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Garden of Love – year-long couples’ course

Come and journey deep in the beautiful, wild and sometimes challenging landscape of intimate relationship to discover what is possible when we take intimacy and hold it in the context of something sacred. 

We have a dedicated centre for couples’ work. Our training runs every 3 years only and is a rare opportunity to work more deeply on your relationship with the support of Jewels and Mark who run the entire program together. As a couple they bring their own experiences along with 20 years of experience of working with couples. This course is an extended transformational journey spread over a year. It’s designed specifically for heterosexual couples who wish to deeply explore their relationship as a catalyst for total awakening in deep ecstatic loving intimacy

The training is in 2 parts, year 1 and year 2. The first year runs from November 2018 to December 2019 and the second year continues the following spring. As a couple you will take a journey together in a supported and deeply held context. You will be given a comprehensive revolutionary map to navigate all aspects of intimate relationship, along with a large bag of experiential hands-on tools with which to navigate the ups and downs.


The training follows the 11 Gateways to optimum relationship. A key aspect to the flourishing of your relationship is not only the guidance from the teachers but also the community of couples with whom you journey. This for many is a new and strange concept, as we have been brought up with shame around intimacy and a sense of failure if things seem less than perfect but the truth is that with support relationships are far more sustainable and last longer that when we try to carry the challenges on our own.

All relationships include times when they are a beautiful, easy flow of love and joy and also times when they are challenging or even extremely painful. This is normal and simply how it is for us as humans in our journey to learning how to truly love and be loved..

In a safe container and a sacred context you will explore how to create loving and honest intimacy, sacred sexuality, tools to move through conflict and difficulty and you will do all this within a supportive circle of fellow travellers as well as with the professional and caring guidance of the teachers. Your relationship will act as the crucible to Love by bringing light to the shadows and rising into the Highest Love together. This is a journey for self, the relationship and for the transformation of collective field of humanity.


  • Better communication with your partner
  • Effective tools for navigating conflict
  • Emotional intelligence and wellbeing
  • More empathy, appreciation and support
  • More quality time together
  • More desire and aliveness
  • More of a sense of your own power
  • More capacity to express yourself
  • More effective communication between you
  • Deeply fulfilling intimacy and ecstatic sex
  • Healing of sexual shame 
  • Managing the pressures of life/work/family balance
  • Meeting our own and our partner’s needs with joy
  • And much more!

There is a saying that it takes a community to raise a child and in our experience it takes a community to make relationship truly flourish. When our relationship is held within the support of circle of people who are also on the same journey, so much more can be held, moved, seen, allowed, healed and transformed. A container of trust and continuity is created so as to be able to hold with kindness and gentleness our human wounds that we carry around love. We can heal the shame and hurt that prevents us from truly being able to be free within ourselves and to love with totality.

For this reason the course is designed so that you travel with the same group of couples committed over the time. It offers enough space and guidance for each couple to learn what they need for the relationship to be the best it can be. The training will build on what works well and radical accessible tools to be able to navigate the difficult aspects.

PLEASE NOTE: During the courses couples are committed to being with each other and you work solely with your partner during the exercises. You are guaranteed a respectful and professional environment which ensures your personal agreed values as a couple for the relationship and these are honoured at all times. There is no ‘partner swapping’ or sexual activity in the workshop space. You work solely with your own partner only. Any sexually intimate practices that may be offered during the courses are given to you to practice in the privacy of your bedroom. 


All modules begin at Earthheart, at 2pm on the first day and end at 4.30pm on the last day. The training has limited places and we expect it to book up fast. Dates are as follows:

29 Nov – 2 Dec 2018, 
14-17 Feb 2019, 
23-26 May 2019, 
26-29 Sept 2019, 
11-15 Dec 2019


“Your teaching was authentic, powerful and refreshing. To do a training where the facilitator was so honest and egoless was a real delight and I felt very safe.”

“I’ve done quite a number of workshops with different teachers, but Jewels’ couples workshops have been the deepest, most powerful and beautiful experiences I’ve had so far. I am so grateful to the new start you have given my relationship.”
John C


November 29 @ 2:00 pm
December 15, 2019 @ 4:30 pm
£1700 - £2315


Puzzle House
EarthHeart, Gloucestershire GL14 3JQ United Kingdom


Our intention is to make your experience with us as accessible as possible given people’s differing financial means. You can choose accordingly from the options below.

Fully inclusive
All price options are inclusive of tuition fees and course materials where applicable, full use of the EarthHeart facilities and grounds, hot drinks, home cooked meals which are vegan and wheat-free.

Couples can either have their own private room with the choice of a shared or ensuite bathroom, or camp in their own camper-van or caravan, in our beautiful eco campsite surrounded by forest.

Special diet 
If you require a special diet, for example you have an allergy, we can arrange this and there is a  £10 supplement charge per day or part thereof to provide. This is to help cover cost of special ingredients and extra preparation time. Please Contact us to arrange. 

PLEASE NOTE: The law requires us to be a VAT-registered company which means all prices have 20% added. This amount goes straight to the government and not to us.


Garden of Love - option 1£1,700.00In own campervan or caravan, use of campsite facilities and self catering breakfast.

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Garden of Love - option 2£1,995.00Private room in the house, with shared bathroom. Fully catered.

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Garden of Love - option 3£2,315.00Private room in house with en-suite bathroom. Fully catered.

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