Solo Earthlodge Vision Quests

The EarthLodge is an ancient indigenous-style dwelling designed specifically for ceremony and vision quests. Spaces such as these have been used for thousands of years to work with inner shifts of consciousness in ourselves through the energies of the ancestors, spirit and through a portal that connects us into the web of all life.

The lodge is a liminal space within which you can be held and move through the veil that separates us from other worlds. It offers the potential for you to transcend linear time, all the while deeply help by the earth from which it is built.

All kinds of vision quests are supported by the potent dark space it offers, even in the daytime. This darkness is a supportive starting place for any journey going deep within, and to the stepping outside of linear time/space. Lit only with the light of the fire and a couple of candles, there is no electricity.

We allow only objects made of natural materials inside the lodge; no technology of any kind (including mobile phones) and no plastic.

Solo quests

Solo vision quests inside the Earthlodge are open to you if you have already experienced being in ceremony in the lodge, with the proviso that you are competent to tend a fire safely. If you have not been in ceremony in our EarthLodge here then it may still be possible to book, but we will need to have a call with you to assess whether you understand the nature of this kind of space and are able to honour it as such.

Here are some examples of what you may want to vision quest:

    • Blood mysteries dark moon
      This is perfect for your bleed retreat, to take space away from your busy life and really allow yourself to be composted, drop and surrender into deep radical rest and rejuvenation, allow visions to emerge for your next lunar spiral.
    • Menopause
      If you are in menopause or approaching it, this quest offers time away from your life to explore more deeply inside what is calling for your attention, what needs to die within and how you can allow that, to completely let go into what calls you forth.
    • Life thresholds
      If you are at a crisis point in your life and feeling like you have no idea what path to take. For example you may be feeling the end of a relationship, a difficult life path choice, some trauma that is calling to be healed etc
    • Grief or loss
      If you are experiencing a loss, yet finding the flow of grief difficult within the context of your life. This is a space to fully allow grief to move and be held by the earth
    • Dreaming and visioning
      Perhaps you need time to ask some deep questions about how to bring more of your visions into the world.
    • Contemplation space, Deep rest, Silence and stillness
      Maybe you are simply exhausted and need to STOP. Need some space and time to contemplate. A space that is simply, profoundly still and quiet for deep rest held by the warmth of the fire and softness of the sheepskins
The Earthlodge Vision Quest is available by application only: There are different options to suit your need and budget. Each option is priced on multiples of 24-hour cycles. You can book one or more 24-hour cycles up to a maximum of 4. There are no variations on these options. On receipt of your application form, we will be in touch to offer available dates, and your levels of experience with lighting and tending fires, and with ceremonies in the Earthlodge.

For your quest we provide as standard:

  • An unlimited amount of seasoned chopped oak firewood
  • A plentiful supply of large thick sheepskins and pillow for sleeping on
  • A fire kettle and trivet
  • A large container of fresh drinking water
  • Cup, bowl and plate, fresh herbs for making tea.

Food and Drink

We recommend either fasting or bringing very simple food you can eat directly (e.g. sandwiches, pasties, fruit and salad leaves. There are no cooking facilities in the lodge, no gas or electricity or light other than a candle and the fire. If you wish to eat hot meals then we suggest choosing one of the options below that includes meals – these will be very simple vegan fare such as soup and bread, stew or a homemade pastries.  For breakfast we serve muesli or egg sandwich.

Birch – Firewood, sheepskins, tea making set up £100

Rowan – Firewood, sheepskins, tea making set up and 1 hot meal a day – £110

Oak – Firewood, sheepskins, tea making set up, breakfast & 1 hot meal a day – £120

Yew – Firewood, sheepskins, tea making set up & 3 meals a day – £130