Forest Temple Studio Hire

Hiring the Temple space at EarthHeart


The forest temple is a dedicated purpose build space for the evolution of human consciousness and the mending of our natural world. It was built in ceremony and created and designed through shamanic journeying and womb divination. It is aligned to the four directions and energetically works with the Celtic wheel of life.

It also has a ‘Taurus’ in the middle of the space that continually clears energies.

The space is powerful and transformational.


The space and place

  • The EarthHeart project is situated along a 1 kilometre forestry track nestled in the middle of the ancient forest of Dean and surrounded 360 Degrees by trees and nature.

  • The Forest temple space is situated up the main drive and on the East side of the land. The temple room itself measures 30’x30′ and can take 24 people doing yoga or 35 people in total being in circle or moving around within the space. Or 50 people sitting for a talk for example.

  • There are 6 roof light and one entire wall is glass looking out to the forest which is a hands reach away and with french doors that can be opened completely in the summer. There is plenty of natural light in the space and in the evening there is surround lighting on dimmers.

  • The floor is laid with oak boards and with an ecological underfloor heating system throughout which is kept at a constant 21 Degrees c.

  • There is an in-build 1kw sound system that a phone or laptop can easily be plugged into with a mixing desk.

  • In the lobby entrance hall are 2 toilets, coat hooks and shoe area. There is also a small tea station with a tea urn, mugs, plates, bowls and cutlery for buffet type packed lunch. There is also a small washing up space.

  • There is a car park that can accommodate up to 12 cars and further parking along the forest track as overflow.

What's Included in the hire

  • Main forest temple studio 
  • Up to 35 people (including facilitators and team members)
  • 60 large floor cushions
  • 18 back jack floor chairs
  • 12 blankets
  • 1kw sound system (used at EarthHeart’s discretion)
  • 2 toilets and lobby area
  • Tea urn and 25 mugs
  • Water jug and 16 glasses
  • Table for facilitators equipment
  • Alter table
  • Dimmable lighting throughout
  • 20 plates, bowls and cutlery
  • Table for serving food
  • Small amount of shelving for storing snacks/packed lunches
  • Underfloor heating oak board floor
  • Car park for 12 cars and overflow on forest track

Logistics for hiring

Temple hourly rate
The temple space is £25 an hour. You can book as many hours as you need. The price remains the same per hour, however many hours or days you book.

Options for hiring
We prioritise hiring to regular evening or daytime classes, one day workshops and weekend workshops. We only hire for one-off evening or daytime classes if there is a slot available after other regular bookings. 

Date availability
Date availability will be given once we have established whether you’re offering is suitable for the venue.

If you would like to receive information about booking please contact us and we can send it to you via email.  All bookings require a site visit before bookings are made to see the space and to meet us so we can be sure that we are a good fit.

Catering for an event
We can provide lunches or suppers for your events (depending on the date) and can send prices and options to you on application.

Please note:
There’s no other facilities at EarthHeart available for hiring. No kitchen, no over night stays, or accommodation for residential events.