The Team

Mark Penfold

Mark has a gift in helping men to feel they can open up alongside an ability to model vulnerability, often inspiring other men to follow suit. He is approachable and brings depth of holding, with a light touch and warm humour.

Mark and Jewels deliver the year round program of workshops and events at EarthHeart and he plays a vital role in the daily runnings and it’s ongoing evolution, alongside the holding of the men’s axis to the vision. 

Mark describes himself as “a recovering computer software salesman” deeply committed to self-discovery and to helping others to be the best that they can be” Mark is a father of two, one of whom, his son, he raised as a solo parent while navigating a successful career in the corporate world. In his early 50’s he had the classic mid-life crisis and left the world he knew with a deep sense of disillusionment and emptiness even though he was financially and materially very successful. 

His life took him on an inner journey to find some answers which took him to years of intensive therapy alongside year-long training for men. He came out the other side with a much deeper connection to life and a  sense of his soul purpose. He now brings his passion to support others and he is an inspiration to those who meet him and work with him.


Jen Smith

Jen met Jewels through participating on her workshops for two years, followed by a five-year apprentice during which time they forged a close and deep friendship.

They met Karen half way through and the three of them joined forces creating a powerful, harmonic and solid team. Jen brings vast experience to the field of women’s work, both from long-term personal involvement in women’s groups and from extensive work experience gained over three decades as a mental health practitioner.

Her deep intuition and huge empathy translates into kind and wise insight, combining a worldly wisdom with a sensitivity to the soul. She is as playful as she is deep, her tangible, spacious and non-judgemental presence, contributing a rich and safe quality to the holding team of the women’s work. 
She has recently started working for Treesisters – a global women’s empowerment and reforestation campaign, as the co-ordinator for the Groves – the international network of local women’s groups. Jen also has a small private business offering training and facilitation; one-to-one supervision for people working in the third sector and one-to-one support sessions for women. 

Andrew Singer

Andrew has known Jewels for over 10 years, beginning his journey as a participant on her year long deep diving training in 2006. Since then they have become close friends and Andrew has worked along side Jewels in workshops and trainings over the years.

He has also in recent years run his own one day workshops for men on how to create optimum intimacy with women. He is a much valued elder in the community, having lived a wide and diverse life, including work in the World Bank for many years as well as running his own small holding amongst many other things.

He is wordly and wise, with much to offer us in his eldership.

Karen Yendall

Karen has been immersed in Jewels Wingfield’s work since 2010.

This includes participating and apprenticing on the women’s year-long training for the last 4 years. Karen is a now a valuable part of the teaching team  as well as holding her own women’s circles and workshops in the North East of England. Karen is steady, deeply embodied and innately trustworthy. Her patient and unhurried rhythm creates a field of ease and acceptance in those around her. She is compassionate and authentic in her ability to truly listen, enabling women to feel safe to express their deepest emotions without fear of judgement.

She has a quirky sense of humour and innocent joy that is infectious. Karen is generous of spirit, naturally inclusive and she loves easily. She is fiercely loyal and protective of those in her care, it is a blessing to be in under her wing and in her heart.

Karen has a background in sexual health and worked as a nurse/health adviser for 10 years. In this time she also trained with The Healing Trust and worked as a healer with them for 5 years. Karen further trained in a year-long celebrants course with Glennie Kindred in 2015 and is currently studying in ‘the Way of Council’ Wilderness psychotherapy – working with trauma, abuse and damaged attachment patterns.

Paul Roberts

Paul is a father of two, with a long history of personal development work spanning over more than 10 years. He is a BACP registered Counsellor and draws on his experience of working therapeutically with individuals, several years participation in men’s work and a year long intensive training  for couples with his wife.

He brings clear, intuitive holding with a belief that “the world is a mess, so I need to change” as his foundation for offering this work to the wider field of men.

Paul is a powerful agent for change among the men. He has a particular skill in getting underneath the top layers to the core of the matter and he brings this with a humility and integrity that creates an expanding field of possibility for men who work with him. 

Catherine Pawson

Catherine is our social media and marketing guru as well as holding the  administration. She is the first point of contact and communication bridge, answering enquiries and co ordinating course bookings etc. She also provides  strong energetic support and holding for Jewels by taking the weight off her shoulders with some of the background work involved. 

She has co-founded successful social enterprises, and has an abiding interest in creating lasting positive change in the world through allying deep inner work to outer activism.

Sophie Jane Mortimer & Adrian Hardy

Sophie and Adrian have both participated in Jewels’ work, Sophie having completed the Women’s year long Initiation training in 2015, and Adrian completing the year long Deep-Dive course in 2013.  They met through Jewels’ call out to the community for more support with holding the business aspect of her work where they discovered a personal spark between them as well as a unique spark of co-creation in the marketing paradigm.

Through the course of working together on Jewels’ marketing plan, they fell in-love, built a business plan, moved in together and launched this lovely website. They continue to be an essential part of the holding team.

When not being Jewels’ marketing consultancy, Sophie directs communications for Treesisters – a feminine empowerment and reforestation charity, and Adrian runs Stone Circle with his best-friend Terry, helping men to escape from the Wilderness into the Wild.