food and accommodation where applicable, use of the EarthHeart facilities and grounds, hot drinks, lunch and supper which are all fresh home cooked vegan and wheat free (breakfast is a mix of wheat/non wheat)

Accommodation: all in-house accommodation is on a shared basis of 2-3 women sharing. Indoor camping is on a shared basis of up to 6 people. Outdoor camping is based on you bringing your own camping equipment or campervan.

Special diet:  If you require a special diet, for example you have an allergy, we can arrange this and there is a  £10 supplement charge per day or part thereof to provide. This is to help cover cost of special ingredients and extra preparation time. Please Contact us to arrange. 

Please read our terms and conditions page BEFORE making your booking. All prices shown below are inclusive of VAT at 20%.

A deposit payment of £495 secures your place. On receipt of this we send out an application form to complete to ensure we can support you well. Balance is payable later as a lump sum or in instalments..

TM 3£495.00 incl. VATTOTAL PRICE £2,900 - Room in house, 2-3 sharing fully catered.

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TM 2£495.00 incl. VATTOTAL PRICE £2,700- Indoor Camping in forest log cabin (self-catering breakfast)

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TM 1£495.00 incl. VATTOTAL PRICE £2500 - Outdoor Camping in own tent or campervan self-catering breakfast.

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